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Issue: March 2011
Vision Quest

By Andrew Stephenson

I had only ever intended to do the Vision Quest module. It felt like a way to answer Lynn’s gentle yet persistent prodding of me to work with Ya’Acov. This had been going on for a couple of years as she immersed herself in the practice.

Knowing deep down, having met Ya’Acov in passing over the years that it was always going to be likely I would work with him, Vision Quest felt safe. SEER process looked like it was going to go deep. It looked challenging and a step too far.

Vision Quest, then. I like being outdoors, I’m comfortable with being in nature and I can have a look at this thing called Movement Medicine for myself, without being too stretched. 

Roland emailed me after my application.

Ya’Acov suggests that you do the SEER process first.

Our children were great. “Well, he would, dad. It’s more money!” They are veterans of their mum going away and dancing with Ya’Acov and Susanna and they have great running commentaries about MM. The favourite theory is that Ya’Acov doesn’t actually exist. He’s mum’s and now my excuse for going away and getting some peace!

 But there was something in my writing that I felt beset by old stories and patterns that must have just jumped off the page of my application. So, I was in. SEER process. Taking my step too far and feeling challenged.

It was great having Jojo there.  I could hide behind our friend if it all got too much. Of course I didn’t like anyone else at first.  So fearful of finding myself in these people, my defences were going into overdrive. By the end I can say I loved everyone in that strong, strong circle and I experienced real magic. I found connection with my inner dancer and community and soul that I did not think possible.

Stepping back into some very painful and old situations was pushing my fear factor ever upwards. By the time I stepped back for the first time, I could not have been better prepared. Held in ceremony, held by the circle and with a strong set of “new” allies around me from the wise elder and the elements, I felt strong.

So many memories from that week that stay with me now. Such a lot unlocked and understood. Things that seemed so important in my life, reduced to dust and kissed goodbye.

Anger that I felt, trapped inside of me for years, was released and compassion took its place. Powerful medicine witnessed in being able to transport myself as I am now, back into those painful situations. I rarely cry, but I wept in the space, as I vision the man I am now put my arm round that frightened little boy. My gift from “soul school” that first time was an Aztec Bar! I had no idea why but on my return, used good old Google to have a look. This chocolate bar was around for a period of time that I travelled to in SEER process.

I danced in the space with a friend who had died some months earlier. She came to me several times that week and I would mourn and cry some more and experience the joy of dancing with her. One day in ceremony and in the dance she mounted a horse and rode/flew away on the wind. I wished her well on her “horse of the wind”. I had not known what a powerful symbol this was until pondering and researching later.

The energy I felt, the joy and understanding and respect I have for this process has been carried with me almost a year later and two more modules down the line. (yes, Burial too!).

I want to finish with a shout out to men folk who may be thinking about stepping in to the process and may be getting gently prodded like I was.

The great choreographer knew it was time and it was. So much to gain and nothing to lose. 


More details about the Rituals workshops including the Vision Quest can be found at  by clicking here

Please contact Roland either by email 01803762255 if you would like any more information or an application form.  Application forms can also be download by clicking here

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