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Issue: April 2011

Susannah and Ya’Acov’s book, Movement Medicine – How to Awaken, Dance and Live Your Dreams has just come out in French this past week, and we have recently agreed deals for the book to be translated into German and Czech. YEAH!!!

We are very grateful to our French publisher/editor Catherine Maillard (Le Courrier du Livre)and in France is available from April 2011 whose deep enquiry combined with her love of life, love of conscious movement in general and Movement Medicine in particular has made it such a special experience to work with her. And big thanks to Didier Perrouault, who, as a MM dancer with linguistic skills, has done so much to help ensure the translation stays true to its original. We are delighted that the book will soon be available in German and Czech.

Movement Medicine is also available in English (!) and we recommend it! You can get it from the shop: and in France, it is available from

If you enjoy it, it helps us a lot in reaching out to new people if you are willing to write a short review on Amazon. If you’re able to do that, thank you! You don’t have to have bought the book through Amazon to be able to write a review their site.

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