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Issue: March 2010 Newsletter
On and On

By Susannah

We’re on the last bit of train journey home. Another long voyage, this time together. It is late, and dark, and I am tired. I lean against my love, Ya’Acov. I feel his warmth, his strength, his presence, his breath, his spirit. Side by side, so many years and still here. I’m so grateful for the new gentleness which is unfolding between us. I want to kiss him more than ever.

Thank god (and our own “hanging in there!) for the ongoing adventure of relationship. We’re now in our 24th year together, which is over half my life; mind boggling! But what is more amazing and beautiful than that is how the discovery of more depth, fun, intimacy, love and sweetness goes on going on. We’ve been turning another corner in our relationship and discovering so much more love, again. Its as if we keep arriving in a room, and make it ours, and then, after a while, find another door which leads to another room, and so on and on. As our life and shared work develops I am so grateful to be sharing the journey with him. How we have together created the garden in which we each have grown.

So it was a good time for us to offer the first ever Level II Space Between Us Couple’s workshop which we just did in Switzerland. We’ve had a lot of enquiries from couples who couldn’t attend this one (as they hadn’t done Level I). We run this workshop just once a year, the next one is in February 2011; Waldhaus.

I just did a little tour: Olten (Fusion), then Ya’Acov arrived and we had a few days together before the Space Between Us couples workshop, then we gave a Pachamama Symposium, and then Ya’Acov came home via a Move! evening in London and me via DanSing in Prague. Then home to the embrace of our beloved house, each other and our dog Tali.

I was so, so moved by the simplicity and power of all these workshops, and realised again how deeply the life of the dance can reflect and transform the dance of life. The theme of polarities kept showing up, as well as the value of feeling safe, in order for healing and transformation and new learning to happen.

Working with Yin and Yang, and with the image of divine (cosmic) mother and father went so deep in Fusion, then the dance between partners in The Space Between Us and seeing how deeply we long to love and be loved, and once we know we are safe, we can let go the fear and the healing can arise. How in the dance of couple-hood we can be each other’s healers or harmers, and what an ongoing, poignant, life making or life deadening choice that is, and how we often simply don’t know HOW to do what we want do deeply to do.

And then the Pachamama Symposium (more in other article) and then to Prague, where the depth of song blew me away. Listen to them!

This is on the second day of the workshop, they could sing! There was a very powerful and beautiful men’s section in this workshop, it was so, so beautiful to see, feel and hear them, with their arm’s ‘round each other, expressing their strength, passion and gentleness. One of the men moved us all by saying that singing like this was the first time he had ever felt he could fully express his male power in a way which he was sure was not destructive.  The key for this, of course, for all of us, men and women, is the balance of listening and voicing. That is why, in my opinion, singing together in harmony is such a wonderful way of practising co-creation. Listening is the key, to yourself and to the whole, and at the same you need to be clear and confident in your own part, your difference, and once this is established there can be a wonderful weaving of awareness of whole and parts. Co-creation is practised, experienced physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and becomes an offering of beauty.

Susannah DK








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