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Issue: March 2011

By Marit Winther
Sometimes in life there is nothing to do, but to accept a challenge and jump into the unknown.
I picked up the bag of runes to draw one as I was thinking about the workshop I`m organising in May. "The Way of the Dancing Warrior". The blank rune:
-may bring to surface your deepest fears. Will I fail? Will I be abandoned? Will it all be taken away?

And yet your highest good, truest possibilities and fertile dreams are held  within that blankness.
That`s excactely it!

I`m scared to death yet truly excited about doing this job.
And I`m really proud to be able to contribute to such important work in these times of great change. 
I could choose to just sit on a rock overlooking the lake, or I could choose to pass on some of the gems that this work has given me. Or, as a matter of fact, do both thanks to the poweful tool froom Ya`Acov and Susannah to dear to live my dream, and to know what that dream is. 
Many years ago I did a work-shop in Norway with Ya`Acov called "Trance, a shamanic yourney into the landscape of the Dancing Warrior". It truly changed my life. The circle is closed, at least for the moment....Let`s meet, dance and do ceremony in Norway!
Welcome to a place with great teachings,beautiful nature, food and accomodation..  
Way of Dancing Warrior takes place in Norway 4 - 8 May.
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