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Issue: April 2011

By Johanne Siegumfeldt

Dear friends and friends' friends, dear fellow Beings on this Earth!

Within a few days, during this month, our world has seen earthquakes, floods, nuclear disaster, war, bloodshed and all the consequences that follow. Not to mention the hunger, oppression and countless other sufferings, that are always here.

This is not new in any way. But for me something happened this time. My perspective changed completely during the days following the earthquake in Japan on March 11th, 2011.

A fellow dancer, Megumi Miyata, has her home in Gunma prefecture approximately 200 km south-west of Fukushima nuclear plant and 230 km from Tokyo. In the days following the earthquake Megumi started to send very moving and insightful e-mails to our dance circle, telling us about the situation, her feelings, her thoughts and revelations, inviting us to join her and her friends in daily prayer/meditation.

This had a very deep impact on me and threw me head-on into a reality, that I had been sleeping from. For this I am forever deeply grateful to Megumi and the rest of our circle.

There is nothing special in waking up to the reality of the global situation, important as it is. Many of you have probably been awake to this for years. To me it took these incidents to grasp and let myself accept the reality of the changes we humans, as part of the Earth, are on the verge of.

I only have very basic knowledge of the facts of the global situation. I cannot know the truth about what will happen and I don't propose to. I don't know if anyone can.
All I have besides the news media is Google, my common sense, my ability to put two and two together and my basic experience of living on this Earth for 51 years.
And - at last - the courage to open my eyes.

Yesterday I heard on the news that radioactivity from Fukushima has been detected in my home country, Denmark. That is very far from Japan. It is still only very small amounts, but what will happen if the reactors melt down? How far will it spread? How far can it spread?
I have recently been told, that we have already produced 250.000 tons of high-level radioactive waste globally. We have dumped it in containers around the globe, some of it buried into the Earth, some of it actually dumped openly on the plains of Tibet. It will take 100.000 years to for it to deteriorate.
For how long will we have enough drinking water that is not contaminated with radioactivity?

I read from different sources that the frequency and strength of earthquakes and volcanism is increasing, our climate is changing, the poles are melting. That an earthquake of magnitude 10 or more on the Richter scale is theoretically possible and can seriously damage Earth's crust on a global scale. I read about the apocalypse in december 2012, about ancient Mayan prophesies and rare planetary constellations. I read that the world population is increasing exponentially and that Earth cannot sustain us at this pace.
There is nothing new in all this. Yet many of us live with our eyes tightly closed to reality.

I believe Earth is a living, breathing organism, like we are, and that we are not separate from her as we are not separate from each other. We are part of her breath. What happens to her happens to us.
To me it is becoming more and more obvious, that what we experience now is Earth's reaction to the increasing pressure we have put on her for many years. There is nothing mystical in that. Every living creature would react if poisoned, exploited, invaded an deprived of its protection.
As long as Earth is under that kind of pressure I do not think she will stop reacting. I think her reactions will get stronger. I think, that what has happened and is happening in Japan right now will happen all over the world in different ways. I think that our conditions everywhere will change drastically.
And maybe sooner than we have let ourselves expect.

Strangely, I am not afraid. Rather I feel relief. It is good to be awake. It is good to face reality, as there is nothing else, really. It does not make sense to be asleep. Only when I am awake can I take responsibility for the tasks ahead and do what I came here to do.

I believe that all is Love. That may sound like a kliché, but it is actually a profound experience of mine. All is Love, even what we think of as evil is just a distortion born out of an alienation from what we really are: Love.
I believe that being born to be part of this Earth is an enormous privilege. A very rare chance to become what we are. I believe that we are here for a reason, and that reason is intimately connected to our relationship with each other and with Earth. I believe this reason has many dimensions, and I know that I understand only a tiny fraction.
What I see is that Earth in her immense beauty and wondrous multidimensionality manifests Love. Just as every one of us in our unique beauty and creativity have Love as the core of our Being.
I believe this life is our opportunity to manifest what we are and inspire others to do the same. Earth is our guide and our example.

I don't know that we can stop the global development.
I certainly don't believe we can think or calculate ourselves out of the situation.
What we can do, is be what we are, and do what we are here to do. We can let our lights shine. We can realize, that every one of us matters, that we are all co-creators of our world and our future. And we can release our great compassionate potential into the world. Compassion is contagious. If we open our Hearts, others will respond by opening their Hearts, and no matter what happens, the world will become a better one.

With great joy I notice the signs that this is happening. I hear it in Megumi's letters. I see it in the uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa against tyranny and oppression – bloody and devastating as they are. I experience it on the dancefloor. I feel it in the big attendance to and very, very strong energy of our daily meditations for Japan and I feel it in the global atmosphere.

Through the last few decades our circumstances as humans have changed dramatically. We are able to travel very far across and through space and experience the world as never before. We know about each other's living conditions, because we have seen it on television or even with our own eyes. Everyone – even small children – have mobile phones. We have a completely unique possibility through the internet media to instantly connect to each other globally. This is something very special to us in our time.
But for how long will we have fuel enough to travel the world in airplanes or even in cars? For how long will we have all the electricity we care for? For how long will we be able to communicate so directly with each other across all distances?

I say, let us use this possibility right now. Let us respond to Megumi's invitation and keep joining in prayer and meditation every day. Let us meet and dance together until we know what we are. Let us sing our Hearts out. Let us be kind to everything and everyone. Let us live and love and be awake and present every single moment of this wonderful life in this phenomenal place.

And when in an uncertain future we may not have the same means of communication, let us keep praying, meditating, dancing, singing, living and loving right where we are – knowing that ultimately there is no disconnection, that we are one.


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