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Movement Medicine Attraction

by Roland

Recently I was talking on the phone to a woman who wanted to get information about Movement Medicine for her PhD.  I was finding most of her questions easy to answer but when asked what kind of people are attracted to Movement Medicine I felt I had given her what was a rather unsatisfactory reply.  A few minutes later, as the conversation was drawing to a close she mentioned that she had recently seen a flier for the Initiation workshop.

            “What did you think of it?” I asked, always eager to do some market research.

            “It glowed in my hand.”

Beyond my Dreams
By Ya'Acov

Dear Dancing Friends, I am about to disappear for a few weeks to take some rest. I’ll be out of contact until September 1st and even the workaholic in me reckons I’ve earned a little time out!

What a year this has been since last summer. This time a year ago, we were waiting for a meeting with the Editor from Hay House Publishers to see if they would accept our book proposal. I had dreamt the summer before that they would publish our book, and despite many people telling us that we had to get an agent and that we had to get our proposal sent out to loads of publishers to stand a chance, I was confident that the dream was on track.
Through the Glass Ceiling

by Susannah

We have just completed the first module of our new Apprenticeship Programme.  We thank everyone who was involved and who gave energy to this programme, whether or not you were there with us last week. This really was a co-creation by many, many people.  THANK YOU!

It was a big event in our lives. And the reality of this circle: being, working and making our offering together was even more than we had dreamed of which has given a new sense of direction and meaning to the rest of our work. more>
Family – A Vision for the Future

By Ya'Acov

Dear Friends, our work dances us the banner:

“Dare to dance. Dare to Dream.”

I am aware that the lives we are living now are the result of thousands of decisions, actions and thoughts, that we and all our relations had yesterday. It follows then that what we experience tomorrow will be the result, at least in part, of the thousands of decisions, actions, thoughts and dreams, that we have today. What are we dreaming? What are we part of creating? more>
Movement Medicine CD
What we've all been waiting for.

Susannah and Ya'Acov are today putting the finishing touches to Movement Medicine CD.

This is a double CD.  The first CD has 7 Movement Medicine meditations designed to help and support you in your practice.  The 2nd CD has the same music as the first but is without the instructions.  It also includes a bonus track which includes chello playing by Mathew Barley.  The CD will be available on September 7th but you can pre-order now from Amazon by going to

Interview with Ya'Acov
by Christine Ottery - Freelance journalist

CO: What is ecstatic dance?

YDK: Wow, that’s a deep one to begin with, straight in there. Ecstatic dance is an ancient, ancient human experience that you can find across all nations in every corner of the world, whereby people are able to – through listening to the beat, and through their own sweat and through their own effort – to surrender to a force greater than themselves, which we call the spirit of the dance, or the Great Choreographer. more>
by Ali Young

I have just returned from the first Module of The Journey of Empowerment with the task of writing about it. This is my gift to Movement Medicine, in return for the opportunity to be present upon this group as a researcher. Come October I will join the Centre for Leadership Studies at
Exeter University, as a PHD student, in order to conduct fieldwork on embodiment, holistic visioning, sustainability and well-being, within an overall context which examines the relationships between leaders, followers and our future on Mother Earth. Having worked with Ya’Acov and Sussanah, on and off for 19 years, and learned much of what I know to be embodiment from them, they are my first port of call.
Dancing with your belly, rocking with your baby
by Riet van Rooij

“The permission to dance with passion and to dance forever jolted me from unconscious inertia and self-conscious imitation to the intuitive dance of my soul.”

— Gabrielle Roth Maps to Ecstasy

Put some music on again. Stand squarely on both feet and run through the points for attention in ‘Standing strong’ once more. Then mentally lay your baby in the middle of the dish of your pelvis. Ask him to dance; tell her that you’re now going to move in contact with her... Your child lies in the centre... Move fluidly around your baby, in circles, in semicircles... Just imagine that you are turning round him or her like a hoop, left... right.

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