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Issue: June 2009
What’s happening on the Research Front?

By Eline Kieft

You may recall earlier bits and pieces about my research in this Newsletter, but there is a short outline at the bottom of this article, for those of you who are new or haven’t read any earlier updates…

A big change in the research outline, is that from focussing on both 5Rhythms and Movement Medicine, that focus has now narrowed down to Movement Medicine only. This will do greater justice to the approach and its’ maps. This does not mean that the people who have contributed their experience on 5Rhythms will have ‘wasted’ their time, because their input will still inform the research in many ways.


Apart from the interviews, I have been looking into Newsletter contributions from 2005-2008, which form a very important part of the information. I will soon take a closer look at some diaries that people sent me, and then I’ll start the fascinating process of weaving


My supervisor recently suggested that I start writing drafts of chapters for the thesis, to get a feel of what information is there and what is still missing. This means that at the moment I have a break from data gathering, and spend most of my time behind my computer.


Several main themes are arising, and I have the feeling that I could write at least 4 or 5 different theses from the rich data that you all have helped to create. It is a challenge to decide on the structure of the thesis, and what should be in there or not. I would love to hear your ideas… In your opinion, what should not or cannot be left out in a description of Movement Medicine? What are crucial aspects of your experience? And what do you consider aspects of the emergent ‘culture’ of Movement Medicine? People often speak of ‘belonging to a tribe’; and the importance of having a framework for the creation of meaning in their daily lives. How central is Ritual to the whole experience? Or is Dance the transformer? Or is it the rich combination of all the different strands that Ya'Acov and Susannah bring to this work? Do you feel it’s a part of nature based spiritualities, or is it a culture and practice on its own? Is it individual or collective? Answers to these questions will really shape the structure of the thesis. Right now, I feel I would like to do justice to all aspects of the Movement Medicine approach as an emergent culture. I would love your help!


Please be in touch!


All my love,




Research Background Outline

Currently I’m doing an exciting 4-year research project into Movement Medicine, through Roehampton University in London. It’s all about people’s personal experiences with Movement Medicine and keywords are for example personal growth & transformation, healing, body/mind/spirit, movement as a way of knowing, expanded consciousness, and creation of meaning in daily life. I’m nearing the end of my second year, so that means I’m nearly halfway through!


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