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Lui and Louis
By Roland

“The man in this photo is much younger than you.” So said the hotel desk clerk as he looked up at me after examining my driving licence.  He laid a particular sneering emphasis on the word ‘much’ which I took somewhat personally. 
Forthcoming Workshops
Please find below a list of the forthcoming workshops in November and December, followed by a list of the intensive workshops we are now taking bookings for.  N.B.  The Returning Home workshop is now full but it is possible to join the waiting list.

Forthcoming Workshops in November & December


5 - 7   Jersey   Ya'Acov Move!   Maria +44 7797 832 400

Small Acts of Kindness
By Susannah

A few weeks ago we celebrated Ya’Acov’s mother’s 70th birthday. It was a beautiful celebration of a wonderful woman. When Ya’Acov and I were first together it was not so easy. Ya’Acov is from a Jewish family who took their duty to keep the tribe intact seriously. I am from a Christian background and did not fit the bill! It was hard for everyone.

Tell Me Who You Are

By Ya'Acov

There are so many threads from the past that conspire to wrap themselves like the cold light of what folk like to call ‘the real world’ around the budding channels of our freedom and squeeze the life out of them. So many ‘shoulds’ and ‘shouldn’ts’ and fears and tensions that we hold that stop us simply being who we are. As Susannah so beautifully puts it in the 12 minute video of the Long Dance ceremony that’s gone up on You Tube recently: ‘there’s such a feeling that you could really be yourself here, that you could be real here. And you wouldn’t be rejected and you wouldn’t be laughed at…….nobody would demand that you should be different than you are….and so the heart blossoms…’ more>
Groovy Grave Digging and other Deadly Virtues !
By Ali Young

A few weeks ago I took my 11 year old daughter shopping with me with the intention of going to try on a dress I had fallen in love with. It had the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration splashed over a tutu and a bodice. Skeletons partying till they dropped. I loved it. I wanted it.
Why I write
By Caroline Carey

Part of my work is to write. I've been doing it since I was very small. One of the first Christmas presents I ever asked for was a very large poetry book. I learned as many of the poems as I could, off by heart and then began to write my own, I was five years old. My mother had insisted I learned to read and write from the age of three! So I have kept many journals of poetry and experiences and now this year my first book 'Ms'Guided Angel' was published.
Incantation into Action
This month's winner of £100 School of Movement Medicine workshop voucher

By V.K.V.

It is nearly a week since I returned to London from my Initiation. The week has been emotionally very full. While I get the sense that some fellow initiates are riding the wave of love inwardly and outwardly, I have found myself feeling much sadness, fear and anger. I’ve had to be really aware with eyes wide open of how I’ve been interacting with others, while these emotions move about in my body and my mind.

Long Dance Film
The film made of the 2010 Summer Long Dance made by Ben Cole is now available on YouTube

There are two versions of a film of the 2010 Summer Long Dance


There is also a short version at
A Mass on Party
By Alex Hanly

About 4 months ago I had this beautiful vision and idea. That we could orchestrate a mass on international dance, where all the Movement medicine community and further a field could come to unity through the dance and celebrate our interconnectivity.
The Story of the Handless Maiden
By Eline Kieft

A very strong experience during two workshops that I did much earlier this year, which I’m now ready to share … Source (9-11 April) and Awakening (13-17 April) added new gemstones on my necklace, helped me to reclaim lost soul parts, to work with understudies, and was, in short, a deepening of an ever ongoing process.

Letter from Survival International
Dear Susannah, Ya'Acov and all the Dancers,

We are so grateful for your incredible fundraising efforts for Survival at the Summer Long Dance.
What a wonderfully inspired way to raise money for tribes!
The Angel in the Forest
By Julian Marshall

Dear Movement Medicine friends,

I am a musician who has worked with Susannah and Ya’Acov over many years, so you may know me! In the last few years my musical journey has come to focus on setting the poetry of Gertrud Kolmar to music. Gertrud Kolmar was a Jewish poet who died in the holocaust and whose poetry bears witness in away which moves me very deeply.

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