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Issue: June 2009
Mystery Tour

by Roland

I was lying in bed early in the morning having been woken by the song of a very tuneful but rather loud thrush.  As I turned over to go back to sleep I found myself musing on what a friend – well Ya’Acov actually – had written to me the day before.  He had described a dream in which he had arrived in a new port and received a school report on his progress as a human being.

I drifted back into a half sleep with my eyes gently closed.  The call of the thrush gradually softened and was replaced by the squalling of seagulls.   I started to think about an advertisement that I had read in a magazine advertising a mystery 10 day cruise.  Each day you would wake up in a different port and you would be left to explore by yourself or you could go on the guided tour.


“Roll up, roll up for the mystery tour!” I shouted.  “Step right this way! The ship sails in 15 minutes.  Show your tickets here.”


A queue of people formed and one by one they handed me their tickets and I ticked their names off on the passenger list.  Then they walked up the gangway onto the magnificent ship.  There they stood on the deck leaning over the balustrade.  Some of them waved to friends who were standing on the dock and had come to see them off.  Others gazed expectantly towards the Eastern horizon out at sea where the sun had just risen.  A brass band started to play – Bumpety Bumpety Bumpety Bum.  The tune was familiar but I couldn’t quite place it.  The passengers started to dance. 


The last passengers had embarked.  Some sailors removed the gangway.  Then the captains – yes there were two - a man and a woman – appeared from a cabin followed by two officers.  The anchor was raised, flags hoisted, whistles blown, the last luggage was lowered by crane into the hold and the ship set sail.  Both captains laid a hand on the large ship’s wheel as they carefully inched the large vessel out of the harbour.


The sound of the music faded as the ship made out to sea and the small harbour became very lonely and quiet.  I looked down at the tickets I had collected which I was still grasping in my hand.  “The Magical Mystery Tour on the Good Ship Initiation.  Captains Yak and Susannah Sparrow will take you away on a 10 day cruise of adventure and exploration.”


In fact if you do want to join the cruise it’s not too late.  The Initiation tour doesn’t begin until Sept 4th and we still have some tickets available.  Contact me at if you have any questions or would like an application form. Oh and the destinations are not so secret they will be taking you to the Life Cycle Islands.


I am off myself fairly soon and will be walking for 17 days from near Darlington to Glasgow.  Fear not – the office will not be left unmanned as Susanne will be here to deal with your enquiries and bookings.


There are still a few places left on Susannah’s Ongoing Group the The Journey of Empowerment.  The first module starts on July 11th.   Please email me at if you would like an application form. Or download one from  This workshop is now nearly full so please contact me soon if you would like a place.


Susannah will be teaching in Salzburg for the first time on June 5th – 7th.  This is a Move weekend and if you wish to book or find out more then get in touch with Andrea  +43 664 380 8073

There are also places available on the Susannah’s Fusion weekend in The Netherlands on 20 – 21 June.  The organiser for this event is Frank and you can get hold of him at  +31 71 889325300


Wishing you a great summer.








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