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Is your Movement Medicine Teacher A Robot?
By Roland

Now why you may wonder would we even ask such a question as it is abundantly clear that neither Susannah and Ya’Acov nor any of the new apprentice teachers Caroline Carey, Christian de Sousa or Mark Boylan are robots.

The Mayans and All That…..
By Ya'Acov

We’ve just been planning our calendar for that mythical year which is extraordinarily now, right upon us. Roll the drums and blow the trumpets, 2012 approaches at a rate of knots! Well, I can report that yes, 2012 promises to be a year of great transformation! We managed, with a little of that queasy discomfort that arises as one attempts to change a deep pattern, to design a year that is just that touch more spacious and less busy.

Dentist's Chair
By Susannah

Sitting in the dentist’s chair last week, I was scared. I knew this tooth needed help, and it was to be either root canal treatment or an extraction. We were going to decide once she’d got under the crown to see what the state of play was. I knew this was not going to be the funniest hour of my life. I like this dentist. She’s very good at her job, knows how to communicate, is warm and kind. Still, I have to admit, I was nervous.
Personal Experience of Movement Medicine

By Jivana

As you may have heard or not yet: Susannah and Ya'Acov's book will get published in Germany end of the year. Innenwelt Verlag is an independent publishing House publishing books on body, mind, spirit, and is in the process of translating. Doing so the idea came up, if any of the participants of Movement Medicine Courses would like to share their personal experiences with MM or any juicy story Susannah and Ya'Acov and how it affected their life.

Shop News

It’s a fertile time here at the MM Shop. We’ve got several new albums for your delectation.

As well as Susannah’s new CD of movement medicine meditations Elemental, we have Deep Flight available as MP3 downloads (YEAH! finally cracked it!) and, coming soon, 21 Gratitudes, the album of musical highlights from last years Long Dance. It's currently having its last mixes in the good hads of Volker Kaczinski


Susannah and Ya’Acov’s book, Movement Medicine – How to Awaken, Dance and Live Your Dreams has just come out in French this past week, and we have recently agreed deals for the book to be translated into German and Czech. YEAH!!!

It's not me dancing, I am danced by my own body.
By Ville Frisk
This article is reproduced from the Swedish magazine FREE.

Our body loves to move. When we put on our favorite music in the living room it will not take long before at least some small part of us begins to move. Susannah Darling Khan knows that when we give in to our being's innate desire to move and let loose, we find our way back to the physical presence and become more in balance.

The Macro Movement
Nina Paludan-Müller

Deep contrasts hold us
Indispensable is a birth
Mother gaiacreate life
A new season unfolds
For All Our Relations

By Katriona Forrester

It isn’t every day you come across the ideal setting for one of Ya’Acov’s favourite workshops: For All Our Relations, about which he says:

“The basic idea of this workshop is for us all to experience more directly the love we have for life here on earth. Why? Because what we love, we tend to look after. And why is that particularly important now? Read this quote from the UK Be the Change website:

Poems from the Poetry of Presence

Poems from Poetry of Presence

I am held, nourished
rooted in my lifes rich soil
everything I need
The wind blows through me
open to sky, sun and rain,
my branches blossom
Soft love light shines from
my healing beating brave heart
here I am, you are


By Johanne Siegumfeldt

Dear friends and friends' friends, dear fellow Beings on this Earth!

Within a few days, during this month, our world has seen earthquakes, floods, nuclear disaster, war, bloodshed and all the consequences that follow. Not to mention the hunger, oppression and countless other sufferings, that are always here.

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