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Issue: February 2011
The Chest of Drawers

By Silvana Rigobon

If Movement Medicine were a fairy tale, it would go like this:

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, The Chest of Drawers was found on a hill. There it stood, mysterious and shut, with a mandala painted on top of it. No key was to be found for its three drawers.

The Seven Wise ones were called. They gathered around The Chest of Drawers. They sat there till the Moon was high, behind the Big Trees.
Only then did the Wiser One speak. She spoke to the Moon, to the Trees, to the Wind.

“Each drawer is a Journey. Only those who dare to dance, only those who dare to dream, will find the key.”

The Wind blew the Words. The Words reached the Moon in the sky, flew with the Waters of the river, got down to the Roots of the Big Trees.
Only then did the People go to sleep. They slept. And in their dream, they danced.

And they woke up.

The first dreamer went uphill to The Chest of Drawers. She danced in front of it. She danced and danced and danced, till she dropped on her knees. The first drawer opened. And she heard her own voice singing: “You have a Body, a Heart and a Mind. Be your Body, Be your Heart, Be your Mind. This is YOUR Journey of Empowerment.”

The woman felt her voice finding a space and rest into her Heart, rooting itself into the Earth. She knelt in gratitude, then walked downhill, to dance her life and make space for her dreams.

The second dreamer danced in front of The Chest of Drawers, and when he dropped in front of it, the second drawer opened. He felt his own Heart expanding into His Past. And he honoured it. And then his Present knelt in front of him, and he thanked it, and his Future spread out, in the shape of the Tree of Gratitude, that offers its leaves to the Sun. He walked downhill, to dance his life and make space for his dreams.

The third dreamer was the Wiser One herself. She danced. She danced for HumaniTree, she danced for CommuniTree. Her gift was her Soul. Her gift was her Heart. She bowed in front of The Chest of Drawers, and the third drawer opened. Her Dream was her Life, her Life was her Dream. She knelt in gratitude and looked around.

Everybody around her was dancing for HumaniTree, everybody was dancing for CommuniTree. They danced, and danced, and danced. And then walked downhill, to dance into their life and make space to share their dreams.

Movement Medicine is The Chest of Drawers. Its wood comes from the Tree of Life. Everybody has got access to their three drawers. Just dare to dance. Just dare to dream.

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