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Issue: February 2011
Once Upon a time

By Susannah

Once upon a time, Luc showed me a picture of this little rural barn buried in trees and brambles. “This is it! Our dream! We found it!” he said, his voice shaking with emotion. Not so long after that, through his and many people’s generous, passionate and committed efforts, “it” had turned into a majestic centre and I was blessed to run the first group in the dance temple, a Sanctuary workshop which was a turning point in the lives of many of the women who attended it (I am told!). Bois le Comte (as this temple in the forests of the Ardennes is called) has continued to evolve and become more cosy, elegant and grounded a place to do transformative work.

Now, many years on, YOU are invited to come and partake of a new adventure, a dancing chance to look at your life through the eyes of the dancing warrior, and see what YOU want to vision for your life, what dreams and creations you dare to breath life into. Dancing to shake up our preconceptions and open our minds, hearts and bodies to true our dreaming and deep calling. You are invited!

The Way of the Dancing Warrioris fast becoming one of our key central workshops. It gives you the chance to experience deep Movement Medicine practice and learn empowering dancing life tools. This is a special opportunity to do it as in an intensive in a residential setting. I love the ‘oasis’ feeling of being at Bois le Comte, and it feels like exactly the right place to do this work.

For us the power of the dancing warrior is about taking the choice to stand at the centre of your circle, assuming the authority for your life and, at the same time, being able to dance with what life brings, becoming strong, flexible, centred and awake. This workshop offers you tools to learn how to develop your own inner medicine wheel through conscious dance practice and at the same time is a chance to simply to the great joy of being yourself, alive in your body and deeply partaking of the spirit of life.

NB The “warrior” in the workshop title does not mean that we will practice being hard or tough or macho. The warrior we mean is the warrior of the heart who has the courage to love and the courage to create, and the strength to embody, step by step, who you really are, and to assume the power of and for your life.

Where ever you are in the dance of your own life, you are welcome,

I look forward to dancing with you at Orval, (or somewhere!) in 2011, and wish you very well.  For details and to book please contact Roland on 00 44 (0) 1803 762255

With love and laughter,

Susannah Darling Khan





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