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Issue: May 2011
Summer Long Dance - In Their Words

We were recently rereading the feeback from last Summer's Long Dance and were struck by how powerful they were and would like to share them with you here.

"You dance your life. It´s strong, powerful in very subtle ways, you experience and create your life in the same time, old wounds heal and new visions emerge and become real. You share the energy of others giving momentum to your own, reaching a higher level of energy, expanding, loosing and finding your Self, radiating and receiving love. And it´s lot of fun, you will meet a lot of nice, open people, you will have tired legs and peace of mind."
Margus Mägi, Sweden

"For me it was a wonderful, deep and strong experience, one of the most powerful and touching journeys in my life so far. … I got a greater picture of my life and was really able to see my behaviour patterns, my relationships and everything from a higher perspective. I felt such a big love for every being and such a healing. … I had the experience to deeply feel what my inner fire burns for."
Miriam Haberl, Switzerland

"A dance in meditation, a meditation in the dance... a cathartic journey of reconnection with your own essence, dreams and soul purpose and with the essence of "the big community of Earth", and beyond that with the unknown, the mysterious "the community of the all"."
Serena Tagliavia, Ireland

"Crazy fun! A 48 hour dance ceremony with the intent to pray and dance for yourself and all your relations. An opportunity to experience the magic of being human in a circle full of wonderful people full of heart and spirit."
Nicole Rohner, Switzerland

"It's a prayer that can bring you clear sight, visions, healing, awareness and courage to take further steps in your life toward the unseen beauty and dreams you have! … Raising money for charities was a great gift for me - it expanded my view of importance to care for others, to see what I can give - on a different level! Really moved by it."
Suzana Grau, Slovenia

"A cathartic experience. I could witness all my inner states and accept them. It was a place for offering, receiving, deep love and permission, manifestation. A place for prayers and hope for the future and next generations. A place where I felt..."Ok .. we can make it...we are a lot .. we can dream and change things""
Laura Valenti, UK

"A deep, profound, sacred experience; powerfully healing and transforming."
Aelaig Moison, Ireland

"The whole thing for me was heartfelt and soul nurturing. I have this deep sense/knowing that I can ask and I will receive - essentially that my prayers are heard. The whole experience from the ecstatic highs, to the emotional openness, I feel as the deepest of blessings. I am still integrating and with each passing day I am feeling/seeing teachings and blessings manifest. This was my first long dance which was both extremely special and yet so wonderfully "ordinary"."
Patricia Fernandes, UK

"A coming together of people who want to dance for Life, not just their own, but those of all our relatives, including the animal and plant kingdoms. A Ceremonial immersion into the world of music, dance, and prayer... an experiment at being communal and tribal for us western individualists."
Jan Lee, Greece

"I was delighted to make the bridge between the practical and the spiritual and to be raising money … A fantastic opportunity to put your body where your mouth might be....."
Ali Young, UK

"An amazing human experience which allows you to travel into different energy levels through music and movement, and connect with yourself, what is around you (human and not human), the present and the past. A rich experience that shows you that EVERYTHING is nearly possible. … But above all a meeting of incredible human beings and the contact with all our hearts!!! This experience is full of love."
Ceccherini Francesco, Switzerland

"A place in which you can meet your soul and put together your own freedom and your respect for yourself and other people, in order to stay in a powerful community."
Paola Consoli, Italy

"A vast field of strong and tender communion."
Ursula Anthropelos, Germany

It is still possible to book for this years
Summer Long Dance 8th - 12th July.  Please contact  01803762255 to book or make enquiries

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