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Mystery Tour
by Roland

I was lying in bed early in the morning having been woken by the song of a very tuneful but rather loud thrush.  As I turned over to go back to sleep I found myself musing on what a friend – well Ya’Acov actually – had written to me the day before.  He had described a dream in which he had arrived in a new port and received a school report on his progress as a human being.
You know something!

By Susannah

At the most recent Pacha Mama day I ran with Chris Salisbury, something happened which felt like a simple and potent mirror of the challenge and possibility of this moment in time.  Somewhere In the middle of a deep and emotional process, someone said: “I smell burning”. “Its OK” I said, “I think it’s a kamikaze fly”. Then I smelt it too, and it didn’t smell like roast fly. So I checked, and found that the collage of the ‘Tree of Life’ which was on the alter had fallen onto the candle in front of it. more>
The Never Ending Dance
by Ya'Acov

I love to travel and it’s a good job that I do! I’ve certainly clocked up the train hours this year visiting
Warsaw, Prague, Switzerland  twice, Belgium four times, Paris, Padova, and Manchester! And on my journeys, I have written, and listened to music, fiddled with my guitar, studied and read and from time to time, just watched the world dancing past me. more>
To those "Litlle Things"

This month's winner of £100 School of Movement Medicine workshop voucher

by Francesco Ceccherini

It's Monday. I'm back from an intense 4 days of dancing : 1 day "Ascension" in Bern and 3 days "Source" in Luzern.

Didn't sleep well last night. Back home, my body was in my bedroom but my soul and spirit weren't. Still travelling somewhere up. Above. Difficult to be one again. A whole holistic person. more>
The Goddess of Small Things
By Ali Young

This May I  attended the second “Be the Change” symposium, run by Sussannah and Chris Salisbury of WildWise. The  work  originated with the Achua shamans in the jungles of
Peru and Equador.  A people who still live within the Dreamtime they were disturbed by visions of impending  destruction which they said would be wrought by what they call “The Dream of the North”.  Sending out a call for help,  they were responded to by, amongst others, Barry and Lynne Twist, with whom they formed the Pachamama Alliance.
My biggest Fear … Never to Dance Again

By Gert Daniels

I was locked up in a psychiatric institution for half a year, my darkest nightmare...

And at the same time i was locked up in a wheelchair for 2 months…

I broke my foot (caused by to much medication) and had a plaster cast round my leg…

My greatest fear : not to be able to dance anymore… more>
Ritual – an elemental journey
By Jasper Drent

Being part of the Ritual Circle is a wonderful experience. I like the cyclical nature of it. We keep coming back to the land upon which we work, dance and play keeps and witness it’s changes. From the falling autumn leaves and rains, to the winter cold with a tinge of snow upon the highest hills, into the clearest blue skies of spring with the leaves almost bursting.
Letter to Ritual Group

By Vanessa

Dear All of You,

Today I felt you all so nearby. It inspired me to try and put into words what Ritual has brought me. Here is what I would write about it today. It is true all other days, but I am aware of the elements I leave out. I try to describe the overall tendency. Thank you for reading this, it touches me deeply to be allowed to share on this level. more>
by Almut

After two weeks of non-stop work I felt really mentally and physically exhausted today. I spent the day with myself and did Ya'Acov’s dance meditation and SEER process. What a bliss! And how wonderful to have a tool now I can apply when ever I need it. I feel much better now- I have arrived in my body again.

by Martin

My name is Martijn  from Holland.

I was quiet a active practitioner in the dance last years at the moment it is less.

But never the less my hart is still with this work .

Throuh this letter I want to announce that a beautifull opportunity is rising. To creata a new Dance place and place for healingwork. The place is situated on Bali.Yes really BALI

What’s happening on the Research Front?

By Eline Kieft

You may recall earlier bits and pieces about my research in this Newsletter, but there is a short outline at the bottom of this article, for those of you who are new or haven’t read any earlier updates… more>
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