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Issue: June 2009
To those "Litlle Things"

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by Francesco Ceccherini

It's Monday. I'm back from an intense 4 days of dancing : 1 day "Ascension" in Bern and 3 days "Source" in Luzern.

Didn't sleep well last night. Back home, my body was in my bedroom but my soul and spirit weren't. Still travelling somewhere up. Above. Difficult to be one again. A whole holistic person.

I remember waking up several times during the night thinking : "will it ever be enough ?". And my answer was : "well, no, it will probably never be enough". Because we've destroyed so much, because we've lost so much. There is a high emergency period before we crash. And lots has to be done. My dark question came with a strange feeling of guilt. Hopefully soon replaced by a desire of acknowledgment and deep gratitude towards all those "little things" which were already done. By myself. By so many others too. Those "little things" which count. I felt an immense gratitude for all of us, small human beings who create those "little things" permitting some changes in the world.


What a journey! ! I feel like a little ant among millions of other ants. Doing my job, what I can and being confronted to my limits. Long ago, I had to start by taking care of myself, of my wounds. Nothing selfish. No. Before taking care of other persons or of mother Earth, I had to cure myself. And let me tell you that it was a big job !!! Then, naturally, all those other "little things" came : I put my money and bank account in an Alternative Bank, I stopped buying things from those dirty multinationals, I gave my body organic food and doing so helped plants, animals and human beings to live in a safer and healthier way, I recycle, I buy 2nd hand clothes, I use 100% natural products to wash my body and hair, and brush my teeth, etc... etc... You know what I am talking about.


And I started smiling more often.


Then, and then only, I could start to dance my life, dance the Universe, feel the invisible force of the 4 directions, of the 4 elements, of my ancestors and so on. More dancing, more celebrations, more smiles, more anything : you name it ! But it's not enought, is it ?


When I danced my body off during those 4 days, shaking it or gently rocking it, sweating all over the floor, I felt those energies coming towards me and embracing me. I felt part of them. Like they were my new family. We were just one. And when I shared this yin hug or this yang hug (mmmhh... those HUGS, so powerful especially when you are a single !) I felt all of this protective energy between our 2 tender bodies. The same happened when I dived my eyes into somebody's else's eyes. Pure love.


I aknowledge and respect this beautiful growing journey. Starting from a central point in the middle of myself, then opening into a horizontal dimension, expanding, to finally climb into a vertical dimension, rising it up. What an amazing process lots of us went through !


Is it enough ? No, it's surely isn't !


But I am writing this because I want, no I NEED, to give space to what has already been done, space to those "little things" I did, we all did. Us. Probably millions of human beings already. On our aunt level. Just tiny "little things". Gratitude.


At one moment, Ya'Acov said that people who are into a spiritual practice know that things are to be thought and created not just at a "personal" level (I do not remember his exact words). Then I thought : "Am I able to go up climbing ?". I have no answer right now, I just know that I will continue my little practical acts and dance dance dance and dance. Rise my arms up to the Sky and down into Earth. Jump North, East, West and South. Cry and laugh. Close my eyes and dream. Open my eyes and watch my sisters and brothers move. Trust. Be confident. Hear the drum and feel the intense energy of the altar flying to me. And dream. Dream. And dream more. Dream that our drops of sweat melt with our tears on the dancing floor. Then those human created little lakes, with the help of the heat, would evaporate and join the waters of the rivers, lakes and oceans, up into the clouds. And when it would start to rain, those sacred drops of holy mixed water (better than the one of Bernadette Soubirou in Lourdes !) would cure the wounds of our planet Earth. And maybe this would help. At least a little.


I have no bigger dream for now. Sorry ! Maybe I'm lazy. I know it's not enough. No stress though. One day after the other. One step. And tomorrow another step. One breathing followed by another one. Respecting my rhythm.


Trying to answer the question of Ya'Acov : "what my Source, my original sexual energy could create ?", one hand on my heart and my eyes closed, I just felt a huge blank into myself. What could I create ??? Nothing came. Then Ya'Acov added : "And don't ask yourself if it is possible or not, just let the power of your imagination fly and guide you...". Oh yeah ! Images came. Immediately. Yes, of course, I would go and make love to Earth, Wind, Fire (no not the group !) and Water. Together we would create thousands and thousands of little blue-eyes-brown-hair spirits, very mischievous invisible little creatures of the Universe who would travel around the globe and give people hope and confort when they were scared, suffered or wanted to abandon their fights, helping here and there with their special honey magical potion.


Aren't we all making love to the 4 elements, creating those cute but so powerful invisible little spirits ready to start their own journey, when we all dance together, when we celebrate this so blessed practice ???


This text is to say THANKS AND GRATITUDES to all of us, little human beings who do those "little things" we can. Sure it's not enough. It will probably never be enough. But we are not all able to go beyond a certain point. Sometimes it's just too hard. Not made for everybody.

MILLION OF THANKS AND GRATITUDES to people like Ya'Acov, Susannah and Others who are blessed with this possibility in their actual incarnation, who have the strength. They open up our bodies, hearts, souls and spirits. Let them be our GUIDES !


Francesco Ceccherini


PS : this text was written in "Les Bains des P‚quis" a beautiful spot by the lake in Geneva. And one more "little thing" to end : 5 little swans were born 1 or 2 days ago, they are just out of their eggs, so cute, but so cute, I didn't know those little swans could be so cute that you just want to hold them and kiss them and caress them and... stop. They have a mother and father swan who take care of them and as they are right on the rocky beach where everydody passes by, they are seen by... everydody. And everybody just :  1. stops, 2. looks and 3. SMILE (some saying : 4. hooooo !). And when I say everybody it's really everybody : old and young, men and women,  tattoo people and diamond people , bank employees and prostitutes, just EVERYBODY. Isn't there hope for our planet ????


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