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Issue: April 2011
The Macro Movement

Nina Paludan-Müller

Deep contrasts hold us
Indispensable is a birth
Mother gaiacreate life
A new season unfolds

Spring shows in green

A forest quiet moment
A heart breaking open
Oh! watch feel careful

Hate fear blood killing
When bee hives dying
Nuclear filling our sea
Coca cola drink water

In coulours lovers walk
A children dream story
Rainbow a peace path
New hopes eco towns

Kind heart good mind
Salt eye sweaty body
Voice sing heal earth
Tipi circle soul dance

Live be that changing
All just organic spirits
You me people tribes
Pray my pachamama

Light joy deep sorrow
Care and share more
We human great shift
It is macro movement


Kultiration - Peace of mind

Kenia Ytterman - I Know You Are Here

Maibritte Ulrikkeholm - Message of Hopi Elders

Michael Franti & Spearhead - Hey World (Don't Give Up Version)

Poem and songtrack is inspired by the unfolding of Be the Change symposium in Denmark that I’m very engaged with. I’m so thankful to Susannah for inspiring me to step into this initiative on my Journey of Empowerment 2009 where she told our group about the story of Pachamama Alliance ( and

Friday May 13 in Copenhagen we are presenting it together before the workshop

The Way of the Dancing Warrior I really hope many of you can come and join us.

Nina Paludan-Müller

Be the Change Danmark

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