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Lollover Hill
About half a mile from the EarthSpirit Centre there is an absolutely charming hill called Lollover Hill.  David, who runs the centre, insists this name is pronounced as Loll-Lover which gives an impression of a pair of lazy lovers reclined together in dappled English summer sunshine, forever gently caressing each other but never actually getting round to the act of love itself. more>
Under this Sky, there is Truly Nothing New
By Ya'Acov

Iím on the edge here, well, more on the brink as my fingers move slowly on the keyboard, itching to stretch out and away from all things keyboard, awaiting that special moment that comes but once a year when they reach for the off button and with due ceremonial accord, press it until the screen goes blank and we disappear into the realms of the delightfully ordinary for a few weeks
Wild Dreams

By Susannah

The Long Dance was a WOW. Truly pushing the envelope of what I felt I can do, others can do, and the states that we can create through pure dance, intention and movement meditation. I slept 5 hours in 56 hours and felt energised and strong the whole time.  Well, nearly the whole time! more>
Vision Quest 2010

By Ali Young

I have packed too much. I hadnít wanted to get cold or wet or to

be uncomfortable. I am so well prepared it is way too much to

carry, for what feels like miles across the Moor on a blistering hot

day in June. I lag behind, reminded of being the smallest and

physically weakest during my school days, also recalling the

humiliation that tended to accompany this, when no-one wants

you on their sports team. I observe that I would rather have a

heart attack than ask anyone to stop. Hmm......thereís a facet of

ego....the face of pride....

Peace and War
By Susannah

I was very touched when Ben Yeger, one of the great people on our apprenticeship, told me about Bassam Aramin, who is one of the founder members of Combatants for Peace. Bassam is a Palestinian man, who despite his personal losses (his 9 yr old Daughter was shot by an Israeli border policeman, unprovoked, on her way out of school) has become a passionate, heartful advocate for peace, through deep dialogue and engagement with the ďotherĒ.
Great News from the Movement Medicine Shop
New CDs appearing soon - keep an eye on the site, and we now have a fantastic new product available.  Itís called Invocation or Liquid Smudge. Itís been developed over many years by Native American Medicine Man Blue Eagle. We first came across this product through Luc at Orval where Blue Eagle sometimes teaches. Quite simply, itís by far the best purification, cleansing substance that we have ever found on any of our travels. more>
Letter to Susannah

Dear Susannah,

I met you again after a baby pause in February in Olten.  My life has beautifully changed and I feel very grateful to be able to grow and develop in this way. Gratefulness makes me write this letter to you as the perfect mirror for me and my life in past, presence and future. more>
By Victor Anderson

One of my main reasons for liking Movement Medicine is that it highlights the ecological crisis we are living in the middle of, honouring the web of life and our connectedness with past and future.  As many other people are attracted to it for the same reason, Iím hoping it will be of interest to you to read about what is going on with the ecology crisis on the levels of governments, business, and science.
Movement Medicine Class in London

By Caroline Carey

Ya'Acov asked me if I would pull together a group of apprentices to dance at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London this year. And so we turned up with no idea of what we were going to do. Ya'Acov read us a story and we got the idea. We would follow this story improvising mostly, after a ten minute of discussion around it. No rehearsal. more>
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