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Issue: April 2011
Dentist's Chair

By Susannah

Sitting in the dentistís chair last week, I was scared. I knew this tooth needed help, and it was to be either root canal treatment or an extraction. We were going to decide once sheíd got under the crown to see what the state of play was. I knew this was not going to be the funniest hour of my life. I like this dentist. Sheís very good at her job, knows how to communicate, is warm and kind. Still, I have to admit, I was nervous.

The memory of one very difficult wisdom tooth extraction was re-playing in my mind. That experience left both the dentist and me shaking. YaíAcov had sweetly offered to come with me, but that seemed over the top, so Mr Bangawa came instead. Mr Bangawa is a lovely, cuddly, wise old elephant who is just the right size to sit on your tummy, keeping your belly warm, and his trunk is just right to hold onto. As I lie there waiting for the first injections, I call on the wise elder, and the protectors of each direction. I feel the earth mama under me, I let my body soften into the couch. I feel the compassionate divine feminine presence whom I see, right now, as Kuan Yin, behind and supporting both the dentist and me. My head touches the dentistís tummy as she gives me the first injections. She has to do several as my mouth does not seem to want to go to sleep. Then she starts drilling and though it takes a long time, I keep sensing and thanking the protectors. It makes a huge difference to my experience. Solar warrior stands by, divine feminine nourishes, wise elder stands at my feet. Water goddess washes and keeps it all clean and clear, and the sky beings hover shining light. I keep feeling my body tightening slightly and keep letting it soften. Mr Bangawa is brilliant. In the end it was root canal treatment and my wonderful dentist was able to save the tooth. I was told it might take a few weeks to settle down. But itís been so calm, so well. My jaw feels relieved and content. Iíve taken arnica and made a saltwater, lavender and myrhh mouth wash. And, touch wood, its fine. I thank the guardians, my dentist, and the repetition of MM practise that let that dental ceremony be so easy, natural and supportive.

Iím reminded of our teacher in Peru telling us that help can only be given, on the spirit level, when it is asked for. Iím, as Iím sure you are, poignantly aware of the way our world is shaking and re-arranging itself. Earth quakes on many levels. What a time of possibility and challenge. I send my prayers for guardianship and guidance for all beings at this time. One of our fellow dancers lives in Tokyo and has been communicating very strong medicine. We give you a digest of her words in her own column.

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