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A Moving Experience
By Roland

Well, we do live next to the South Devon Steam Railway and our small house, where the School of Movement Medicine office is housed, was once the railway gate-keepers cottage (a fact that has caused some disconcertion among those people who travel here expecting to find a large dance school!) and so a bit of shaking when trains pass is an everyday experience.
Shamanism and Movement Medicine

By Ya'Acov and Susannah

Shaman |ˈ sh ämən; ˈ sh ā-|

a person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of good and evil spirits, esp. among some peoples of northern Asia and North America. Typically such people enter a trance state during a ritual, and practice divination and healing…………..

With the Summer Long Dance ceremony coming up in the summer, Ya’Acov and Susannah reflect on the relationship between Shamanism and Movement Medicine. more>
Communities and Hearts

By Susannah

On sunny Easter Monday four of us were contemplating wrestling in the buffeting wind with a huge amount of polythene in our garden. I had images of the wind lifting us, clinging to our plastic sail, way out over the hills and out to sea. But it didn’t, because our neighbours came to help. I ran around knocking on doors and 16 people arrived and good willingly helped. Afters lots of shouting and laughing and pulling and sitting on it we managed to get our new polytunnel clothed in its skin of special polythene. more>
Ethel Blow of the north goes dancing.

As told by her great friend Ishtar Samphire

A story of split personalities and mixed feelings.

By Vicky Gaughan

My friend Ethel decided that she’d like to go with me to Ya’Akov’s workshop in Manchester in March. Ethel likes to dance and she’s been to many discos in her time. She grew up on a council estate and as a teenager/young adult used to go out to the local clubs every Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, until the early hours.

Avatar, African Shamanism, Robert Mugabe and Alice
By Richard Pantlin

(we have run this article before but put the text in the wrong order - apologies to Richard)

Is it a sign of the times that the world’s greatest grossing film extols the virtues of an indigenous people shamanically in touch with the forces of nature and defeating the invading agents of machine culture?  Someone who knows more about that than well-meaning “Avatar” director James Cameron is Malidoma Some.  He is a teacher and healer who offers his African spirituality as a counter-weight to the de-personalising forces of our consumerist society. 
Apprenticeship 2012

by Ya'Acov

An Invitation to Apply for the 2nd Movement Medicine Apprenticeship Programme beginning March 2012.

We are delighted to announce the dates for the second Movement Medicine Apprenticeship Programme which will begin in February 2012. We will be accepting the first batch of applications for the programme in January 2011. January may seem a way off in the distance, but as Spring seems to be finally arriving here in Devon, we are feeling that incessant turning of the wheel and a certain calling from the sun above, a deep urge deep down in the roots to begin a new cycle of growing. Wonder if you feel it too? more>
See Through Diamonds and Shining Like Spring
By Ali Young

Last Thursday about 40 of us gathered at the beautiful Rill  Farm to begin this year’s Ritual modules, with the SEER  process. Assisted by the beautiful Sian and the lovely  David, Ya’acov was about to teach us all how to go retrieve  Systemic Essential Energy, which we had leaked, lost,  dropped or generally mislaid during experiences which we  had found difficult .

Self and Sustainability

By Susannah

The biggest green consumer choice is to consume less. It seems obvious yet I watch my self being tantalised by the beautiful bags and dresses on a rare recent visit to the airport. Glittering, gorgeous stuff which make me feel that I don’t have enough - that I am not enough. I work to remember all the beautiful clothes I already have. I’m glad I fly so rarely, train stations are not so full of aspirational glamour. I remember the stories about how, after the 2nd world war, when women had had the enfranchising and liberating experience of working as land girls etc, in order to get women “back in the home” they were sold a dream of being the perfect, beautiful housewife, one of whose chief roles was to consume, just bring on the roller-coaster of fashion and purposely built in obsolescence, et voila: the consumption treadmill.

Every Body Moves
By Katherine Cable

I recently spent a weekend on a training course for dance practitioners who would like to offer movement sessions to older people.  This was a fairly conventional course, and so we sat on our chairs and listened to the trainers describe what happens to the body as it ages and all the warning signs we should look for to make sure that our participants do not exert themselves too much if they are frail, have heart conditions, replacement hips, fragile bones, hearing and eyesight problems, to mention just some of the possible difficulties.
The Phoenix Process
By Anne Katharina Zahn

The Phoenix Process feels like a huge journey into my own soul, heart and ego. I feel grateful for having been given a huge tool box and a recipe how to work with patterns, “beliefs” that limit my life or even take away my freedom and that keep me holding back living my full potential.

Movement Medicine Book

By Kari Fjällström

I’d been cleared off the stage of my own life. And I was not a compassion witness.

I’d been taught and believed that I must be Somebody and knew I was failing. Being her had become a prison. Being her had become a living death. So I wanted and needed to break out. Life is my guide and master – not the little life, but the life force. I cracked and broke open and gradually a new being emerged – first as energy. more>
A Quest for Freedom

By Zoe Binetti

After having felt so sorry, cried and cried and cried, been shattered by not understanding, laying awake puzzled by the unanswered question of how to make a difference, I am starting to wake up to a new understanding….

 For over a month now I have been working in an NGO called Sport the Bridge in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It is a program which aims to re-integrate children living in the streets of this city back into their families and school.

Disappointment and the Dreamer
By Hannah Mackay

You are my ally,
For underneath you lies hope.
Down, deep, deep in the hopeful dark
Something starts to bubble up;
Finds tiny form between sea-bed sand
And starts to rise.
Not always swimming alone with the tide
By David

This month's winner of £100 School of Movement Medicine workshop voucher

“…….Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,
the world offers itself to your imagination, 
calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting--
over and over announcing your place 
in the family of things.”

White Angel

By Hans Nusink

I see you

in the air

White clothes

Transparent wings

Return of the Light Manchester
By Kerri Cripps

During the tree of life meditation, whilst we were dancing with the new buds just beginning to unfurl, I found myself on a high diving board looking down into a deep lake. I knew I was going to dive into it to find something important and bring it back.
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