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The Genie in the Snow & Mr Jefferson
By Roland

With great care I set my alarm clock on the evening of 9th Jan to go off at precisely 3.58 in the morning.   Susanne and I were due to be at Susannah and Ya’Acov’s house at 5.0 on Jan 10th for the ceremony to mark the
School of Movement Medicine’s 3rd birthday.  Snow was forecast and I had left plenty time so that we would be able to walk if we couldn’t drive. As I laid my head back on my pillow a rather conceited thought went through my head.  “You don’t really need to set that alarm clock” my smug self told me.  “You know you always wake up 2 minutes before the alarm is due to go off.” 
Letter from Susannah
By Susannah

I don’t know about you, but being alive right now feels like an amazing opportunity, gift, challenge and responsibility. How to balance the reality of life going on, on the one hand, with its day to day needs; the car needs repairing, the train needs booking, the gas hob needs fixing, whilst knowing, on the other hand, that the way we are living is unsustainable and we are hurtling towards…. ??
Ya'Acov's News
By Ya'Acov

Happy New Year to one and all. I am writing from the Earth Spirit Centre in
Glastonbury just as we are about to begin the second module of our apprenticeship programme. We spent the day yesterday doing the Be The Change symposium for those of our apprentices who wanted to experience the very powerful tool for awakening created by the Pachamama Alliance, a dynamic partnership brought into being by the Achuar people of Ecuadorian rainforest and their partners in North America.
As Day Follows Night
By Ali Young

I can of course, only speak for myself, but I’ve found this Winter a dark one. Evenings saw me downloading news of
Copenhagen, whilst days brought participation in teaching meetings at the Centre for Leadership where some of the response to our current global unfolding is to prepare for yet more training in “safety and security”.
Your first three months – an open letter to my son Leewin

By Jayne Bullen

To My Son

So many months and a few years have passed since I first wanted to write this letter to you – when IT all happened. When you happened. 

I had resigned from my job so that I could spend the summer dance dance dancing and travelling to do it all over the place – I had decided I was ready to take the big step and start teaching this work and needed to take time out to do it. It was when you came to me, like a bolt of lightening you decided that this exact moment was the time you needed to come into the world and be in my body with me, in the heart of fulltime dancing. more>
Toad Moved Inside Me

By Brenda Kelleher

Toad moved inside me. I had been feeling nauseous for a little while, but it was just then that I realised it was a toad, glistening, slimy, bulbous. It was the Saturday of Ya’Acov’s workshop E-motion in Amsterdam. more>

By Therond

(English translation below)

Je me sens très privilégié d’être le premier à écrire ici dans une autre langue que l’anglais. Et cela pour plusieurs raisons. 

La première c’est qu’alors qu’on parle beaucoup d’écologie, de violation de la nature et d’extinction de certaines races d’animaux, nous – en tant qu’être humains – connaissons également, peut être sans le savoir, l’extinction de beaucoup de cultures humaines et donc aussi de langues. more>
Living the Dream: fulfilment, interconnection and realisation
By Kerri Cripps

As some of you know I have made a video poem, with my friend Helen, about my brother Simon’s suicide, which I am going to present at the International Association of Process Oriented Psychology (IAPOP) conference in
Portland in Feb 2010. The video focuses on the dreaming behind the suicidal process and explores what needs to die and what un-killable spirit needs to be lived more fully. We used art work, movement and shape-shifting and we had a strong sense of connection with Simon throughout.
By Susannah

Being in Copenhagen was wonderful and wierd. I felt so much hope and so much despair. Made so many connections and felt so much disconnection. Felt potent and insignificant. I went to Copenhagen to be another peaceful and passionate body on the street at the big demo. To stand up and be counted. more>
The Copenhagen climate fever – a personal account
by Agnes Madaras

The  climate fever had already started when Susannah arrived in Copenhagen. Throughout the town people were exhibiting climate friendly projects. In the Red Cross Cafe they priced  food based on the CO2 contents – a beef burger cost 10x the price of a veggie burger, as it takes ten times CO2 more to produce  beef.

This month's winner of £100 School of Movement Medicine workshop voucher

by Rob Porteous

When I was a child I saw - or rather, I was encouraged to see - the life ahead of me as a series of hurdles to be overcome, or targets to be met: primary school, secondary school ,’O’ levels, ‘A’ levels, university, a profession, marriage, children. A succession of external markers that would prove I was good enough, and deserved a seat at the table of life.

By Susannah

I came away from Hamburg last November with a happy heart. Dancers and singers from many backgrounds came together to dance and to sing with myself and the fabulous Ben Burrow on drums. There were people who have danced with myself and Ya’Acov over years both in our 5 Rhythms era and with Movement Medicine, people who dance 5 Rhythms with Tom Schulz, with Michael and Gabriella Kuhn, people who dance Soul Motion and Nia with Edgar Spieker and people who dance Soul Motion with Vinn Marti and people who have never danced. I ran into Tom at a gig with Raoul Midon at which the singer had nearly lost his voice but was still absolutely amazing and riveting (see him!!!).

Carolina Naess
My name is Carolina Naess and I've been having the honor to dance with Ya’Acov and Susannah at their recent workshops both in London and abroad in Luzern. I'm originally from Sweden, but currently I'm studying a Masters in Dance and Somatic Wellbeing at the University of Central Lancashire. For my research project I’d like to research a group of children. I wonder if you know of anyone working with children (any age) who I may contact to discuss various possibilities for either the UK or Sweden? more>
A funny thing about translation
by Susannah

It’s a strange but true that you need to be able to speak English to do our more advanced courses: “Journey of Empowerment” “Ritual”, “Initiation” “The Phoenix Retreat” and “The Apprenticeship Programme”…. This is because these groups attract people from many countries and so it would not be possible to translate into all the languages needed. So for these courses, without translation, we speak in more simple English. This is good practice for us. So, to do these courses, you need to be able to understand, and speak, basic school English, and we will adapt our English to what is needed.

Heart Dinner
By Hans Nusink

My dinner

See you sitting

    on the empty chair

    opposite me
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