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Stealing the Light

By Roland

No - this is not a fantasy thriller story of witches and sorcerers, although I would not blame you if you had that expectation when you read the title.

It is a confession - I absolutely love cutting down trees.  I love first notching the tree on one side with my chain-saw and then cutting from the other and then experiencing the thrill of several tons of wood crashing to the ground in the exact path that I had planned for it so that not only it doesn’t fall on me but it also misses the other trees that are standing near it. more>
By Ya'Acov

“Africans in general view the initiation process as a ritual process to ground the person with nature and iminyanya (ancestors). The initiate undergoes a process of transformation from the time she accepts the calling. It is therefore a journey of self-discovery on a spiritual plane, the results of which transpire into maturity…..”

Lily-Rose Nomfundo Mlisa. Traditional Xhosa Amagqirha (Traditional Healer)

Being Taught

By Susannah

Ya’Acov and I are sitting on the train coming home together (hooray!) after many adventures on our own over the last few weeks. I went up to London yesterday to support him in his London Move! evening. It was held in the beautiful church in Vauxhall that Christian de Sousa has made such an icon of the London ecstatic dance scene. more>
The music is alive and lives inside me.

By Giulia

The music is alive and lives inside me.

It is dying to dance itself through me.

It is wanting to move me in ways I still don’t know.

As the music plays, it takes me on journeys to people and places I once knew,

but they have been asleep for a thousand years. more>
Sharing Movement Medicine
By Caroline Carey

I have been dancing with Susannah and Ya'Acov since 1996 and been on workshops with them every year since then. Some times an on-going group, sometimes a variety of weekends, five day workshops and intense life altering programs, I think to date I have experienced most.

Celebrating my Aliveness
By Ilana Slomowitz

Up until the age of 24 from the age of 4, I danced every day of my life, filling my being with the pure joy of moving and expressing my essence through dance. Ballet was the first stage, then my tits got too big for a tutu and I switched to Spanish flamenco which suited both my developing figure and my flamboyant personality.
Describing Movement Medicine

By Susannah & Ya'Acov

A request for your help

Dear Movement Medicine dancer,

We are working on our updating our website so that it more accurately reflects the nature of Movement Medicine as it evolves.  We want to help the people who would benefit from and resonate with this work to find us! more>

by Birgit 

I just received the April issue of the Movement Medicine newsletter, saw the articles about the Phoenix Retreat, the first Ritual module and the announcement of the Summer Long Dance – and my heart was yearning: Ah, how much I would have loved to be there with you as I really love the Movement Medicine work. Thank you, Susannah and Ya’Acov! However, financial and time reasons avoid my participation – and, thus, opened the space to do my homework and to harvest the fruits of my personal work I have been doing for about ten years now. more>
Synthesis at Source
By Robert Hider

Soft, gentle, cleansing tears rippled effortlessly into joy-filled laughter - a flowing arc of delightedness and compassion as I danced. This seamlessness was a new experience and it awed me.
Surrender to the Divine
By Jan Lee

"let him that would move the world, first move himself " (Seneca Indian)

A year ago, I prepared an article for this newsletter. I didn’t submit it at the time, but I saved it.

 I wrote;

 "When we return to ourselves,  to our inner Rhythm, our total connection to body, blood and breath; we surrender ourselves to the Divine. We wring ourselves out in sweaty offerings, in our pleas, our prayers, our thanks, our despair, our ecstasy, our giving back, our giving away " more>
…still resonating….

November last year this story began- or was it ages ago, when I decided to better keep my voice in that little secret golden box in my heart ?

When I found Susannah`s  RESONANCE- Flyer under that pile of papers on my desk I thought:“ ah yes- singing…that might be something….“ and I put the paper on top of another pile of other papers without thinking o fit anymore. This happened several  times. more>
Lord of the Dance

By Sarah Bullen

Think a night dancing is just about having fun? It can be so much more, says modern shaman Ya’Acov Darling Khan. He is in Cape Town to teach us how to find our groove, and use dance as medicine.
The Empathic Civilisation

Dear all,

We received this link from Alex Hanley our London organiser and we agree with Alex:

“This is so wonderful that I felt the need to share it...”

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


Ya’Acov and Susannah


Jeremy Rifkin - The Empathic Civilisation:

Avatar, African Shamanism, Robert Mugabe and Alice
By Richard Pantlin

(we have run this article before but put the text in the wrong order - apologies to Richard)

Is it a sign of the times that the world’s greatest grossing film extols the virtues of an indigenous people shamanically in touch with the forces of nature and defeating the invading agents of machine culture?  Someone who knows more about that than well-meaning “Avatar” director James Cameron is Malidoma Some.  He is a teacher and healer who offers his African spirituality as a counter-weight to the de-personalising forces of our consumerist society. 
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