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Issue: June 2009

by Almut

After two weeks of non-stop work I felt really mentally and physically exhausted today. I spent the day with myself and did Ya'Acov’s dance meditation and SEER process. What a bliss! And how wonderful to have a tool now I can apply when ever I need it. I feel much better now- I have arrived in my body again.

I sat down and started thinking about how my life has changed since I am taking part in the Ritual group. I am still waiting for the "buff bam bang experience"... I am still behaving a little bit like a tree standing there in winter and saying:” I want to blossom”. As you might have guessed the "buff bam bang" hasn't happened, but looking backwards now to last summer before we started with Ritual a few things have changed for me.


I feel that the seeds are starting to sprout. I feel much more loved and accepted. I had always this feeling in me of not being loveable enough. My head thought differently, but my heart was still feeling the unloved bits. And that has changed. I can see and feel now that I am worth it to be loved and that rejection from other people has most of the time nothing to do with me. The most important bit is that I love myself now. There is a lot of healing of old wounds happening at the moment. In the past few months I have been confronted with people I haven’t heard from for years. Some made me cry, some made me laugh, but all those situations helped me to heal my wounds. I can accept rejections now and can let go from a loving space.


This is actually new for me. I used to react with anger, hate and bitterness when someone criticized me or rejected me. But I can let go now with love and respect.


In general I am getting an ever growing feeling of satisfaction, happiness and wholeness in me. I feel at home in my body. When I dance I can fall much easier now into my body. Thanks to the 21 gratitudes I am becoming more grateful for everything I have in my life and know more what I want and what I don't want and can set my boundaries accordingly. I trust more and more in a higher power and see more that we are all one and that we are all here on mother earth for the same reason. That makes it so much easier sometimes to deal with certain people. I am accepting that I will die and that it can happen any second. That has given me an urge to do the things I've been having on my mind for years. And the urge of not doing certain things because I don't want to waste my time. I am having more quality time with my self now.


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