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Riddle of the Carving
by Roland

I pressed the ‘send to all recipients’ button for our last newsletter.  For a moment I watched to make sure that the computer was doing as I intended, then I got up to have a ‘good job well done’ stretch.  As I turned, my attention was caught by a carving that I have had hanging behind my chair in the School of Movement medicine office for many years.  How was it possible that I could have just written extensively in the newsletter about walking from the EarthSpirit centre to Glastonbury without thinking about this carving which is right behind my back?

The Borrowers
By Susannah

Looking up at the stars last night and the awesome Milky Way, we were pondering the mind-boggling mystery of it all. Here we are spinning merrily around our sun which is a small star in the outskirts of the vast Milky Way which is itself just one of many galaxies in the observable universe. This has been a theme of this summer. Here we are, tending our gardens; both our own literal garden and the garden of Movement Medicine, doing our best to make our contribution to this human condition at this time of challenge and possibility, AND recognising we are so small in it all.
Ready to Rock and Roll
By Ya'Acov

So far, this was the sweetest, the simplest summer of them all for me. Having done a detox and cleanse mid way through our summer term which included a 12-day fast, I was delighted that when we stopped work, I was relaxed and full of energy. In the past, stopping has usually resulted in a few days of deep tiredness, a cold sometimes, an argument or two as we found our ground again. I’m sure you know the kind of thing.
Mending the Circle Sheffield

By Kerry Cripps

‘In today’s world, many of us end up feeling ‘out of shape.’ We live in boxes, watch the box, and box each other in with narrow ideas and perceptions. We have forgotten that we are all an integral part of the circle of life, and that from the point of view of the circle, we are all equidistant from the centre’.

News from the Shop
We have some great new albums in stock. I've just added Gambler's Ballet (a wild ride through joyful, modern, upbeat Irish music) and Kila and Oki (an extra-ordinary world music collaboration between Oki, an indigenous Ainu from an Island off Japan, and Kila from Eire. Spacious, stunning, strangely African, the pleasure they are audibly taking in each others musical company is infectious.).
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