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Issue: February 2011

By Roland

Before teaming up with Susannah and Ya’Acov, I used to run a business in Totnes teaching English to foreigners.  I have to confess that my own ability to speak foreign languages is very poor but I have a fascination with the English language.  In particular I like its eclectic nature.  If we like a word we steal it.

There is no official English organisation that oversees the language to keep its purity as there is in France where the L'Académie Française fights to keep out interloping words like ‘computer’ or ‘weekend’.  English welcomes all words and lets the principle of the survival of the fittest decide which will stay and which will wither and die.  

Of all the words that have made their ways into English dictionaries perhaps the most fascinating are those of Germanic origin such as ‘schadenfreude’ and my favourite ‘zeitgeist’.

The dictionary definition of zeitgeist is ‘spirit of the times’.  But this doesn’t really do justice to the word.   For the German philosopher Hegel, who popularised this word, this spirit was an actual spirit creation born out from the fight of the diametrically opposing ideas of the previous era. For Hegel, "world history is thus the unfolding of Spirit in time, as nature is the unfolding of the Idea in space.”  For more on this mind-boggling truly fascinating statement I direct you to read Hegel.

As I write this article a struggle is going on in Egypt between the supporters of President Mubarak and those who wish to overthrow his corrupt regime of near dictatorship.  This, in turn, is part of a wider call for self determination and a change to more democratic government across North Africa and the near East.  Just as we can mark the time before the Berlin wall fell and the time after as being very different so I think we will soon find ourselves within a different period of history.  We are witnessing the birth of a new Zeitgiest.

A few years ago Susannah and Ya’Acov taught a workshop calledWay of the Dancing Warrioron about 4 or 5 different occasions.  However although we really liked the title we worried about it.  Did this make Movement Medicine sound like a martial art?  Then once somebody complained that title was a bit a bit too macho and we decided to drop the title. Somehow the name just wasn’t quite right for the time.

However, this Autumn both Susannah and Ya’Acov independently decided that it was time to reintroduce the title Way of the Dancing Warrior’In fact, although we could remember the reasons why we dropped it, we were somewhat amazed that we had, as the title is so good and describes the work that takes place perfectly.

The word warrior can have an implication of unbridled aggression and of the assault of male power.  But as Susannah has written in one of her articles in this newsletter “The warrior we mean is the warrior of the heart who has the courage to love and the courage to create, and the strength to embody.” 

Perhaps it is fanciful but I see the re-adoption of the ‘Way of the Dancing Warrior’ title as also being a reflection of a change into a new distinct historical period where the energy of the warrior is dedicated as the courage to be who we are and give what we've got.  We are also wondering if the title might bring forth some more men! We know you're out there!!!

We are offering this workshop in a number of formats. Both Susannah and Ya’Acov will be teaching Way of the Dancing Warrior as a residential workshop.  Susannah’s workshop is first and will take place at Orval in Belgium from March 30th - April 3rd.  For details and to book please contact Roland on 00 44 (0) 1803 762255  

Ya’Acov’sWay of the Dancing Warrior’ will be in Norway on 3rd – 8th May.  For more details contact Marit on 00 47 (0) 45604535

He will also be teaching it as a weekend workshop in Brighton May 13th – 15th – contact Caroline on 00 44 (0)1273 245 416.

The Phoenix Retreat has been full for some time now.  We do though strongly recommend the SEER process for those of you who are drawn to doing this kind of work involving the cleaning up of one;s personal history and the retrieval of Energy. The SEER Process is a fantastically useful tool and very effective. It reaches the parts that other processes don't seem to reach! Ya’Acov is teaching the SEER Process in Switzerland at the Waldhaus centre March 15h – 20th and there are still place available.   For details and to book please contact Roland on 00 44 (0) 1803 762255

Susannah Journey of Empowerment group is also nearly full so please get your application is now if you would like to join this group. For details and to book please contact Roland on 00 44 (0) 1803 762255

Also coming soon.

Feb 11th – 13th Ya’acov will be teaching For All our Relations in Prague.  Contact Raduca on 00 42 (0) 224 827 417

Feb 11th – 13th  Susannah will be teaching E-Motion: Wild Life in Olten, Switzlerand (workshop given in English with  German translation).  Contact Katriona 00 41 (0) 33 676 2708

Their paths will then meet again in Paris on 14th February (very appropriately Valentine’s day) and will be giving a talk followed by a Move! evening.  Contact Pierre-Henri 00 33 (0) 615 325 816

Susannah will also be offering a Move! evening in London on the following day the 15th.  This will take place in the Main Hall, Hampstead Town Hall Centre, 213 Haverstock Hill London NW3 4QP from 7-10pm.  Cost: £15 payable in cash on door (or if you bring a friend who hasn’t danced before you can both dance for £10 each ) For more details contact Alex;  00 44 (0) 7668 842219

At the end of the month Ya’Acov is travelling to South Africa and will be teaching For All Our Relations in Cape Town on 25th – 27th Feb.  Contact Jane 00 27 (0) 766963527 He will be giving a talk and teaching in Johannesburg too.

And in late February Susannah will be in Munich teaching DanSing 26th – 27th  With a Move! Evening on the 25th . This workshop is given in English with translation into German. Contact Claudia 00 49 (0)89 292644

When Ya’Acov returns to Europe he will be teaching Darkness to Light in Warsaw, Poland 4th – 6th March.  Contact: Olga 00 48 (0) 509 774 884

Further Movement Medicine events in March:

18 – 20 March   Holland   Susannah Rock My Soul   Frank +31 71 8893253

25 – 27 March   Manchester   Ya'Acov The Poetry of Presence   Elaine +44 161 881 2644

28 March   Birmingham   Ya'Acov Talk   TreeofLife 44 121 449 4086

29 March   Birmingham   Ya'Acov Move!   TreeofLife +44 121 449 4086

Wishing you very well in the Zeit Geist!



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