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Issue: May 2011
Movement Medicine Shop

At last we have the beautiful Long Dance CD - 21 Gratitudes, featuring the musical highlights of last year’s Long Dance. All proceeds go to Survival International. Beautifully recorded and mixed by Volker Kaczinski. Lots of percussion, some wild moments, many sublime flutes and some beautiful songs.

If you weren’t there, get the vibe now! If you were there, this will take you back! And do come and join us for this year’s Summer Long Dance and be part of the next creation!  This year we have a great new band of musicians including Iwan Kushka, who plays on the Movement Medicine CD1, Lawrence Kelson of Madrum fame (the album Marrakech - also available from the shop - is one of our favourites). And we are thrilled that there will be a guest appearance from Nigel Shaw and Carolyn Hillyer.

Susannah’s ‘Elemental’ CD of guided Movement Medicine meditations is getting great feedback. Let us know how you find it for your practice!

And Aaron’s beautiful “Deep Flight” CD, is now available as MP3s, from the website!

And Natasha Hood has a new CD, a double album “Singing the Cycle of our Lives” with more beautiful songs to learn and sing from around the world.

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