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Issue: June 2009
Letter to Ritual Group

By Vanessa

Dear All of You,

Today I felt you all so nearby. It inspired me to try and put into words what Ritual has brought me. Here is what I would write about it today. It is true all other days, but I am aware of the elements I leave out. I try to describe the overall tendency. Thank you for reading this, it touches me deeply to be allowed to share on this level.

Most importantly, the sense of sacredness of Live has become ubiquitous. My gratitude  has multiplied and a bubbling joy to be on/in a unique journey has became prevaling. 


How did this happen?


It started by learning to ground myself. I mean to fully surrender into the loving support of our Earth underneath our feet. Slowly slowly I softend untill I could even roll and squirm comfortably on the floor, which had become the belly of my Mother. Lying there in full contact with Her, I experienced myself somewhat like a rechargable battery. All her love pouring in, like a strong flow of essential energy that comes from Her vitality, a ongoing gift for me, for us.

When I had found my feet and the soft ground beneath them, I did not want to loose it, ever again! So I practice; every morning when I step out of bed, I consiously plant my feet on the ground and make contact, and give thanks. Throughout the day (especially at work) I check to see if my head isn’t dictating my pace, since being in touch with the energy of Earth had also shown me that I would stay a lot more vital if I could follow Her rhythm, which was slow and juicy. Free your feet and the rest will follow!!


So, being grounded I was faced with challenges, conflict, opposition and I learned to grow even deeper roots. And with that dedication of taking root, connecting with Earth, I noticed that I became more fully present. I was standing in the centre of my own circle, and therefore I could hold my space. And as a result I withstood the storms of anger and fear, from within as much as what seemed to be thrown at me from outside. I became more flexible, swaying with the winds of sometime intense emotions and not losing my balance! But also, the feelings I had seemed to become more subbtle.

An Incantation; “Here I am in the centre of my own circle”, has given me the freedom to BE here on Earth. As I see it now, there is this place for us, like a little landing platform. And as soon as we dare to connect, to surrender, to allow ourselves to be supported, we slowly come down and take our place. Which was reserved for us, for you all this time.To me, the whole of Creation seems to be waiting for us to come down and say Yes to being an earthling, to be mortal, to dare to love and die.


This commitment of becoming fully embodied (read in-carnated) is an act of love that came from my gratitude. Feeling the embrace of Life I could only respond by offering myself to this, Source of All. To work on becoming transparent, so Life and Love can flow through unhindered.


And then one day, I was given the ‘wider picture’.It is not about me! And at the same time everything I do is significant...A beautiful paradox, that the mind cannot grasp, but one my essence has always understood.


 So now, months after Ritual started I am a lot more at home on this Earth and I am really at home in my body. This process, which actually started with the first workshop I did with Ya’Acov (and which also left me being vegetarian beyond choice), has had many winding and twisting bends.


Dancing with the element of Fire for example, has brought me a new connection with my inner flame. My passion,and sexuality, my ‘flavour’ of feminity, my unique way of being a woman. I got in touch with my strenght and courage and the simple joy of having muscles. One result of this, is that I have started Archery, which brought an other unexpected experience of becoming one with who I am. Pulling the bow for the first time, I felt it in the deepest corners of my cells; Yes, this is me. An important piece of the puzzle falling into place. Another homecoming. Starting a new ‘hobby’ at nearly forty seems to have a very inspiring effect on my mind. I keep seeing new possibilities, new adventures, new experiences to look out for. In fact it feels as if I have a new brain, since it thinks differently and therefore also thinks of different things. And walking across the glowing ambers that special winternight, is embedded in another profound story that will stay with me all this lifetime.


Water has enhanced this process too. As a result of the SEER proces, my dreams have become even clearer, with a new kind of ‘lighting’ (like in a movie). I feel calm and at peace, also because I know that whatever happens, I can move it and clear it up with this process. It is allowing me to be more courageous.  And therefore I dare to be more open and speak more and more from my heart.


It is not so scary now, because it is true and I allow myself, from the centre of my landing platform to speak what ever I feel needs to be said. And always from a loving place, a good indicator my heart is speaking and not something else...


If I might get hurt, through being the open, soft and vulnerable being I am as well, I know there is my Mother beneath me, my divine Father above. My animal spirits to support me, the elements all around me. I can dance with whatever needs to shift and I have tools to release that compassionately.

I have moved to a more relaxed, open, compassionate, loving and dedicated being. 


I give thanks, to my companions and my teachers, seen and unseen.

I give thanks to our Creator, to Source of All.

To the Love that makes all of this happen.


Thank you. 


With living love,




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