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I Don't Believe in Astology

By Roland

I don’t believe in Astrology, but I recognise my fellow Scorpios when I meet them and have very animated conversations with them about what it is to be a Scorpio – jealous, resentful, compulsive, obsessive, secretive and obstinate (Oh and there are some positive attributes too!  But they are not such fun for us Scorpios to talk about!).

Mind the Gap
By Ya'Acov

I love these times when I sit down on the train to write to you. Today, we’re zooming past a field full of wind turbines in the warm springtime sun, Beltane has just passed and the garden is growing as if there’s no tomorrow. And having just visited the graveyard where my papa and grandparents are buried, my old friend death has been tapping on my shoulder reminding me that indeed, there may not be! more>
Israeli Adventures
By Susannah

I’ve just come back from Israel. I had a wonderful time and was privileged to be able to connect with many great people and projects. And it’s intense! No escape from the cross currents of history, pain, politics, power, fear and the tensions between different loyalties.
The Woman Who Stares at Sheep and Other True Stories from the Dartmoor

Once upon a time there was a lady in her middle age who travelled to Dartmoor for a Vision Quest under the guidance of shaman, Ya’Acov, together with a lovely crew of other travellers seeking for the dream they came here to live. more>
Summer Long Dance - In Their Words
We were recently rereading the feeback from last Summer's Long Dance and were struck by how powerful they were and would like to share them with you here.
The Hustle
By Alex Hanly


International dance to celebrate our inter-connectivity.

We are putting this vision into motion. And we want you to join us on the journey. To create an international dance were thousands of people will come to unity through the dance.  A MASS ON PARTY!

Let me explain this vision a little clearer.

Together We are a Genius
By Susannah

“Together we are a Genius.” These are the words of Lynn Twist, one of the founding members of the Pachamama Alliance. One aspect of their work to “change the dream of the North” has been to create the Pachamama “Awakening the Dreamer” Symposium. This is a powerful and empowering wake up call at this time of challenge and opportunity on earth and for our species. The next one I am doing is being hosted by Olga Mieszczanek in Warsaw on the 13th June after the Wild Life weekend.
The Movement Medicine Sponsorship Fund

Have you ever wondered what workshops would be like if the dancers were more diverse socially and economically?

Have you ever wondered whether Movement Medicine could benefit people living on the margins of society, or in places of life or death conflicts?

Do you have a dream? You did once.
By Ya'Acov

I have spent the past 4 days in skype sessions with our teacher training apprentices in preparation for the first module of our inaugural teacher training which is due to begin at the end of June. I have been so deeply touched by the process in so many ways. It has left me more committed than ever to the dance and to Movement Medicine in particular.
So what has Movement Medicine got to do with peace making?
By Susannah

“So what has Movement Medicine got to do with peace making?” I was asked this question by a Palestinian guy who is a social worker and a policeman. His big hearted, curious and open presence made me feel I could delve deeper with him into the question. Here are my (still developing) answers:
Movement Medicine Shop
At last we have the beautiful Long Dance CD - 21 Gratitudes, featuring the musical highlights of last year’s Long Dance. All proceeds go to Survival International. Beautifully recorded and mixed by Volker Kaczinski. Lots of percussion, some wild moments, many sublime flutes and some beautiful songs. more>
Plan-it Earth Eco Project

By Rachel Smart Knight

Do you dream of living with a Conscious Community of people, living in harmony with the Earth?

There is an exciting opportunity to join a successful Eco Project as it evolves into a Conscious, Sustainable Eco community! more>
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