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By Roland

Before teaming up with Susannah and Ya’Acov, I used to run a business in Totnes teaching English to foreigners.  I have to confess that my own ability to speak foreign languages is very poor but I have a fascination with the English language.  In particular I like its eclectic nature.  If we like a word we steal it.

Once Upon a time

By Susannah

Once upon a time, Luc showed me a picture of this little rural barn buried in trees and brambles. “This is it! Our dream! We found it!” he said, his voice shaking with emotion. Not so long after that, through his and many people’s generous, passionate and committed efforts, “it” had turned into a majestic centre and I was blessed to run the first group in the dance temple, a Sanctuary workshop which was a turning point in the lives of many of the women who attended it (I am told!). Bois le Comte (as this temple in the forests of the Ardennes is called) has continued to evolve and become more cosy, elegant and grounded a place to do transformative work.

Indolence, Discipline & the Dancing Warrior

By Ya'Acov

We were recently in India studying to become Laughter Professors (I kid you not) with Dr.Madan Kataria, the Founder of the International School of Laughter Yoga. Having heard about Laughter Yoga for years, we finally took the plunge after a delightful evening workshop in Totnes where we laughed so hard, I actually managed to pull a muscle in my back. Going to India to laugh seemed so leftfield and preposterous that we just had to follow the golden thread. We both had the sense that we were going to India for an as yet hidden purpose.

Loft Clearance

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By Hannah Mackay

I’m getting myself down out of the loft.

Brushing away the dust

Wondering if I need a new cover.

I’ve stored a lot of me

Away for safe-keeping

Unable to decide at the time

If I’d need me again.

The Chest of Drawers

By Silvana Rigobon

If Movement Medicine were a fairy tale, it would go like this:

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, The Chest of Drawers was found on a hill. There it stood, mysterious and shut, with a mandala painted on top of it. No key was to be found for its three drawers.

Love and Laughter
By Susannah

Last November Ya’Acov told me he had booked us into a Laughter Yoga evening workshop in Totnes. “Sounds great!” I said, thinking that at the very least, it would be a laugh. The date rolled around and we set off up to a little flat near Totnes Castle, a bit nervous that it would be horribly squeamish. We met the little group; the organiser, a friend of his, the teacher (Simone from Australia) and us.
Shalom (Shal_Home, Sweet Home…): dancing in the West Bank
By Silvana Rigobon

“You feel at home in your circle, and you are free to move as you wish to”: I listen to Ya’Acov words and I feel a shiver through my backbone. I’ve heard these words so many times, in various Movement Medicine workshops. But today it is different: we are in the West Bank, in a small village called Shufa.
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