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What Women Want

By Roland

There is a very useful piece of advice for aspiring writers which is ‘write what you know about’.  So I thought I would start the New Year by writing on a subject of which I am an acknowledged expert.

Now at this point I imagine that the expression on your face might be something like that on my partner’s when I told her the title of this piece.  It was a blend of incredulity & amusement, mixed with a touch of shock and a sprinkling of horror. more>
The Way of the Dancing Warrior
By Ya'Acov

2011 already. They say time is speeding up and it certainly seems that way to me. Even though 2010 was a very full year with hardly a moment missed, it still raced by with the speed of a dream. I met an old friend for a drink in town the other day. I was late because a meeting I was having with some musicians about next year’s Summer Long Dance had overran. I dashed in to the bar to find him sitting relaxed and getting on with living, perfectly fine without me. I don’t like being late but this week, time has really been out of my hands. An extraordinary storm in Israel meant that I got home 24 hours later than planned and the Eurostar I’m on now is running more than an hour late due to snow.

Blue Moon to Lunar Eclipse
By Susannah

This last year started with a fierce, beautiful, blue moon and drew towards its close with the lunar eclipse this solstice. The solstice came during Returning Home, our annual end of the year ceremonial workshop to honour and release one year and dream in the new. We realised this was our 20th such workshop, the first being ‘Patterns in the Sand’ at the Beacon Centre.

Movement Medicine: becoming an 'All day artist'

Dear Travellers!

The Teacher Training application form included the question: ‘What is   Movement Medicine?’ The answers naturally included familiar  descriptions of Movement Medicine (as embodied ecstatic dance practice  and movement meditation) and reflections on the bones of the practice,  such as the elements, yin and yang, acceptance and intention, aligning   body, heart, mind and soul, and the 5 dimensions of awareness.

You Danced Where?
This month's winner of £100 School of Movement Medicine workshop voucher

By Rhian Davies

I danced in moccasins on sandy terracotta earth. I stamped on tiled floors while silver filled veils swirled around my shiny hair. I twirled beneath cloaks abundant with energy so golden it seemed to caress me. I danced into the ventricles of my heart and out through my finger tips. I swayed into a tee-pee and I leapt into the rain-forest. I hopped into a dream. I danced way out of my body and I danced way back in. Deeply.
Requiem for Journey of Empowerment 2010
This year’s Journey of Empowerment came to its close with beautiful blossomings of its participants. I realise that this journey is a very particular tripartite journey: 1) Self acceptance and feeling accepted and welcome as one is 2) Seeing oneself with truth and love 3) Freeing the power of soulful self expression. more>
Mending the Circle - Israel
By Ben Yeger

This is an account of assisting Ya’Acov in December, on “Mending the Circle” in Israel.  I hold a lot of personal history and current investment in the place and its people and this was with me during the Workshop journey and I feel it now as I write.

Down Under
by Caroline Carey

I received an email from Honor in Australia, she asked me if Ben and I would be happy to bring some of our work to her own community in Australia. I felt very privileged to have been asked as well as it feeling rather daunting. I don't mind traveling but it felt a rather long way! So I thought about it for awhile. A long trip away from my children, sitting on a plane for 23 hours, I am not good at being still for that long! And then I began to realize what an amazing opportunity I was also being given.

stepping one step backwards

By Erica

i was in the dark

i heard  the screaming off the suffering people around me

i couldn't help them

i didn't scream

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