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Issue: May 2011
Plan-it Earth Eco Project

By Rachel Smart Knight

Do you dream of living with a Conscious Community of people, living in harmony with the Earth?

There is an exciting opportunity to join a successful Eco Project as it evolves into a Conscious, Sustainable Eco community!

Plan-it Earth Eco Project in Cornwall ( is exploring the skills, techniques and tools necessary for a sustainable human presence on the earth, and to use this learning to provide inspiration, education and skills sharing for the local and wider community.

An Eco house and three and a half acres of land is coming up for sale next to the Plan-it Earth site, allowing for it’s development into a “Conscious Community” of people treading lightly on Mother Earth, with the commitment to live in harmony with one another and nature’s laws. It will support and nourish it’s members and be an example, inspiration and a learning educational resource for the wider community

The site

Plan-it Earth Eco Project near Penzance is set on a beautiful 7 acre Permaculutre designed smallholding, surrounded by beaches and ancient sites. The site comprises of orchard, market vegetable garden and polytunnel, coppice, herbal medicine garden, newly planted forest garden, composting toilets and woodburning showers for those camping, newly planted woodland, grazing pasture, ancient holy well supplying water to property,Wet system reedbed style "ponds" treating sewage and grey water.
Plan-it Earth has an excellent reputation locally and up-country for its education in sustainability, inspiration and courses in traditional rural sustainable skills and Permaculture Design.

The Community Vision

The conscious community will commit to a clear, living and growing vision, shared, developed and nourished by the community and Spirit in response to the bigger picture in these changing times.

We envisage a small group of people (about 5 dwellings) living in individual eco-dwellings within the Plan-it Earth site. Ideally with a mixture of ages including children, families, couple and singles. The community would connect with, and potentially incorporate others in the vicinity.

Interested community members, would ideally be following a Shamanic / Earth based spirituality path, and would commit to engaging in simple agreed upon communal practices designed to foster common ground and harmony between community members, and with the land….for example a “Wisdom Council” where issues and the future of the community are discussed, connecting to Sacred guidance. Or movement medicine practices. Or in Matutu (a community of people in Brazil) a bell rings twice a day and everyone stops what they are doing and takes 2 minutes silence and stillness- which is designed to connect people to themselves as individuals and with the land and surroundings...

Communication and support structures within the community

Community members would respect and commit to working from the heart, including a commitment to practises which keep the channels of communication open (such as “Non-violent communication NVC, conflict resolution and “Wisdom Council”).

We would use structures and support for working out the realities of living and sharing together, such as using sacred movement and dance as a means of expression, connecting to and gaining insight and support from the sacred, as well as a means of working through issues.

Support structures could also include support and help from outside in a facilitation/supervision capacity.

Members would need to show an acceptance and recognition of the challenges to our egos, which will inevitably protest!

We will need to continue to develop the skills and healing necessary to make the shift from a ‘me’ to an ‘our’ consciousness. This will not necessarily be easy but ideally all community members will have already done work in this area and we will all have to open to learning as we go!

We envisage that through following the medicine teachings of the Shamanic path and tools such as the Wisdom council, that this would “hold” the community and it’s interactions in a positive, supported, nourishing and healthy way.

The community would be set up so that it provides respect and understanding for the needs of individuals, and couples, and families within the community, including time to retreat and time alone.

Members would commit to tread lightly on Mother Earth, and to work towards sustainability on all levels: emotionally, spiritually, financially, and practically... working towards sustainability and self-sufficiency in all areas of energy use and use of resources for food, housing, travelling and living.

Earning a living

Each adult would be responsible for earning their living, this would ideally be connected to, but could be independent of the Plan-it Earth project and Conscious Community. Members could use the facilities to support their individual work and pay a “tythe” to Plan-it Earth.

Members could also use the premises to set up businesses that are in line with the Conscious Communities ethos.

Ideally we would be supported in our “professions” by Plan-it Earth and the community, and develop new ventures relevant to and in harmony with the project and community.

It would be necessary to balance the need to earn a living with the needs of living together in community, as it wouldn’t work if members had to be absent most of the time to earn their living.

Sharing our skills with and inspiring the wider community


Ideally people living in the community would practice sustainable skills in their every day lives for a conscious, sustainable way of living and offer these skills for inspiration and skills sharing with others.

Amongst other ideas, potentially once a month the community living and working at Plan-it Earth could hold practical “Open Days” for the wider community to come and get involved with, be inspired by and learn new sustainable skills and ways of living. These days would be designed to involve minimal work preparation- we as a community would simply “open our doors” to what we are already doing.

These monthly practical Open Days could follow the seasons, thus there would be potential within this for an ongoing annual “conscious living in action” programme and inviting the wider community to get involved and help out with the workload at Plan-it Earth.

Depending on community member’s skills, examples could include:

o December- coppicing

o January- making green wood furniture and tools

o February-recycled clothes making

o March- blacksmithing- to create tools to shear sheep

o April- making herbal medicines

o May- shearing sheep

o June- carding, spinning

o July- making dyes and dyeing wool

o September- weaving using wool

o October- making preserves

o November- making charcoal with wood coppiced

o Throughout the year: organic and biodynamic growing, working with and listening to the land

Other potential less practical ideas of sharing and inspiring others include offering:

o Retreats, connection to the sacred and comtemplation space

o Movement medicine sacred dance

o Meditation

o Sacred singing

o Healing

o Shamanic teachings

o Plant spirit medicine

If you are interested in being part of this Conscious Community….!

The Eco house and three and half acres is about to go on the market for £360,000. If you're interested, act quickly as the property is about to go on the market!


For further details on the house and land for sale, email:

For more information on Plan-it Earth Eco project



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