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Where you are!
By Roland

“Where are Susannah and Ya’Acov teaching on the 6th Sept?” read a recent email.

If you look on our website calendar then you will see that the venue for this date is cryptically entitled ‘Where you Are!’

The Old Death & Resurrection Show
By Ya'Acov

I may as well be honest with you right at the start. I want to talk with you about death, specifically your death and mine. I know death is not a very popular subject for most people but stay with me. If I were to be a little more explicit, I might ask you to imagine yourself standing with both feet on the soft earth in the Ardennes in Belgium. Go on, close your eyes for a moment, and then feel a good, strong shovel in your hand, take a deep breath and begin to dig. What are you doing? You are taking up the first clod of earth as you begin to dig your own grave in preparation for the Burial of the Warrior Ceremony.
Time To Stand Up
By Susannah

Hello all you people. It’s a strong time for me. Thank you for reading this! I know it may not be easy. Almost every day I read shocking new reports of the severity of the environmental situation we dear humans have brought to our earth family. At the same time I have the feeling, “This is it! Time to stand up. Lets give life all we’ve got, lets follow the compass of our hearts without holding back, without attachment to the result. We know we’re in the unknown, lets go!”
She has been the answer
By Jayne Bullen


In the dance’s body
Knows many
Of the people she is
Or was

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