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The Olive Groves of England

By Roland

“Perhaps you could write one of those 'lateral’ articles about this.”  Susannah suggested.

We – Susannah, Ya’Acov, Susanne and myself were sitting at Susannah and Ya’Acov’s kitchen table having a meeting.

“Ah – er – yes.” I replied.  I wasn’t really quite sure what 'lateral' meant in this context and I had been slightly distracted by trying to devise a way to take yet another piece of chocolate from the organic milk chocolate Green and Black’s bar in the centre of the table.  more>
We can't all go to Copenhagen
by Susannah

YOU can make a difference. I know you care. Well, good news! You CAN do something. You ARE a reason. Here's a creative, fun, and fast way to stand up for the future of life on earth. And if we all use it and spread it, it has every chance to make a real difference.

Movement Medicine and Climate Change
by Ya'Acov

Climate Change is the story of the moment as we race towards
Copenhagen. There are those that argue that it’s already happening and those that argue that it isn’t. But whatever the truth, what has all this got to do with Movement Medicine and why do we keep going on about it?
Dance and Politics

by Susannah

Q: “What’s the link between dance and politics?” Short answer:  “Life!”

Q: ”Why does movement medicine concern itself with environmental concerns?” Short answer:  “Life!” more>
Movement Medicine Book
by Frazer Reid

At last, you can buy Susannah and Ya’Acov’s book: “Movement Medicine” (about MM, with stories about their lives, and with lots of meditations and practises for you to do at home) and their new, beautiful and really useful CD: Movement Medicine (which has 2 CDs, one of which has music with instructions, and the other the music without words).  I keep hearing great things from people about them both.
The Eagle, the Condor and the Capitalist
By Kerri Cripps

At the beginning of October I did Dancing with the Heart of the World with Ya’Acov, during which we watched a video called ‘Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream’. It was made by the Pachamama Alliance in response to a call from the Achuar people of
Ecuador. The Achuar have an ancient prophecy about a time when the Eagle and the Condor will fly together. The Condor represents the people of the South and the Eagle the people of the North which I take to mean those of us who are currently living unsustainably and using up the earths resources faster than they can be regenerated.
Planet Saving, Emotional Stuff- the Stuff that Dreams are Made of….

By Hilary Chadwick

Recently I attended the brilliant E-Motion workshop facilitated by Ya’Acov in Sheffield. I am certainly inspired to “Be the Change’ and am making small and manageable steps to fulfill that aim.

But I am left inquisitive about what my future holds now? Here is what happened in the few preceding days before the workshop… call it serendipitous, connected or uncanny! more>
The Day After

By Oliver Winghart

The day after the dance weekend with Susannah in Stockholm
Monday morning. I usually conduct a short yoga warm-up and meditation on Monday mornings, and this time I felt tired as I was doing it! But it was a good tiredness, and a wonderful aftertaste of this dance weekend. Two days afterwards, I still couldn’t believe that I enjoyed myself so much on that Party and Pray celebration on Saturday evening.
Rock my soul rocked my soul!
by Susannah

When I asked “Can we marry the full on heights of party rocking hip rolling deep down juicy bad bass boogy-ing WITH the celestial tender exquisite prayerful deep quiet sensitive silence of meditative moving?"  "Can we find the freedom to be unique individuals whirling in the stratosphere of our own dreams, becoming the landing strip for spirit which is only and uniquely us, AND drop deep into our connectedness, unity, community, connecting 'I am' with 'we are' with 'it is'?" "Can we relax in our beings and stretch into our becomings, be matter and energy, light and substance, sky beings and earthlings, strong and tender, courageous and vulnerable?"

By Gunda Wagner

Hello Everyone!

I am just back from Berlin having participated Susannah's Workshop Trance-Formations and I am still feeling so grateful for some opening, deepening time in a loving and safe environment. more>
Initiation - Italian Grandmother Story
by Laura Valenti

Few days after I came back from Initiation I went to Italy. 

My heart was full of love, enthusiasm and fear: I was going back home, where for a long time I couldn`t feel safe and where I would allow all the ghosts from the past to attack me. Home it was the place where I would feel always exhausted and depleted.
Is This Self Love?

This month's winner of £100 School of Movement Medicine workshop voucher

by Ailsa Lucas

I have brought something home from ‘Initiation’ which I do not yet fully understand. Something huge and deep, which I can already sense making a profound difference to my life. This is new. To feel so good, so steady, somewhere deep inside. Even in the darkest moments. To be discovering something which holds me, something in me that really does know I am OK, even when things go just the way I hoped they wouldn’t.
On the Move to England
by Caroline Carey

Its been awhile coming and I've been talking about it for a year or two, but I really am traveling home now.
Ireland has been so amazing for me. I came here in desperate need of finding clarity and healing in my life. What it gave me was a huge amount of space in which to do this. Its expansiveness and openness meant I too could expand my life, dance freely and learn about who I really was. It is a country to heal a childhood, that is for sure!
Dark light night

By Hans Husink

Dark clouds

Dark grey clouds

All different grey

Light spots

Yellow sunset

White sunset

A drip of orange

All different yellow

The art of change: negotiating the future of our planet
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