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Issue: April 2011
Shop News

It’s a fertile time here at the MM Shop. We’ve got several new albums for your delectation.

As well as Susannah’s new CD of movement medicine meditations Elemental, we have Deep Flight available as MP3 downloads (YEAH! finally cracked it!) and, coming soon, 21 Gratitudes, the album of musical highlights from last years Long Dance. It's currently having its last mixes in the good hads of Volker Kaczinski

Deep Flight by Aaron Andreas Gantenbein features our favourite 12 tracks from his first 8 albums. This album is available now, track by track, as MP3 downloads from our website. Aaron’s work is unique. Simultaneously unworldly and earthy, it takes the listener on a healing voyage to touch the majesty of life. We love his unusual music and find that it is very resonant with Movement Medicine practice.

Aaron says: “This music moves my soul to feel and hear the bigger mystery called nature. My intention is to create a healing journey through music through giving nature, which we all are, a voice.”

And, on another note, Nigel Shaw and Carolyn Hillyer, whose beautiful music many of you will know, are coming to join us and play music at the next Long Dance, YEAH!!! They will be playing for a few special hours for the dance. As well as them, for the through the night vigil of dancing prayer, Volker Kaczinski will be back to take care of us all with his consummate music engineer skills, and we have a fantastic new band of musos to accompany us our journey. We look forward to sharing this with you!

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Susannah Darling Khan and Frazer Reid.

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