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Issue: May 2011
The Hustle

By Alex Hanly


International dance to celebrate our inter-connectivity.

We are putting this vision into motion. And we want you to join us on the journey. To create an international dance were thousands of people will come to unity through the dance.  A MASS ON PARTY!

Let me explain this vision a little clearer.

Imagine: Multiple dancing communities gathering in many locations around the globe all at the same time to dance together.

Intention: To dance together to acknowledge our power as a hurd! As a shoal! As a flock of individual yet deeply interconnected beings.

To dance together for love, to move together for peace, to pray together for acceptance, to dream together for transformation.

To dance together in gratitude for this life that we share together, right now and right here!

Where: Not just anywhere! In public places all over our countries. For example I am the events organiser here in London and a few places I would love this to happen would be; kingscross station, or in canary wharf, or Southbank! Somewhere large, busy and public, somewhere unexpected. So that passers by are left a little confused yet smiling as to why 100 people randomly started dancing together when they where on the way to catch their train. Maybe we can even entice passers by to join in. the ‘Where’ will be left in the hands of the organisers and communities of dancers in the different locations.

When: thanks to our previous call out for suggestions on we now plan to do this on the 11.11.11. For many reasons this date is very potent and transformative.

What: Susannah and I discussed this aspect of the idea for sometime. What will we dance? We concluded that to acknowledge both our individuality and our interconnection we needed to do 2 things.

1) We would need to move like we’ve never moved before. Dancing in whatever shape and form we like YAY!

2) We can transform this free form movement into a united movement called The Hustle.

We have already began teaching the hustle in our workhsops. Maybe you already know it. If you don’t you can check it out on youtube and learn at home at your own pace.

It is a simple, repetitive and potent movement that acknowledges the four directions. The Hustle does not require a degree in contemporary Jazz so if you fear the word “choreography” like a plague you have nothing to worry about. It is fun and accessible to ALL!

How can you get involved?

Fill in the below questionnaire and send your ideas to Alex

You can be involved with this project on many levels. If this idea really excites you and you like organising and creating events for your community then Team leader may suit you, or if you have lots of friends and are good at throwing a party then helping spread the word, or by simply turning up and dancing on the day! It is totally up to you.

Thank you for reading this and let me know if you have any ideas towards the Mass on Party! We are open to all inspiration. Keep an eye out for more news

Love and light

Alex, Susannah, Ya’Acov and Roland.



Recommend a place for the dance to happen in your area (i.e town square, train station, etc)

Recommend a date for the dance:

How much involvement would you like to have on this project?

Co-ordinator (help promote and orchestrate this whole project along side the MM team, any one with web design, marketing or social networking skills are particularly welcomed)

Team leader (head a committee of dancers in your area to organise your communities time, place and participants for the dance)

Committee member (to aid the team leader in spreading the word, and helping other dancers)

Dancer (sign up to the mailing list of your committee and spread the word to friends and foe)

What skills can you offer your committee and this whole project?

i.e marketing, I.T, web design, social networking, events organisation, problem solving, creative thinking, local knowledge,

many thanks
Love, light and peace

Alex Hanly

Yoga teacher and Ecstatic dance events organiser.

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