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Issue: May 2011
Together We are a Genius

By Susannah

“Together we are a Genius.” These are the words of Lynn Twist, one of the founding members of the Pachamama Alliance. One aspect of their work to “change the dream of the North” has been to create the Pachamama “Awakening the Dreamer” Symposium. This is a powerful and empowering wake up call at this time of challenge and opportunity on earth and for our species. The next one I am doing is being hosted by Olga Mieszczanek in Warsaw on the 13th June after the Wild Life weekend.

Olga says:

Dear Ones


I want to invite you for an amazing event in Warsaw which is the essence of why I love Movement Medicine so much. For expanding way beyond our own healing, to experience our connection with all life on earth, being part of that and using our practice to heal not only ourselves but also the world around us…and through that also ourselves. As we are One.Details below!

With love




Serdeczne zapraszamy na wydarzenie, które będzie esencją tego, za co tak kocham Movement Medicine. Wyjściem daleko poza skupienie się tylko na sobie i doświadczeniu swojego połączenia z całą siecią życia na naszej planecie, bycia jej częścią i użyciu naszej praktyki do uzdrowienia świata poprzez uzdrowienie siebie… i uzdrowienia siebie, poprzez uzdrowienie świata. Bo jesteśmy Jednością.Szczegóły poniżej!

Z miłością



The Symposium has been a potent and beautiful wake up call in our (S and Y’s) lives. You could say it’s a deep dose of inter-connectedness medicine. You could say it’s a call to warriors of the heart everywhere, a call to each one of us to assume the joyful response-ability to play our role in creating a future for all our children and for all beings. This is a powerful time to be alive. As Lynn Twist says: “You don’t have a big role, you don’t have a small role, you have your role”.

A tribal healer intertwines interweaves the finger of both hands as he talks about this being the time for the best of indigenous wisdom and scientific knowledge to connect and work together. In Westminster Cathedral the Bishop of London, giving the sermon at the marriage of William and Kate, talks about finding the loving wisdom to guide the power technology has given us. Chris Luettichau tells us about the indigenous elders who see the internet as a manifestation of the energetic world wide web which connects all of life. This non polarised way of seeing gives me hope and energy. How can we bring together the achievements of technology with the wisdom of acknowledging that we are part of the earth and that, in order to take of ourselves, we need to take of all life? The good news is that it’s already happening. The wake up call is that there is also enormous inertia in the old ways of thinking and acting which treat the earth as if it is an inexhaustible supply yard, and an ever expanding rubbish dump, rather than a sacred, beautiful eco-system of which we inextricably are a part, and which we have the power to destroy or protect, for our own sakes and for all of life. Choice.

Taking off the blinkers of our comfortable lives and looking at where we really are as a world: ecologically, socially, and in terms of human fulfilment takes real courage. The Symposium supports us to take this information into our hearts. To not shy away from the pain. Joanna Macey, one of the Symposium’s contributors speaks to the heart of this. And then it invites us to look at how we got here. We delve into the assumptions which are guiding these actions which are destroying our world. And then it opens the door to other ways of looking at the world and ourselves as human beings, drawing from indigenous wisdom and new scientific discoveries. When Ya’Acov and I first saw this part I felt as if I was being fed nectar that I had been longing for without knowing it. I wanted to watch it again and again. As if my whole system had longed for this “update” to a new story of connectedness. And then the Symposium invites the visionary in each of us to awaken, finding our way together. The whole process involves creating sacred space, watching extra-ordinarily powerful and well researched short films and then have time to digest, reflect and enquire in different creative ways. The Symposium doesn’t claim to have the answers, and it doesn’t impose solutions. It opens the space for each of us to be able to meet what is going on with open eyes and an open heart, and to discover and create possibility- to play our part in the “great turning”, to quote Joanna Macey.

If you can easily come to Warsaw do (and come and do the Wild Life weekend first!).

If not, there are many Symposiums happening in Europe and the UK (where it is called the “Be the Change” "Awakening the Dreamer Symposium")
The “Awakening the Dreamer Symposium”: Looking at where we are, how we got here, awakening to a new story of connectedness, stepping into our power as dreamers of the future.

Wild Life on the weekend of 10th – 12th June. “Awakening the Dreamer” Symposium is on the 13th June late afternoon and evening. For more details and to book please contact Olga on 00 48 509 774 774


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