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Losing Ya'Acov
by Roland

“Ya’Acov.” I called out in long drawn out fashion that I would hope would penetrate the woodland rather than blast it.  I had just been told by the caretaker of the land, Chris, that this wood had been a larch plantation but that now it was reverting to wildwood all the right elemental beings were living here again.  I certainly didn’t want to disturb them.   I listened for a reply.  There was none.  There was no wind and no bird song just a sleepy silence and I felt as if my voice had been absorbed by the trees.

Resistance is Futile
By Ya'Acov

A psychic recently told us that Susannah and I are from such different spiritual tribes – she insisted that whilst Susannah was hanging out in the desert with the Essenes, I was leading my people in battle after battle for our very survival. Who knows what’s true.
The Road is Open
by Susannah

When I was a little girl, I made a book. Decorated in childish felt pen squiggles and of plants and animals, it had just one line: “I can’t believe how beautiful nature is.” I remember being in the garden where we lived in Kenya, and realising that god was everywhere, sparkling in everything, the bougainvillea trees, the grass, the snakes, the air. I was full of wonder, and at the same time grew increasingly appalled with us humans as I saw what we do.

Movement Medicine Coaching

by Caroline Carey

Years ago on my dancing path I would sometimes leave a workshop finding myself a little lost in the void of 'no dance, no tribe, no community' and feel a longing to talk to some one about my experience and to give me some guidance with my next steps. Often I would be booking very quickly onto my next workshop in order to get my next fix to continue the process in any way I could! And often that 'next workshop' would not be possible and I would feel the loneliness of no communication. It is not necessarily the teachers or organizers we need to talk to and is maybe not appropriate to do so.

Story hidden among the photos in the Death alter
by Kari Fjällström

I search among my photos for some on the theme of elders, old age and death, and find photos of the Indian graveyard on a sunny hillside where my grandmother, Susie Sarah Smith is buried.
Dancing with the Heart of the World

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By Vicky Gaughan

On Friday night after the first leg of the journey my working class warrior left feeling like this is a load of bollocks! I just didn’t know why I was there amongst so many people who appeared different to me. Thankfully there is more to me than this.
Further Steps on Our Journey
A.K.A Ways to Move beyond Pale Imitation

by Ali Young

I don’t know about any of the rest of you but my feet haven’t touched the ground since I finished the second module of the Journey of Empowerment. Hang on a minute, let me re-phrase that, lest my esteemed teacher feel she has been wasting her time altogether.
6 Billion Reasons

By Susannah and Ya'Acov

Welcome to a new and exciting climate change initiative that we hope will get your creative juices flowing. It’s called: 6 Billion Reasons

6 Billion Reasons gives you and people all over the world who want there to be a sustainable future for life on earth, a way to communicate with climate change negotiators. We invite you to get involved NOW by going to It’s easy, and can be as simple and fast, or as creative and complex as you wish. more>
Vision Quest revisited 2.
by Hans Nusink

Last July we, my son Bart, Nicoline and I, on holiday in Devon, went back to the place where I had my Vision Quest a year ago together with Ya’Acov his assistants and thirty something other dancers. One of my dreams was to share with Bart and Nicoline my love for this area and show them my shelter spot and other places.

Apprenticeship: Suicidal wisdom, repetition and seagull dreaming
By Kerri Cripps

Last week I had my first coaching session as part of the Movement Medicine apprenticeship (henceforth MMAP). By the end of the first module we had all designed for ourselves an individualised plan that we were going to undertake before the next module in January. Mine included practical tasks, ways of being and regular micro-practices such as connecting with the elements every morning when I open my curtains.

Shining in the dark with a bit more charge…
By Ben Yeger

Having  completed the  Phoenix retreat in March 09 and  on returning home to a busy work/life schedule I wanted to acknowledge the value of the work we undertook and  I continued to do in relation to those valiant soldiers so aptly named our understudies.  I also thank Ya’Acov and Susannah for being so brave and generous in sharing this evolving work with conviction, creativity and ever lasting wonder and simple humility.

Returning Home
by Maria Grazia Bambini

Autumn has started. Here in Italy the sun is still shining but we know we have to let our body to meet cold and dark in this new period of the year. This year at the end we have the incredible opportunity of a Workshop led by Ya'Acov and Susannah "Returning Home" in Centro D'Ompio 16 – 20 December.

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