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Issue: June 2009

by Martin

My name is Martijn  from Holland.

I was quiet a active practitioner in the dance last years at the moment it is less.

But never the less my hart is still with this work .

Throuh this letter I want to announce that a beautifull opportunity is rising. To creata a new Dance place and place for healingwork. The place is situated on Bali.Yes really BALI

A good friend off mine who lives there and "own" the place wants to 

partly give it over to me and to people who wants to keep it flowing the way

it is and of course with new initiatives. How unbelievable great.


I was in Bali several times it's a amazing beautiful Island,

where the the gods really touch there feet the grounds in "ordinary" daily live.

The culture is enormously rich indance ,art, theatre, rituals , 

the people are amazing incredible loving, and the nature is really breathtaking fabulous.


The place is situated in North part of Bali close to Singaradja at the beach side, where very close by the dolphins are swimming.

At the moment it is already a centre where several projects are running.(see at the website)


My question is now who is interested to participate and want to join the adventure.

It's just a throw of a stone in a pond, I don't know what it will bring.

I just want to go for it and feel very enthusiastic.


Look at :  for an inside in the place and the people.


If you want more info you can always mail me on martijnplooij(at)planet(dot)nl  and  info(at)beinghere(dot)nl


I'm going in september and oktober to look and find out all the ins and outs.



Warm greetings, Martijn.

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