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Issue: May 2011
I Don't Believe in Astology

By Roland

I don’t believe in Astrology, but I recognise my fellow Scorpios when I meet them and have very animated conversations with them about what it is to be a Scorpio – jealous, resentful, compulsive, obsessive, secretive and obstinate (Oh and there are some positive attributes too!  But they are not such fun for us Scorpios to talk about!).

I don’t believe in Astrology, but I regularly read a rather successful blog about Astrology and world events written by a good friend of mine.

I don’t believe in Astrology, but perhaps if I had read any astrological predictions for a particular day a few weeks ago I might have decided to stay in bed.

I had planned to drive to Exeter to pick up my first pair of varifocal glasses from Specsavers. Just the word ‘varifocal’ conjures up in me fearsome overtones of old age and infirmity and consequently I have resisted trying them for several years. But the promise of glasses specially designed for computer work had persuaded me to give them a go.

I had tried to arrange for the opticians to send me the glasses through the mail but they had insisted that I needed to have an appointment so that they could check that the glasses were going to work for me. I had also arranged to drop some items of mail at Susannah and Ya’Acov’s. I was running slightly late but just as I was about to leave the house I caught sight of myself in the mirror and immediately decided it really was essential that I had a shave before going out.

Shaving in a hurry is not something I am going to try again. When I came to dry my face I was disconcerted to see that there were splatters of blood on the towel. An examination of my face revealed I had nicked my ear with the razor. There was blood on my shirt as well. 10 minutes later, the blood had stopped and I had changed my shirt and was ready to go.

While I was at Susannah and Ya’Acovs’ house, Ya’Acov noticed that I had some dried blood on my ear. Foolishly, rather than ignore this, I attempted to wash it off only to cause my ear to start bleeding again - this time not just a few drops but a proper flow of blood. Nothing I could do seemed to stop the flow. As I stood in their kitchen holding a piece of tissue to my ear, I started to worry about being late for my appointment in Exeter. I should add so that you can properly understand my state of mind that I absolutely hate being late for anything and have something of a reputation for insisting on being at railway stations and airports well before I need to. Fortunately, at this point Susannah returned home and within a few minutes had expertly helped me sort out my ear and also calmed my nerves. She explained that she had once gone to medical school for 3 weeks and it seems the staunching of blood from ears was one of the subjects that was covered during that time. Calming anxious people is, I think, one of her natural talents and not acquired at medical school.

I arrived very late at the collection desk at SpecSavers at 12.30, very hot and sweaty from jogging through the streets from the car park, and acutely aware of the piece of sticking plaster, now slightly detached from my right ear. The young woman on the other side of the counter looked at me impassively as I apologised profusely for being late for my 12.15 appointment.

“Mr. Wilkinson?” she asked. I nodded. “I’m afraid your glasses were broken when they were being glazed. We tried to phone you, but you weren’t in.”

I stood at the desk dumbfounded. She had made it sound as if it was somehow my fault. Then asked “When did you phone?”

“12.15.” she replied.

The ensuing discussion, in which I tried to impress on her that phoning me at the time of my appointment to tell me it was cancelled was not a reasonable course of action did not go very well. It did, however, result in the offer of sending my glasses to me by post for free.

“But I was told I needed to have an appointment.” I protested.

“In that case you will need to come in again. Once the replacement glasses are here we will phone you and we will make an appointment. Alright?” She turned her attention to the next person in the queue.

I left to wander aimlessly through the streets of Exeter nursing the injustice I felt that had been done to me and then drove home. At some point on the journey home I became irritated by the hanging plaster on my ear and pulled it off. I let the blood drip very slowly onto my shirt, as, in my head, I started to compose my letter of complaint to Specsavers. Somehow it made me feel better.

In fact this story has a happy ending. Specsavers finally agreed to a large reduction in the cost of the glasses and also we agreed that it was not strictly necessary for me to return to pick them up as I could talk to someone over the phone if I had any problem with them. A few days later they arrived and I tried them on. I was truly amazed. I had grown used to a situation where I needed to wear my normal glasses for looking at my computer screen and then had to take my glasses off in order to read printed documents. Often I then forgot to put the glasses back on and would lean very close to the screen in order to read. Now, with the new glasses, the writing on the screen leapt into unimaginably sharp focus. I tried reading a letter – again perfect focus! Truly Magic Glasses! Although wearing them walking outside in the garden is not recommended as it made me feel slightly sick so I had to sit down. They are strictly for computer use and will no doubt lead to improvement in efficiency and accuracy in the School of Movement Medicine office.

Susannah and Ya’Acov have several sacrosanct weeks off work in the summer. However, in June they are still busy teaching and will travel to several different locations offering a variety of Movement Medicine workshops.

They will both be taking part in London’s Mind Body Spirit Festival on Bank Holiday Monday, May 30th. They will be leading a Tree of Life meditation at 3pm, and will be performing on the Festival’s free stage at 4.30pm. They will be holding their 'Way of The Dancing Warrior' workshop, 6-8pm. Tickets for the workshop are £16, and for those purchased in advance we are currently running a special 'Bring a Friend For Free' offer. For full details of the event, and to purchase tickets, please see or call 020 7371 9191

The following weekend (evening of June 3 to Sunday June 5th) Susannah will be teaching in London and is offering her Circle and the Sword workshop. She writes "I love this workshop! The theme is so simple and so central to how we live and dance our lives. My experience is that dancing yin and yang is healing and transformative in a deep and beautiful way, and supports us wherever we are in our human journey to find new resources and take our next steps. Connecting with the support and strength of the great mother and great father aspects of spirit and of ourselves enables us to find a ground of inner support, both courageous and gentle, with which to embrace our full humanity and our full potential.” You can book for this workshop online at  Any queries to Alex or call her on 07868842219

On the same weekend of June 3rd -  5th Ya’Acov will be teaching Fusion  in Hamburg. Contact Jens: 00 49 40 729 100 61 or for more details or to book.

The following weekend Ya’Acov was due to teach the Alchemy of Stillness  in Sweden. Regrettably we had to cancel this workshop.

Susannah will travel to Poland to teach E-Motion: Wild Life on the weekend of 10th- 12th June. For more details and to book please contact Olga on 00 48 509 774 774 On Monday 13th June Susannah will be holding a Pachamama "Awakening the Dreamer" Symposium also in Warsaw. See article in this newsletter, and contact Olga to book.

The following weekend of 17th-–19th June Susannah will again be teaching her Circle and Sword  workshop. This time she will be in Berlin. Contact: Katrin 00 49 30 28458820

The long days of mid-summer are a perfect time for doing a Vision Quest. Why not come and join those who will be venturing out into the beautiful and wild Dartmoor National Park to do this ceremony? Ya'’Acov will be running the Vision Quest workshop from 19th-– 26thJune. Contact: Roland on 00 44 1803762255 for further details and to book.

The last event of the summer will be the  Summer Long Dance  which is taking place from 8th–12thJuly in Somerset. I strongly recommend reading feedback about this event from last year’s participants. I’'ve put these into an article for this newsletter and they are available by clicking here. There are still some places available. Contact: Roland on 00 44 1803762255  for further details and to book. The CD of the music recorded at last years Long Dance, called 21 Gratitudes is available now from the shop.

And finally a quick reminder – the Movement Medicine Webinars (online evening seminars that you can participate in from the comfort of your own living room and designed to support you in your practice and integrate the workshop experience into your everyday life)  will be starting in the Autumn. We will give more details in the next edition of this newsletter.

Wishing you a great Summer!


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