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What are you? Are you a baby cow?
By Roland
Well, that was what I was going to write about, but when I sat down at the School of Movement Medicine computer, I found that it had died.


As I sat there wondering what to do next I realised my reaction to the death of a computer is a bit like to that of a loved one.  It is something I prepare for but until it happens I don’t really know how it will be. 

Ritual, Revolting and Reweaving the Web
By Ya'Acov
“I imagine that we all hold hopes for a future filled with more light, love and creative participation for all. The longing for those qualities in our individual lives is the longing of all humanity. I believe that to commit is itself a prayer, a dance, a revolt, releasing us from feelings of helplessness in the face of what may appear overwhelming. How then, as artists, seekers, will we shape our revolt. What action might we take?  I would like to offer this challenge, that we each find a way to call out for change.” Daria Halprin
The Gods of Travel
By Susannah
I arrive in Stuttgart train station. Our train is a little late and the people who want to get on look stressed, hurried and worried. “Oh wow,” I think, my heart still full of laughter, tender tears and joy from DanSing, “I guess I must look like that sometimes, how can I remember to not take it so seriously?!” Then I see a Mama, heavily laden striding anxiously fast forwards.
Summer Long Dance
By Sarah Wearden
“Didn’t your mother do well to time your birth so that your 40th Birthday would coincide with this day!” These were Susannah’s thoughtful worlds to me as I stood a little shyly by the fire having had the amazing experience of 150 of my tribe sing Happy Birthday to me.
Dance with the ancestors
By Henk Kieft 


Part of the first Long Dance in July 2010 at the Earth Spirit Centre at Glastonbury, UK.


We were invited to dance either with all your ancestors at once -it might even be with the animals or plants before us in evolution- or with certain ancestors.

Nature Prêt-à-planter
By Silvana Rigobon

On Summer Solstice, last year, the second night of my vision quest, I found myself in the front row of the most amazing and inspiring fashion show I have ever seen: "Nature Prêt-à-planter, Collection Spring-Summer 2010".

Vision Quest

By Andrew Stephenson

I had only ever intended to do the Vision Quest module. It felt like a way to answer Lynn’s gentle yet persistent prodding of me to work with Ya’Acov. This had been going on for a couple of years as she immersed herself in the practice.

 This month's winner of £100 School of Movement Medicine workshop voucher
By Hilary Chadwick

It was a wild night, and a small group of women went for a fire in the shelter of the woods to celebrate Imbolc; marking the first signs of Spring, and the Goddess Brighid, who is once again a maiden in white. On the way there a white cat joined us... we thought this was rather special.

My experience of Vision Quest 2010
By Rob Porteous
Finding the place where I wanted to make my circle was hard. As Roland took us up the valley, I was thinking I wanted to be near a stream, and a tree, and in a place where there were rocks to make my circle. A number of the places I found had already been taken.
How the smiley found me
By Elisabeth Käufeler Schrag

On a walk with my friend, where we just discussing a difficult thesis she had to write, I stopped to walk and said to her: “Look at that!” There was this wonderful smiley who wanted to be seen. It was exactly the right moment! Everything in this discussion had been too heavy going.
By Marit Winther
Sometimes in life there is nothing to do, but to accept a challenge and jump into the unknown.
I picked up the bag of runes to draw one as I was thinking about the workshop I`m organising in May. "The Way of the Dancing Warrior". The blank rune:
-may bring to surface your deepest fears. Will I fail? Will I be abandoned? Will it all be taken away?
Earthy InSinewAtion
This poem was written by Simric for the Earth Alter at the recent For All Our Relations workshop in Cape Town. Enjoy!
By Simric
some place all place shows its face

twist turn stub toe

wake up call

from forces of folding entwining waiting

for we stumblers to tumble into

recognition of our mother

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