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Issue: May 2009
DanSing! - Wow!

Letter to Susannah from David Kellett

Dearest Susannah,

Thank you for such a wonderful and inspiring weekend. I enjoyed myself so much - it was just amazing!! I always enjoy the workshops but in singing and dancing together there was a different kind of freedom - somehow something wilder, more joyful and more raw (roar? ;-)  came through. It was most unexpected actually. I wanted to do the workshop but with an attitude that was a little "This WILL be GOOD for me, so I MUST MAKE myself DO IT"

I am very self conscious about my voice - for all sorts of reasons - and I am always rather afraid of negative judgement so it was a real leap into the very scary unknown to sing. It didn't take very long though to feel safe and to feel that it would be ok to not be very good. It was amazing that actually before lunch on Saturday I already felt that I was singing differently - it was as though I was singing away and at the same time as being really "in it" I was witnessing my self and thinking  "wow!!! I can do this!!" It was an emotional moment for me.


The things that really made it happen for me - apart from just the general wonderfulness of everything and all the people - were:


  • Standing with the other men so that I could hear them and get an idea of where my voice needed to be
  • Really thinking about feeling the vibration in my body from the other singers
  • Dancing with gobbledeegook and noises (not just because of my imprint of "stop making noises" - it was also very much to do with having something I could do, not having to worry about whether it was the right pitch or beautiful in a conventional sense, also it was gloriously silly fun!!!!
  • Inviting something to come through me - being a flute rather then a flautist.



I have been dancing round the house singing Y Mela today and even recorded a little snatch of it. It was very interesting in that I sounded much better than the last time I tried to record myself - so there is a real and tangible shift. Very inspiring....


I'm having a look at Resonance in Germany. I really want to do more of the voice and dance work with you so I will find a way.


Thank you again and a great big hug with lots of love,




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