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Issue: November 2010
More good news!

By Susannah

1) You can save (1.9 square meters) of rainforest every time you make an internet  search by using Ecosia.

2) Michael Newman, the sports injury specialist who has rescued our bodies many times from injury and who is a master, is finally passing on his gold dust work and training people. If you are a body worker or want to be, we couldn’t recommend him more highly.

3) 6 Billion Reasons spreads its wings and becomes Global:Mosaic, read more about Susannah’s story in the  article Good News!

4) The Way of the Dancing Warrior comes to London (27-28 November). A wonderful crew are gathering to dance this cornerstone inner work of Movement Medicine. It’s about standing up tall in the centre of your own circle, and creating your own energetically potent inner medicine wheel. Developing strength, faith, fluidity and connection with that which guides you. One aspect of this is discovering the allies of the elements, and how they can support the creative, potent, empowered and connected human being in each of us. I love that we can learn and practise so much to expand the possibilities of our humanity in what I call the ‘joy stream’ of the dance. The weekend will offer you the possibility of deep dancing experience, and you will learn tools which you can take with you and use in your day to day life, whether you are on the dance floor or not. The kind of warrior we are talking about is balanced and awake in both yin and yang (i.e. its not about becoming “tough” but balancing strength and sensitivity) and can find the fluidity and power to respond to life in choiceful, creative ways.

Sometime in the weekend we will learn the Hussle, a groovy dance prayer to the 4 directions, and continue to develop Alex’s Mass on Party dream. You are welcome! More info:  Or call Alex on: 0786 8842219

5) My new CD ‘Elemental’ had its first semi public ‘coming out’ in Oxford last week, and did its stuff. Its in the hands of its mixing engineer, Soli Marshall, for last tweeks, and we intend it to be available very soon!

Also we have a new Kila album in, and the Long Dance album is proceeding apace, and should be ready early next year.

6) I’m learning to twit, and rather enjoying it, our twits (I know!) are on ……


I wish us all love, joy, strength and the joy of co-creation with life,







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