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Not Losing Ya’Acov

By Roland

A few days ago I went out with Ya’Acov to look at a possible vision quest site on Dartmoor

“Um – excuse me,” I hear you ask, “Didn’t you write about something very similar a few issues ago in an article entitled ‘Losing Ya’Acov’.

And yes, you are right, I did. But the trouble was that although we had found a site which we both agreed was good, we later found out that we both privately shared some misgivings about its suitability, which both of us hadn’t shared at the time.

Now, I do realise that the title of this piece, ‘Not Losing Ya’Acov,’ rather lacks dramatic appeal.  However please read on ...
Spring Cometh and Life Says Go on, Grow!
By Ya'Acov

I had a very funny experience at
Hamburg station when I was arriving recently for a Dancing with the Heart of the World workshop. I’d spent all day on the train travelling from home and I’d had a good journey. The last four hours from Koln were on a train with no power points for my laptop (yippee!) and so, since the carriage I was in was virtually empty, I’d been playing my guitar for hours.
On and On
By Susannah

We’re on the last bit of train journey home. Another long voyage, this time together. It is late, and dark, and I am tired. I lean against my love, Ya’Acov. I feel his warmth, his strength, his presence, his breath, his spirit. Side by side, so many years and still here. I’m so grateful for the new gentleness which is unfolding between us. I want to kiss him more than ever.
About the Earth and the Sun

This month's winner of £100 School of Movement Medicine workshop voucher

By Roy Freeman

I recently participated in Susannah's "Fusion" dance workshop in Olten, Switzerland. There we danced our connection to the great grandmother and great grandfather, the Earth and the Sky/Sun and beyond. I found many connections new and old, and thank Susannah for a really great two days of movement that returned me to some deep places in myself.  I am a trained natural scientist (a geophysicist; that is, I study the physical processes of the Earth, things like Plate Tectonics, earthquakes, and mountain building.
My Return of the Light
By Didier Perrouault

On February 26-28th I was in Paris for the "Return of the Light" workshop with Ya'Acov... Though I had known about this workshop only at the end of 2009, I could feel now that I had waited for this moment all my Life... and maybe even more ! ;-)

And though the beginning was on Saturday morning, I could feel that this workshop had begun for me much before that. more>
Fusion - Olten

By Elisabeth Käufeler-Schrag

I love dancing and the way of possibility to be in contact with movement and the health inside. My daily lifework has become so easy in the last month and year. Thank you Susannah, and Ya’Acov for your big, huge, "grandios" (in german)(I don't know how to say it in other, better words) work.

Thank you, thank you, thank you and yes, yes, yes to the life like it forms in this every day processes. more>
Movement Medicine Book - More Reviews
“A quiet accepting smile and an immediate decision to buy the book was the only appropriate response when my wife handed me a copy of Movement Medicine with the words ‘this looks like your sort of book’. The jewellery shop in a small village in South Africa stocked less than twenty books yet somehow had obtained one of the first copies of Susannah and Ya’Acov’s book. My delight came yet another reminder of the playful interconnectedness of our world. It had been ten years since I had first driven the winding roads from Dartington to Rattery for my first dance experience with Susannah and Ya’Acov. more>
Awakening the Dreamer

By Susannah

“When we throw something “away” where is “away”?  There is no such thing! When we throw something “away” we are saying that it is acceptable to throw the planet and its people away.”

Julia Butterfly Hill

 “The reason we are locked into this nightmare dream of consumption is that we are LONELY. And things, our obsession with things, will never cure the hunger in the human heart”

“What you do to the earth you do to yourself”

Attributed to Chief Joseph Seattle more>
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