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The Kangaroos and the Trampoline

By Roland

I was at Ya’Acov’s birthday party, talking to Chris Lüttichau about his new book Animal Spirit Guides.  Chris was explaining that the publishers had asked him at the last moment to add some pages about Australian animals.  He had some problems with this at first but after some research and shamanic dreaming had successfully completed the job.

“Tell me about Kangaroos.” I asked Chris,  “What are their Spirit Guide qualities?”

He looked at me rather quizzically.

“Why Kangaroos?” he asked.

“I will tell you in a moment.” I promised. more>
Stopping the World
by Ya'Acov

I’m travelling home again after a quite beautiful week teaching Wild at Heart, my bi-annual venturing into the world of ‘for men only’ workshops. I was struck, as I have often been recently, by the mature ‘no bullshit’ approach all bar none of the participants had to the work we did together. That feeling was mirrored in Billy Connolly’s DVD about his journey through the North-West passage called Journey to the Edge of the World, which I watched on the train home. In one episode, he participates in a traditional sweat lodge in British Colombia. He is disarmingly honest throughout his epic journey and his sweat lodge experience is no different. He begins the ceremony with some trepidation.
The Door of Manifestation

By Susannah

I asked our editor at Hay House about whether our book could be up on Amazon for people to pre-order. She said casually “Oh, I think it’s already up there”… I looked. It was. It is. Oh my god, it’s real!

So, there it is, you can pre-order our book which is called Movement Medicine: 9 Gateways to living the Dream and our instructional CD: Movement Medicine: Movement Meditations for Life from Amazon UK. In fact please do! more>
Moving Stories
This month's winner of £100 School of Movement Medicine workshop voucher

By Rob Porteous

I am fascinated by stories; in particular how the stories we tell ourselves about who we are and what we are doing here define and limit the choices we make. If I have to be the hero, what do I do with my cowardice? If I’m a ‘pillar of society,’ what happens to my desire to subvert the system? How can my ‘Mr Nice Guy’ get angry? If I feel like the victim or the perpetual outsider, how do I ask for what I want? If I’m always busy, what happens to my need for stillness? If I have to have all the answers, how do I cope with my stupidity?

Source: Why did I do this dance weekend?
by Debbie Rosenberg
“I’m going for a cardio-vascular workout,” I heard myself telling my friends as we sat in the car en route to the dance venue for Source on Friday night. My friends laughed at that and one of them expressed much deeper and potentially profound reasons as to why she was going. You know what though? I could also have chosen to do an elaborate combination of box steps, spotty dogs and grapevines to achieve that end and even a few mambo cha-cha-chas thrown in to make it seem ‘dancey‘.
Dance with your backpack on if you have to
leaving, homecoming, initiation and what do you put in your medicine bundle?

By Ellen Head

Come, come, whoever you are, wanderer, worshipper, lover of leaving

It doesn’t matter.

Ours is not a caravan of despair.

Come, even if you have broken your vow a thousand times

Come, come again, come again, come!

Jalal Uddin Rumi

Into the fire
by Tanya Sheikh
The weeks preceding ritual’s “fire module” were filled with resistance. Fatigue, migraines, symptoms that have become so achingly familiar. Telltale signs that a war is raging within. Breathing. Asking Source for guidance and being shown that a Change is coming. A first in many that would signify a turning point in my life, from that of struggle and survival,  constantly gulping down air in what seemed to be a place of stifling darkness, to that where there would be infinitely more space for authentic movement.
Pacha Mama Symposium

Dear Friends,

Here is another opportunity to partake of the Pachamama Symposium  “Awakening the Dreamer”.

We (Susannah, Ya’Acov and Chris Salisbury) have been deeply moved and inspired by the work of the Pacha Mama alliance. We gave our first Pachamama symposium at Schumacher, and were inspired all over again; this material rocks!  This is a deeply creative, intelligent, empowering, and heartful response to the challenges of our time, bringing together environmental sustainability, social justice and spiritual fulfilment.
Walrog CD
The Walrog CD is out at last. It’s a highly improved version of the tape which came out 10 years ago, with 3 bonus (instrumental tracks). With the first 50 copies ordered, you get a free Walrog book along with the CD. Roll up! We’ll also have Morgan Doctors new CD in soon (its on its way from Canada) and Gabrielle Roth’s new CD Jhoom, with some funky tribal percussion, and a beautiful long meditative track from Chloe Goodchild.
Rituals 2008 - 2009 - The power of present!

By Odet Sleeswijk

Today 29th of March. It is a week ago since I have left rituals module 3…

I feel more peace and calmness in myself. I feel so deep connected with my companions on my journey. Everybody is so focused to give all their attention to the circle, so I feel so safe to let myself go and experienced all energy through my body…. more>
All by accident or coincidence - after Awakening

by Hans Nusink

I 'did' Awakening this April and had a deep experience of grief and fear in the dance of the four elements, that I danced with two beautiful partners. The basis for things happening on my way home and being at home.

I travelled by ferry from Harwich to Hook of Holland as I usually do. To reach Harwich I took a bus from London. In the bus I was seated next to a boy a bit younger than my son Bart. Let's say ten. He probably had had a tiring shopping weekend with his brother and father in London. more>
Pranamotion: The Dance of Yoga, the Yoga of Dance
by Keef Miles

I spent my twenties lost at sea, intoxicated with drugs and alcohol, occasionally debilitated with depression and feeling, for the most part, spiritually bereft and confused by life as a human on this planet in these times. If it wasn’t for the discovery of dance/yoga, I am really not sure if I would still be alive. Grace and the cosmic choregrapher had a more extraordinary Dharma lined up for me however. Journeys to
India, Thailand, Brazil and the USA opened my mind and heart to the exquisite beauty of a life lived fully, whole-heartedly and mindfully.
DanSing! - Wow!

Letter to Susannah from David Kellett

Dearest Susannah,

Thank you for such a wonderful and inspiring weekend. I enjoyed myself so much - it was just amazing!! I always enjoy the workshops but in singing and dancing together there was a different kind of freedom - somehow something wilder, more joyful and more raw (roar? ;-)  came through. It was most unexpected actually. I wanted to do the workshop but with an attitude that was a little "This WILL be GOOD for me, so I MUST MAKE myself DO IT" more>
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