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Issue: June 2009
You know something!

By Susannah

At the most recent Pacha Mama day I ran with Chris Salisbury, something happened which felt like a simple and potent mirror of the challenge and possibility of this moment in time.  Somewhere In the middle of a deep and emotional process, someone said: “I smell burning”. “Its OK” I said, “I think it’s a kamikaze fly”. Then I smelt it too, and it didn’t smell like roast fly. So I checked, and found that the collage of the ‘Tree of Life’ which was on the alter had fallen onto the candle in front of it.

I picked it up, expecting to have a blaze on my hands, but found that one root of the tree was smouldering, and I just needed to put it out. And all was well. That is all it took. Someone who trusted her senses, spoke up, and then someone to take action.  And what would the difference have been if she had or hadn’t spoken up at that moment? Potentially quite large!  You can see the burn mark just below and to the right of the root chakra.

This is one of the things that I have learnt (and am still learning) as a human being: the power in stating the obvious. Acknowledging what is brings it to consciousness, and then the action that is appropriate can naturally flow forth. This flow of consciousness, from sensing, to voicing, to action, is one of the aspects of empowerment that we focus on in the ‘Journey of Empowerment.’ In a group or community context, on whatever scale, we never know who has the key to the next step, who has seen the hidden pattern, smelt the danger smell, seen the way through, noticed the opportunity. Practising listening for the wisdom, whether it comes from inside us or from someone else, is a survival skill at this time on earth. Each of us is needed!

Recently, whilst teaching “Dancing Yin and Yang” in Warsaw,  I threw a little voice work into the mix, which the group took to with alacrity, and we learnt a joyous African song. At one point, as I was demonstrating something, my voice came out with a beauty and clarity that surprsied me. Afterwards, thinking about it, I realised that it was the group’s quality of loving listening that had midwifed that voice out of me. It reminded me of Chloe Goodchild talking about “listening out the voice”.  To come to our senses, to come to our strength, to come to our potential we need each other, we need to be received, we are the garden in which each other grows. This is the beauty of a good “sanga” a good community, a good family, a good group. It becomes attentive to that in each of us which is growing towards the light, and in that way, supports it. I am so happy with the group that is gathering for the next ‘Journey of Empowerment; and with the group that has gathered for our first Apprenticeship programme, each of which begin in July. I’m looking forward to mutual flourishing!

At the end of the Warsaw group, sitting there quietly together as we said out thank-yous, someone said: “I would love to sing that song again”. With one accord we leapt to our feet, and the song took off. We ended in beautiful collective joy. The woman thought she was asking for herself, but she gave a gift to the whole group. I wonder what key you are holding.

Someone who is saying a lot that I need to hear at the moment is Paul Hawken. Especially his words about pessimism and optimism. Read this!


Love and en-couragement to the heart, soul, body, mind and VOICE of each of us, dance in joy!  And if you in the UK do vote on Thursday. Proportional representation for the European parliament means your vote really counts.



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