School of Movement Medicine - Mindfulness in Motion
Issue: April 2011

Is your Movement Medicine Teacher A Robot?

By Roland

Now why you may wonder would we even ask such a question as it is abundantly clear that neither Susannah and Ya’Acov nor any of the new apprentice teachers Caroline Carey, Christian de Sousa or Mark Boylan are robots.

The question is asked because during the last few weeks we have been planning Susannah and Ya’Acovs’ schedule for next year and it has become apparent that it will not be possible for them to visit as many venues as in previous years. Hence we have been looking at what technology can provide for us to help with this.

One technological development we are going to embrace is webinars. Susannah and Ya’Acov will start giving monthly webinars in the Autumn. These webinars will allow participants to log on their computer at a pre-set time and receive teaching, do some dancing and maybe some chanting and meditation together with other members of the Movement Medicine community. There will also be a chance for a live question and answer session with Susannah and Ya’Acov.

The ‘telepresence robot’ idea is an aspect of modern technology that caught our attention. Essentially these robots are a video camera, speaker and screen on the wheels which can be controlled remotely from another place in the world. Theoretically such a set-up would allow a teacher to run a class while not actually being present there in person. While this would not be a substitute for proper in person teaching we see that it might well be a useful way to serve remote Movement Medicine communities who will have no access to regular teachers.  But in a few year's time - who know - this technology may provide the needs for some of our teaching.
The big Movement Medicine community event of the year is happening in a few months’ time. This is the Summer Long Dancewhich again is scheduled to take place at the Earth Spirit Centre in Somerset. The dates this year are 8th – 12th July. The dance itself takes place over a 48 hour period. This experience of dancing with other members of the community from countries all over the world is a unique opportunity to experience the depths that ecstatic dance can take you to. It is a not for profit event and no charge is made for any tuition. The costs charged for participating just covers the costs for putting the event on. All participants are also asked to raise at least £200 for charity. Most people do this by getting sponsorship money. Others donate the money themselves. This year the chosen charity is again Survival International but participants are free to raise money for another charity if they wish to. For more details about this event please go to Please contact me at you would like an application form or have any questions.

I am looking for people who would like to be part of the Long Dance support team. As part of the team you will be responsible for the smooth running of the event in a number of ways including the cleaning of the toilets. Members of this team will be take part in the Long Dance for some but not all the time of the ceremony. They will also be expected to arrive at EarthSpirit by 12 noon on Friday 8th July and to stay till 2.0 pm on the 12th. There will be a charge of £90 for those on the team to cover their costs. In recognition of the important service they provide we will also offer these people either a free weekend workshop or a reduction of £120 on one of our intensive workshops. If you would like to be part of this team please contact me either by email phone on 00 44 (0)1803 762255.

A reminder for those of you who may be considering applying for the Initiationworkshop scheduled for 23 Sept – 2nd October at Dartington Hall, Devon: the early payment discount of £80 is valid for applications booked and deposit paid by May 1st. For application forms please contact phone on 00 44 (0)1803 762255.

Also we are taking bookings for the Movement Medicine Vision Quest19th – 26th June. The Vision Quest itself is 48 hours long and takes place in an isolated area of Dartmoor National park. The rest of the time is spent in preparation and integration at the Rill Centre. This will be led by Ya’Acov. There will be plenty of dance work as well as the chance to ‘cry for a vision’ to find the next step in your life journey. This work is highly recommended and open to anyone who has done 25 hours of Movement Medicine or similar work. For application forms please contact me phone on 00 44 (0)1803 762255.

We have no workshops scheduled for the rest of April as Susannah and Ya’Acov will be taking a very well earned break when they finish teaching the Phoenix Retreat. However in May we return to a very full programme:

Ya’Acov will be teaching Way of the Dancing Warriorin Norway 4th – 8th May. This is a residential workshop and for more information and to book please contact Marit +47 45604535 

The Move!Evening scheduled May 9th in London has been cancelled due a problem with the venue. We do apologise for this and hope that those of you who were hoping to attend this event will be able to get to Brighton on 13- 15th May or to Susannah’s The Circle and the Swordon weekend of 3 – 5th June in London .

Susannah will go to Copenhagen on 13 -15 May and will be teaching The Circle and the Swordworkshop. Please contact Bina on +45 22 84 88 22 burningbina@gmail.comfor more information and to book.

Ya’Acov will again be teaching Way of the Dancing Warriorbut as a weekend workshop on the weekend of 13th – 15th May in Brighton. Contact: Caroline +44 (0) 1273 245 416

Following that weekend Ya’Acov will return to Birmingham where he will give a talk on Monday 16th May followed by a Move!Evening on Tuesday 17th. These events are arranged by TheTreeofLifeorganisation. + 44 121 449 4086

19 – 21 May. Susannah will teach E-Motion: Wild Life workshop in Israel. Contact Aviya +972 9 7418203

26 –29th May Ya’Acov will be in Luzern, Switzerland running For All Relationsworkshop. Contact Katriona: + 41 33 676 2708

At the end of the month both Susannah and Ya’Acov will be at the Mind Body Spirit Festivalin London 30 – 31st May. Contact:

Also in London. Susannah will be teaching The Circle and the Swordon weekend of 3 – 5th June. Contact Alex: + 44 7868 842219

For the rest of our workshops in June please see the full programme at

A special mention goes to Alchemy of Stillnesswhich is a residential workshop led by Ya’Acov. This is taking place in Sweden 10th – 15th June at the Angsbaka Centre. Contact John + 46 8 663 41 50.

Wherever you are I wish you a wonderful Spring and hope we see you on the dance floor soon.





The Mayans and All That…..
By Ya'Acov

We’ve just been planning our calendar for that mythical year which is extraordinarily now, right upon us. Roll the drums and blow the trumpets, 2012 approaches at a rate of knots! Well, I can report that yes, 2012 promises to be a year of great transformation! We managed, with a little of that queasy discomfort that arises as one attempts to change a deep pattern, to design a year that is just that touch more spacious and less busy.

In short, we have put in less workshops next year which I’m sure that those of you who know us will recognise as nothing short of a mini miracle! It does mean that we won’t be visiting all our venues in 2012. However, there will be a whole new bunch of Movement Medicine Teachers out there in 2012 so that means, more opportunities to dance.

This past week, I received this e-mail from one of our teacher training apprentices:

I wasn't sure if I should ask you about this...but it was the third person this week asked me to ask you.....and asking me actually exactly the same question. What do you think will happen in 2012? What are the shamans you know saying, your guides.......people are asking questions like should we have some food supplies at home in case. Seriously.
And they asked me to ask you.
I have no idea what to say.
I was thinking about it more like a shift of consciousness and vibration
Do you have any clarity about that?

I’m sure like a lot of you, I have mixed feelings about all the new age hoo ha about 2012. On the other hand, there seems no doubt that the ancients, from the Mayans to Essenes, from the Egyptians to the Hopi and the Tibetans and so many others, all referred to this time in the human story as The Shift of the Ages or The Time of Great Changes. And of course Joanna Macy more recently started to talk about the time we have entered as being the time of The Great Turning.

Seemingly the Mayans and Tibetans talk about this epoch as being the end of time (not the end of the world). Maybe that means the end of time as we know it. Apparently, the human body measures time by attuning itself to the magnetic pulse of the earth. This pulse has remained steady for a very long time but in the last 20 years, it has gone from approximately 7.8 cycles per second to between 9 and 11 cycles per second. Mmm, now that’s interesting. I thought my feeling of time speeding up just had something to do with me getting busier and older. I still can’t believe that the big Five Zero is just a little dance around the corner! But apparently, it may just be more than that.

So, I thought that I would do as I had been asked and consult my own guidance systems a little deeper. To be perfectly honest, I had my doubts. It’s so easy to get distracted by the long list of ‘what ifs?’ that can so easily drag us out of the present moment. Having just taught The Poetry of Presence for the first time last week in Manchester, I am still tingling with the simple power and creativity that arises when we enter fully into the present moment through the body, heart and mind. What a force we are when we remember that it’s all happening right here and that we are simultaneously dreaming and being dreamt by life itself. Having said that, the recent tsunami and resulting nuclear tragedy that followed, and the massive changes sweeping through the Middle East do without doubt, lead me to want to listen a little deeper.

So, this is what I heard when I asked……

The end of 2012 is a long way away and also just a blink in time. Don't worry and tell your friends not to. Dying will come when dying will come and it's not such a bad thing. You have already taken thousands upon thousands of shapes and you will take countless thousands more. Change is constant and yes, there are some changes that are bigger than others. This much we know - you are the ones who have chosen to be here now. You are all, every single one of you, designing what will happen through the choices you make and the dreams you hold. Get your friends to meditate and dance and purify their fears so that fear only becomes an instinct to act. Tell them that everything matters. Tell them to grow food. Tell them to dance their hearts out and every day, to visualise a beautiful outcome to the process we are all engaged in. And tell them to love each other and appreciate each other much, much more and to appreciate the life they have been given and this opportunity you all have to be part of changing the dream that has led you into loneliness, never ending consumption and despair. Tell them they are artists and tell them to create together. Tell them to dance and to sing and to walk barefoot on the earth and to listen to their hearts. Tell them to consciously create every day through their thoughts, feelings and actions. Tell them that their thoughts are more powerful than lightening and to use their power wisely.

And then, a day or two later, I found myself writing to our dancing friends in Sweden about the workshop Alchemy of Stillness on a similar theme so I thought I’d share that with you too:

Why is Alchemy so important right now? Why is it worth the stretch? Are you aware of the intensity of life these days - so much happening in these times that the ancients of so many different cultures spoke about in their prophecies. So many challenges we face. And isn't it tempting to just put our heads in the sand and carry on as normal as if tsunamis and nuclear disasters or wars over there don't really have anything to do with us.

At the same time, to me it seems as if there is a tremendous wave of awakening happening, something else the ancients predicted. We are recognising in our day-to-day realities that we are all connected whether we like it or not. And the challenges we each face, do you notice these intensifying too? And at the same time, do you notice how your practice, whatever it is, is bearing fruit now, keeping you steady as the world rocks and rolls around you? As I wrote in our book, the kind of work we are engaged in used to be called alternative. Now, as the knowledge of our indigenous friends and the knowledge of cutting edge science comes closer and closer together, it seems that if we are to realise the great potential of the times, there is no alternative but to study and learn to use the capacities we have been given for the greater good.

Our son Reuben suggested I watch a BBC programme on the i-player narrated by Brian Cox. And wow! What a trip that turned out to be. What a vast place this universe is. And as Mr.Cox led us through one amazing landscape of discovery after another, guess where he ended up? At the very end of the programme, he was illustrating the way a river can be slow and calm in one place but as it approaches the great fall away of a waterfall, naturally, it speeds up and becomes a very different kind of force. He compared this to what scientists describe as the black hole at the centre of our galaxy. As we approach the black hole, we remain in ‘known’ territory.’ As we get to the edge he told us, ‘this is where science ends and mystery begins.’ Aha! The very same place I used to fall asleep in every night for years when I was a child so very deeply in love with the mystery of existence beyond the known.

Perhaps more than ever, now is the time to remember who we are. Now is the time to be with our own deepest nature, to recognise that in each other, and to spend as much time as we can with nature. And this leads me to my invitation for you to join this year’s Movement Medicine Vision Quest on Dartmoor. Nature is the great mirror, the great healer and the great reminder of our place in the bigger picture. Spending 48 hours being in a held space in nature is, I believe, a very fine thing to do indeed. Nature is just itself. It doesn’t try to be something it is not. It is a fine teacher, sometimes seemingly, a tough teacher, always a compassionate (in the true sense of the word) teacher. And to go out and find your place and let yourself cry out for the direct experience of who you are, what you are made from, what you are here for, or simply to speak softly and ask for guidance for the next chapter of the unfolding story of your part in the dance of the great mystery, is a fine and worthy way to spend some time. I would be delighted if you decided to take the leap and join us. Dartmoor is quite simply full of magic and most people who take the time to be with that magic end up remembering that they are too.

So, dear dancing being made of earth and fire and water and wind, great shape-shifter of millenniums of time, mysterious companion on the great adventure, whatever the outcome and whatever forms we may become, in this moment when we share this opportunity to create together with life, I send you warm greetings. May all that you have dreamed through the winter come easily and beautifully into form and may this next season of growing be the best yet for you, for your families and friends and for all our relations. I leave you with a little incantation that landed recently.

Love Overcomes Very Easily!

Ya’Acov Darling Khan. April 2011.

Dentist's Chair
By Susannah

Sitting in the dentist’s chair last week, I was scared. I knew this tooth needed help, and it was to be either root canal treatment or an extraction. We were going to decide once she’d got under the crown to see what the state of play was. I knew this was not going to be the funniest hour of my life. I like this dentist. She’s very good at her job, knows how to communicate, is warm and kind. Still, I have to admit, I was nervous.

The memory of one very difficult wisdom tooth extraction was re-playing in my mind. That experience left both the dentist and me shaking. Ya’Acov had sweetly offered to come with me, but that seemed over the top, so Mr Bangawa came instead. Mr Bangawa is a lovely, cuddly, wise old elephant who is just the right size to sit on your tummy, keeping your belly warm, and his trunk is just right to hold onto. As I lie there waiting for the first injections, I call on the wise elder, and the protectors of each direction. I feel the earth mama under me, I let my body soften into the couch. I feel the compassionate divine feminine presence whom I see, right now, as Kuan Yin, behind and supporting both the dentist and me. My head touches the dentist’s tummy as she gives me the first injections. She has to do several as my mouth does not seem to want to go to sleep. Then she starts drilling and though it takes a long time, I keep sensing and thanking the protectors. It makes a huge difference to my experience. Solar warrior stands by, divine feminine nourishes, wise elder stands at my feet. Water goddess washes and keeps it all clean and clear, and the sky beings hover shining light. I keep feeling my body tightening slightly and keep letting it soften. Mr Bangawa is brilliant. In the end it was root canal treatment and my wonderful dentist was able to save the tooth. I was told it might take a few weeks to settle down. But it’s been so calm, so well. My jaw feels relieved and content. I’ve taken arnica and made a saltwater, lavender and myrhh mouth wash. And, touch wood, its fine. I thank the guardians, my dentist, and the repetition of MM practise that let that dental ceremony be so easy, natural and supportive.

I’m reminded of our teacher in Peru telling us that help can only be given, on the spirit level, when it is asked for. I’m, as I’m sure you are, poignantly aware of the way our world is shaking and re-arranging itself. Earth quakes on many levels. What a time of possibility and challenge. I send my prayers for guardianship and guidance for all beings at this time. One of our fellow dancers lives in Tokyo and has been communicating very strong medicine. We give you a digest of her words in her own column.

Personal Experience of Movement Medicine

By Jivana

As you may have heard or not yet: Susannah and Ya'Acov's book will get published in Germany end of the year. Innenwelt Verlag is an independent publishing House publishing books on body, mind, spirit, and is in the process of translating. Doing so the idea came up, if any of the participants of Movement Medicine Courses would like to share their personal experiences with MM or any juicy story Susannah and Ya'Acov and how it affected their life.

We find it always helpful for a reader to hear people who did itand felt supported on their way and how it enhanced their way of aliveness. It shouldn’t be more than 1000 characters, less is welcome. I can’t promise it will get published but has a chance.

Who ever feels attracted can send as soon as possible an email with their experience to:

My name is Jivana, I’m the editor and looking forward to hear from you.

Shop News

It’s a fertile time here at the MM Shop. We’ve got several new albums for your delectation.

As well as Susannah’s new CD of movement medicine meditations Elemental, we have Deep Flight available as MP3 downloads (YEAH! finally cracked it!) and, coming soon, 21 Gratitudes, the album of musical highlights from last years Long Dance. It's currently having its last mixes in the good hads of Volker Kaczinski

Deep Flight by Aaron Andreas Gantenbein features our favourite 12 tracks from his first 8 albums. This album is available now, track by track, as MP3 downloads from our website. Aaron’s work is unique. Simultaneously unworldly and earthy, it takes the listener on a healing voyage to touch the majesty of life. We love his unusual music and find that it is very resonant with Movement Medicine practice.

Aaron says: “This music moves my soul to feel and hear the bigger mystery called nature. My intention is to create a healing journey through music through giving nature, which we all are, a voice.”

And, on another note, Nigel Shaw and Carolyn Hillyer, whose beautiful music many of you will know, are coming to join us and play music at the next Long Dance, YEAH!!! They will be playing for a few special hours for the dance. As well as them, for the through the night vigil of dancing prayer, Volker Kaczinski will be back to take care of us all with his consummate music engineer skills, and we have a fantastic new band of musos to accompany us our journey. We look forward to sharing this with you!

For shop click here

Susannah Darling Khan and Frazer Reid.


Susannah and Ya’Acov’s book, Movement Medicine – How to Awaken, Dance and Live Your Dreams has just come out in French this past week, and we have recently agreed deals for the book to be translated into German and Czech. YEAH!!!

We are very grateful to our French publisher/editor Catherine Maillard (Le Courrier du Livre)and in France is available from April 2011 whose deep enquiry combined with her love of life, love of conscious movement in general and Movement Medicine in particular has made it such a special experience to work with her. And big thanks to Didier Perrouault, who, as a MM dancer with linguistic skills, has done so much to help ensure the translation stays true to its original. We are delighted that the book will soon be available in German and Czech.

Movement Medicine is also available in English (!) and we recommend it! You can get it from the shop: and in France, it is available from

If you enjoy it, it helps us a lot in reaching out to new people if you are willing to write a short review on Amazon. If you’re able to do that, thank you! You don’t have to have bought the book through Amazon to be able to write a review their site.

It's not me dancing, I am danced by my own body.

By Ville Frisk
This article is reproduced from the Swedish magazine FREE.

Our body loves to move. When we put on our favorite music in the living room it will not take long before at least some small part of us begins to move. Susannah Darling Khan knows that when we give in to our being's innate desire to move and let loose, we find our way back to the physical presence and become more in balance.

The first time I tried to let my body take over the helm in what is generally known as releasing dance, was when I participated in a workshop a few years ago under the direction of Jonathan Horan, the son of Gabrielle Roth. She is the originator of the five rhythms.
It was a bit scary, as it usually is when you have to let go of something, but it was not long before I realized how lucky my body was to get moving without the head being involved. There are many ways to "find yourself" and everyone has their own way; but if you look back through human cultures and throughout history, dance is something that has always been with us.
Susannah Darling Khan and her partner Ya'Acov have danced together for over twenty years. When they met in 1986 both knew that there was a greater purpose why they had found each other. Together they decided that their purpose had to do with healing, so they were looking at different directions in areas such as shamanism, yoga and gestalt therapy for what would feel right.
When they finally got in touch with Gabrielle Roth, whom was about to give her first dance leadership course in England, everything fell into place.
“Everything we had done until then was able to blend together in her work with the five rhythms. Oh! we thought when we saw the price of the course, but there was no doubt that that was exactly what we had been looking for.”
Susannah and Ya'Acov devoted 18 years to the practice and provided courses in the five rhythms around the world. When it was time for them to take the next step in the dance of life, they started in the year 2006 "School of Movement Medicine” in England.
In recent years, both we and Gabrielle knew, it was time for us to let go and let me and Ya'acov develop our own thing into something new.
"We had a choice of either trying to stop the flow of our own inspiration that went into our work with the five rhythms, or simply drift with the river and see where it would take us. It was a bit like taking off the favorite dress and discover that you had another beautiful dress under it."
In the new school, dance is still the absolute center, but under their own leadership Susannah and Ya'Acov may also involve other ideas they are passionate about, in their courses and training, that may not be so pronounced in the five-rhythms, such as our relationship with the earth and nature.
Susannah and Ya'Acov have also written the book "Movement Medicine- How to Awaken, Embody and Dance Your Dreams", which is a layered deepening with practical exercises in how to use movement as a tool to achieve your life goals.
We are about 30 dancers gathered for a weekend in October to participate in the workshop Sacred Space, with Susannah.
She tells us that Sacred space is an invitation to become better acquainted with the circles of relationships that we have around us.
The first circle represents our relationship to ourselves, our consciousness and our inner being. In the next circle, we find what is in our midst right now,such as the room and the people around us. The third circle is our family and our closest relatives. The fourth circle represents all other relationships and eventually all these circles are encompassed by the fifth circle, which stands for the world and all its beings.

One exercise in dance is to constantly be aware of your own movement so you don´t fall into the other dancers. When the room is full of dancers swinging in all directions, it becomes a wonderful game to be a part of each others flow.

“ I must! It's like a basic need, andI have always loved to dance.I can feel that I live in a different way when I do it.”
“The depth in the dance, it is a way of expressing life.”
“That I could be present in myself for a long time,even when I danced with others.Then you get such a flow and there is no tiredness.
Mrgus Magi, 66 Stockholm
I've searched the forum for dance, but not found anything that suited me at the traditional dance clubs. When I heard about this workshop, I thought that I have to try this.
“The holistic approach! This is a serious concept.”
“I remember I took up ballet when I was six years old and had probably wanted to continue further with it, but it did not happen. Here I was able to reconnect to that feeling!
Sigyn Waerland 59, Stockholm
“It's a great way to release energy, and it allows me to disconnect the outside world and let me be devoured by the music.”
“That it does not matter who you are. It is an active meditation that is both individual and group at the same time.”
“This was the first time for me, so I wasa bit skeptical at first, but then was surprised by how easily I could come in to the exercises. In the future it will probably be easier for me to dance the way I like, without thinking about how it looks to others.”
Caroline Tamm, 27 år Stockholm
"The challenge is to not reflect so much of what happens, but just stay in your body and dance
We begin to dance. Susannah guides us through various exercisesto bring the body back to life,each cell can feel that it is involved in the movement. The hardest part is usually to get the brain to let go and let the dance come by itself. But when you actually succeed, if only for moments at a time, waiting there is a wonderful relaxation. Without any thought of work, or my partner or what I look like, when I whirl around on the dance floor, just full of motion, I feel free. In a short while it is no longer I who dances, I am danced by my own body!
For long periods, we make no specific exercises at all. It's like an exercise in itself, just to dance. I can imagine that some would like clearer guidance during a workshop of this kind, but I appreciate the time we have to really explore the dance alone, although the basic ideas are always there in the background. What you get out of the individual and joint exercises depends on what you bring into them. Just as for example, a massage treatment starts many processes in the body, so as well does the dance. Feelings that are suppressed deep inside can rise to the surface when the body opens up the energy that is released. Before you know it, perhaps you or someone close begins to cry or jump for joy, sadness or gratitude. Such is the power of movement. Just as the music sometimes was stopped abruptly, so the challenge is to not reflect so much of what is happening, but to remain in the body and dance and just let it happen. For those who have never been exposed to this kind of dance it might seem like a strange event.
The doors to the premises were open to let in the cool autumn breezes, and a couple of times stopped curious passers-by whom looked at us briefly.You can hardly imagine what went on behind their astounding facial expression; but what they saw ,was a bunch of very real people who danced as if there is no tomorrow.
Susannah’s experience is that many people in today's society feel that something is missing, which is not surprising if you consider how much a part dance has always been in people's lives in the past.- Many turn sadly to alcohol or drugs in order to release or to be able to feel free,but with dance you can discover a new way to get to the feeling of freedom. The body wants to dance. We do not need to learn anything, we do not need to practice; we just need to forget that we have learnt, that we can not dance.
1. If you can move around, you can dance. Although it may feel like you have two left feet your body will find its own dance when you let it in.
2. Start slowly by moving your toes and then become present up through each body part untilthere is not a cell that is not moving.
3. Feel no obligation! You can danceslowly, quickly, sitting, lying ...As long as you do what feels right for your body.
The next Movement Medicine workshop in Sweden is Alchemy of Stillness 10 -15th June.  Contact John +46 (0) 8 663 41 50

The Macro Movement

Nina Paludan-Müller

Deep contrasts hold us
Indispensable is a birth
Mother gaiacreate life
A new season unfolds

Spring shows in green

A forest quiet moment
A heart breaking open
Oh! watch feel careful

Hate fear blood killing
When bee hives dying
Nuclear filling our sea
Coca cola drink water

In coulours lovers walk
A children dream story
Rainbow a peace path
New hopes eco towns

Kind heart good mind
Salt eye sweaty body
Voice sing heal earth
Tipi circle soul dance

Live be that changing
All just organic spirits
You me people tribes
Pray my pachamama

Light joy deep sorrow
Care and share more
We human great shift
It is macro movement


Kultiration - Peace of mind

Kenia Ytterman - I Know You Are Here

Maibritte Ulrikkeholm - Message of Hopi Elders

Michael Franti & Spearhead - Hey World (Don't Give Up Version)

Poem and songtrack is inspired by the unfolding of Be the Change symposium in Denmark that I’m very engaged with. I’m so thankful to Susannah for inspiring me to step into this initiative on my Journey of Empowerment 2009 where she told our group about the story of Pachamama Alliance ( and

Friday May 13 in Copenhagen we are presenting it together before the workshop

The Way of the Dancing Warrior I really hope many of you can come and join us.

Nina Paludan-Müller

Be the Change Danmark

For All Our Relations

By Katriona Forrester

It isn’t every day you come across the ideal setting for one of Ya’Acov’s favourite workshops: For All Our Relations, about which he says:

“The basic idea of this workshop is for us all to experience more directly the love we have for life here on earth. Why? Because what we love, we tend to look after. And why is that particularly important now? Read this quote from the UK Be the Change website:

“According to a majority of the world's experts, there is now overwhelming evidence that our modern society is headed for a catastrophe. Leading scientists are telling us that the impact of our industrial system, and the sudden expansion of humanity's ability to harvest the common bounty of our planet for short-term gain, may actually be upsetting the balance of our highly complex and fragile web of life.”
The Long Dance itself is such a potent ceremony and I feel that to have the time to prepare deeply in a beautiful environment such as Chlotisberg, will serve to bring more potency and power to the ceremony itself. The intention of the dance is to dispel some of the fog of our daily affairs and step into the deeper trance of the dance where we can weave dreams worth dreaming for ourselves, our loved ones, our ancestors, our community and our world. It’s amazing to dance through the night with such support and such purpose. In the times I have already done this ceremony, it has been a deeply moving, transformative, and empowering event. Participants have been invited to raise sponsorship money for participating in the 8-hour ceremony from friends and family to support small projects on a local, national, and international scale. It is a traditional part of ceremonies such as the Long Dance to include an element of give-away, so that the benefit will ripple out beyond the people who get the opportunity to dance.”

We are blessed that all has come together in a beautiful way for this event at the end of May in Switzerland. The season is the height of springtime, May 26th - 29th - a glorious moment in the calendar for celebrating life. The host is the thriving and committed dance community based on the Verein Dynamo in Luzern, who have several years of experience in co-organising Ya’Acov’s workshops in the area. The location is a new one that we are delighted to have found in the gentle hills and woodlands between Luzern and Lenzburg: the Chlotisberg seminar centre. When Ya’Acov and I first visited one year ago, we were astonished to find a huge gym hall that has been renovated as state of the art dance room, with sprung wooden floor, big enough for more than 100 dancers. The friendliness of the owners and the rooms and meals they offer there left us in no doubt that this is an ideal location for this very special opportunity to dance with and for all of life. The workshop is 4 days, including a Long Dance through the Saturday night. A team of designer-dancers is already busy with the designs for the five elemental altars which will be an artistic expression of the intentions of the Long Dance. There are still some places available, with rooms for sleeping at the centre, and you are warmly invited to join us. All the information and the flyer is on the website calendar page, in English and in German.

Poems from the Poetry of Presence

Poems from Poetry of Presence

I am held, nourished
rooted in my lifes rich soil
everything I need
The wind blows through me
open to sky, sun and rain,
my branches blossom
Soft love light shines from
my healing beating brave heart
here I am, you are


Poetry of Presence

I take the risk of turning up
time and time again.
This past year
life has battered me,
brought me slowly to my knees
at times apparently defeating me.
But something deep inside is thriving.
Like weeds growing through concrete,
something in me will not be conquered,
will not succumb to drudgery,
will not accept a thin existence.
I will keep seeking beautiful moments
I will keep believing in the process;
at times it is all I have left.
I will dare to show up
I will dare to use my pain creatively
I will dance and write and sing and paint
and share
I will defy whatever force it is
that wants me silent.
I will come to see my self as you do
I will remember who I am
and it will be glorious
ES Feb 2011

Poetry of Presence II
We have met in the field beyond right thinking and wrong thinking
Thank you for taking me there
We have danced amongst sweet scented flowers
and lay in the long grass
and opened our hearts
and put words to what we already knew
I have taken you to swim in clear waters
and we have seen the possibility of diving deep
With hot sun beating down
we have lain on warm rocks
And basked in love
for each other
and for ourselves
All that we have touched is real
and will endure
You have shown me how glorious I can be
and I have seen the wonderous beauty of you
I am full of gratitude
And surrender to what will be
All is unfolding as it should
my love
and I hold you close as we journey on
Do not doubt I am standing strong beside you
ES Mar 2011

My roots are not of this place,
They slip out of space and time,
Reaching deeply into the source of all.
My arms, my thoughts, my feelings reach up and out,
Drawing deeply from the ground within me,
Creating worlds, universes, heavens of infinite experience.
Once I looked away, and on my own I created
The shadow of hell. Now I dance to call back
A wholeness that was never lost, just forgotten for a moment.
John Stewart

`Heart speak to me, whisper the story hidden in your waiting Pandora, a secret breath of you for me`
Earth matters are wet to soak my bones
sway and sweat of crushed particles
heavy flat,
the soft way down
the dark crumbling
deep under deep
underland of ancient forms
ant or firefly rests to a birthing
a new day shine.
A ready hand grasping the unknown
waits high and low
in the star and in the tiny toe
in the splash of a wave or a
blink of a lions eye,
see see, me me
see see, you you
see see, all all.
Here for this moment
here is the bud, the cracking, the searching
again again it calls
molten breath of the start
the end.
In the mirror, the dark space in the skull,
calls the trance, a heartbeat open to the wide land.
A tiny hair shakes to your tune
a finger tip senses a flight of feathers
a brush of your past.
This line of love, twists and spins
there is no rush to get anywhere at all.
Painted patterns fall from shedding skins
to dust, grains of the one substance.
Seeds of softness clears the sharp edges of pain,
echoes of a fragile state of gushed emotions.
Does your head and neck squiver and stretch?
Could it be the silver streak, the sap
sparks around and under bark, wraps the force,
brings to life a story
to sing a song remembered today.
Vibe, viber, viper ripple teases
not resting in this hour, it is a snakes fortune,
the quick the quickening time rocks again.
Gasping sighs can holler loud the pain
ignorance slaps my back and I writhe
it stabs the twig to life.
Shake the rattle and bow, I hear the spinning tide in my skin, it runs over sands, dives in the salt wash.
Waves can crush a dream
waves can shift the sludge
waves can clean the heart
rest now rest, to listen, where is the silence found?
So I will dream you to me
in the hour
in the minute
in the second
of your ripening.
You are my seed, my trigger to fire my DNA
spark of the dance of the green flash
strip the darkened cover
strip the dead dust
smile me a river of the turning
the centrifugal flow of blood
no words, just the feeling
the tendrils of love are off the page
away into the air.

Let tribal dance come
Let tribal dance come,
Let physical feeling come,
Let artless pain come
Let tight resistance go,
Let rigid tension go,
Let exhausting fear go
Let slippery tears fall,
Let cunning veils fall,
Let broken walls fall
Let giving breath come,
Let golden light come,
Let me come. Let me
Be me.

Sense, my darling
You are supported like a green spring shoot,
Rooted and growing,
Secure and vital
Allow, my darling
Your soul to be lifted,
Your arms to reach skyward,
Bud open like petals
Receive, my darling
Rest into your dance,
Blow cobwebs away,
Let your heart shine open.
Feel, my darling
the rhythm of a voice in your being,
A flutter of airy wings on your breath and
A glitter of golden heart beats.

Memories of Cave
For an hour I lay on rocks in the cave
Sounds or rushing water
Mixed with laughter and play
At one with the earth
The moss inside my bones.
Out in the world
New and vulnerable like fresh antlers.
In the shimmering silence
Caressed by gentle rain
Bathing the land in golden light.
Thunder ricochets round the ancient hills
In the distance a plume of smoke
The sound of a gentle drum
Calling me home.
The rumbling holds no judgement.
Duncan Weldrake, March 2011

Roots are everywhere, every when
not just in the feet…
You cannot be other than rooted -
all you can do is let your attention wander from the fact
Forget about everything you thought you knew about roots;
just let them show themselves to you…
Roots are in blood,
in sinew,
in bone,
in muscle.
Every living microbe conveys your rootedness.
Returning to the ground
I re-establish lost connection with
the source of nourishment
Sinuous turnings,
eminently flexible and resilient…
Roots to all dimensions through this body…

Conduit of goodness,
Channel of light,
Funnel of light.
Roots in the air.
Light-filled roots.
Scattered gold-dust on moth wing.
This is a Temple I know and love.

Everything here, now, all connected
all cooking with gas
More and more of me
showing up to participate
All rhythms, all colours, all flavours
all possibilities
in this marvellous recipe
for participation
Caroline Sherwood

The turning world tells us
Of the pleasures
Of gravity, the tilts
Into the vast
Dark, the tilts
Into the vast
Light: these lubricious
Sways, turning
Into life

The fingers that burst
Into leaf
Have their tendinous roots
Submerged in the shoulders, are
Threaded deep in
The spine: the shapes
That sculpt the air
Remember the wet mulch of the roots,
The clay that
Dreams are made of
Peter Finch

Poetry of Presence Incantation
Anchoring me in my ground my roots reach for nutrients and water to feed my heart and mind.
My branches stretch out towards the sun, gathering the light and providing a place for boys to play.
My trunk grows with food from below and above – expanding with joy and grief.
Pete Harmsworth

My Allotment
Digging hard as spring approaches
I’m looking for docks and couch
Taking out the stones
Straightening the paths
Hoeing the garlic and onions
Sewing carrots in tubes
Planting gooseberries and currants
My body aches
So much still to do
Will there be time?
Maybe I have to wait till next year
Enjoy what is
Add honey to rhubarb
And enjoy the sweetness of spring
Pete Harmsworth

By Johanne Siegumfeldt

Dear friends and friends' friends, dear fellow Beings on this Earth!

Within a few days, during this month, our world has seen earthquakes, floods, nuclear disaster, war, bloodshed and all the consequences that follow. Not to mention the hunger, oppression and countless other sufferings, that are always here.

This is not new in any way. But for me something happened this time. My perspective changed completely during the days following the earthquake in Japan on March 11th, 2011.

A fellow dancer, Megumi Miyata, has her home in Gunma prefecture approximately 200 km south-west of Fukushima nuclear plant and 230 km from Tokyo. In the days following the earthquake Megumi started to send very moving and insightful e-mails to our dance circle, telling us about the situation, her feelings, her thoughts and revelations, inviting us to join her and her friends in daily prayer/meditation.

This had a very deep impact on me and threw me head-on into a reality, that I had been sleeping from. For this I am forever deeply grateful to Megumi and the rest of our circle.

There is nothing special in waking up to the reality of the global situation, important as it is. Many of you have probably been awake to this for years. To me it took these incidents to grasp and let myself accept the reality of the changes we humans, as part of the Earth, are on the verge of.

I only have very basic knowledge of the facts of the global situation. I cannot know the truth about what will happen and I don't propose to. I don't know if anyone can.
All I have besides the news media is Google, my common sense, my ability to put two and two together and my basic experience of living on this Earth for 51 years.
And - at last - the courage to open my eyes.

Yesterday I heard on the news that radioactivity from Fukushima has been detected in my home country, Denmark. That is very far from Japan. It is still only very small amounts, but what will happen if the reactors melt down? How far will it spread? How far can it spread?
I have recently been told, that we have already produced 250.000 tons of high-level radioactive waste globally. We have dumped it in containers around the globe, some of it buried into the Earth, some of it actually dumped openly on the plains of Tibet. It will take 100.000 years to for it to deteriorate.
For how long will we have enough drinking water that is not contaminated with radioactivity?

I read from different sources that the frequency and strength of earthquakes and volcanism is increasing, our climate is changing, the poles are melting. That an earthquake of magnitude 10 or more on the Richter scale is theoretically possible and can seriously damage Earth's crust on a global scale. I read about the apocalypse in december 2012, about ancient Mayan prophesies and rare planetary constellations. I read that the world population is increasing exponentially and that Earth cannot sustain us at this pace.
There is nothing new in all this. Yet many of us live with our eyes tightly closed to reality.

I believe Earth is a living, breathing organism, like we are, and that we are not separate from her as we are not separate from each other. We are part of her breath. What happens to her happens to us.
To me it is becoming more and more obvious, that what we experience now is Earth's reaction to the increasing pressure we have put on her for many years. There is nothing mystical in that. Every living creature would react if poisoned, exploited, invaded an deprived of its protection.
As long as Earth is under that kind of pressure I do not think she will stop reacting. I think her reactions will get stronger. I think, that what has happened and is happening in Japan right now will happen all over the world in different ways. I think that our conditions everywhere will change drastically.
And maybe sooner than we have let ourselves expect.

Strangely, I am not afraid. Rather I feel relief. It is good to be awake. It is good to face reality, as there is nothing else, really. It does not make sense to be asleep. Only when I am awake can I take responsibility for the tasks ahead and do what I came here to do.

I believe that all is Love. That may sound like a kliché, but it is actually a profound experience of mine. All is Love, even what we think of as evil is just a distortion born out of an alienation from what we really are: Love.
I believe that being born to be part of this Earth is an enormous privilege. A very rare chance to become what we are. I believe that we are here for a reason, and that reason is intimately connected to our relationship with each other and with Earth. I believe this reason has many dimensions, and I know that I understand only a tiny fraction.
What I see is that Earth in her immense beauty and wondrous multidimensionality manifests Love. Just as every one of us in our unique beauty and creativity have Love as the core of our Being.
I believe this life is our opportunity to manifest what we are and inspire others to do the same. Earth is our guide and our example.

I don't know that we can stop the global development.
I certainly don't believe we can think or calculate ourselves out of the situation.
What we can do, is be what we are, and do what we are here to do. We can let our lights shine. We can realize, that every one of us matters, that we are all co-creators of our world and our future. And we can release our great compassionate potential into the world. Compassion is contagious. If we open our Hearts, others will respond by opening their Hearts, and no matter what happens, the world will become a better one.

With great joy I notice the signs that this is happening. I hear it in Megumi's letters. I see it in the uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa against tyranny and oppression – bloody and devastating as they are. I experience it on the dancefloor. I feel it in the big attendance to and very, very strong energy of our daily meditations for Japan and I feel it in the global atmosphere.

Through the last few decades our circumstances as humans have changed dramatically. We are able to travel very far across and through space and experience the world as never before. We know about each other's living conditions, because we have seen it on television or even with our own eyes. Everyone – even small children – have mobile phones. We have a completely unique possibility through the internet media to instantly connect to each other globally. This is something very special to us in our time.
But for how long will we have fuel enough to travel the world in airplanes or even in cars? For how long will we have all the electricity we care for? For how long will we be able to communicate so directly with each other across all distances?

I say, let us use this possibility right now. Let us respond to Megumi's invitation and keep joining in prayer and meditation every day. Let us meet and dance together until we know what we are. Let us sing our Hearts out. Let us be kind to everything and everyone. Let us live and love and be awake and present every single moment of this wonderful life in this phenomenal place.

And when in an uncertain future we may not have the same means of communication, let us keep praying, meditating, dancing, singing, living and loving right where we are – knowing that ultimately there is no disconnection, that we are one.


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