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Issue: April 2009

Mistaken for a Mother-in-law

by Roland
It is not often that I am mistaken for a woman so I was very surprised when a man in Market Harborough opened his front door and said to me:


“Sorry, I thought you were my mother-in-law.”


I joked that I would be happy to play the role for a few minutes in exchange for a cup of tea.

In fact I was pleased to have a chance to talk to the man as it gave me a chance to apologise for parking my car outside his house for 10 days.

“It’s been no problem.” the man said, “But I was wondering how long I should leave it before I called the police.  We thought maybe the car had been dumped.”


I gave the man a brief account of my walk that had begun from just outside his door 10 days before outlining my route crossing Leicestershire, in and out of Rutland, part of Nottinghamshire, back very briefly into Leicestershire again and finally across Derbyshire and to Huddersfield in South Yorkshire.


“That will give me a good story to tell the mother-in-law when she arrives,” he replied.  “And I know how far Huddersfield is – my father lives there!”


On the second day of the walk I had, for several hours, heard the sound of a huntsman horn always somewhere not too distance. I had hoped I would avoid the hunt itself.  But it was not to be.  The sound of the horn came again.  This time it was much closer.  Then the hounds appeared out of a wood, some leaping over the barbed wire fence, other crawling under and then they streamed passed me, closely followed by The Master of the Hunt, mounted on his horse, and dressed in his traditional red frock coat, ruddy cheeks and horn, accompanied by a tall fine straight-backed lady dressed in a powder blue coat and top hat with all the ethereal qualities of a Tolkien Elfin Queen. 


Many years ago I would have shouted some kind of abuse in protest.  But what struck me now as I stood at the side of the track waving a polite greeting, was that this rather impressive sight I was witnessing was the vestige of a hunting tradition in Northern Europe that stretched back thousands of years - a tradition that had been born out of the necessity to find food to eat during the harsh times at the end of the last ice age.  Our ancestors used to walk vast distances following migrating herds of animals on routes that took them on an epic annual journey that led from across what is now the North Sea and over to mainland Europe and then back again.  I stood at the side of the lane as the rest of the hunt passed by.  When the final elements of the hunt appeared on motorised buggies I felt the notions of the nobility of the modern hunt slipping away but the thought of those epic migratory journeys of those Neolithic ancestors stayed with me.


Two days later, somewhere in the south of Nottinghamshire, I lay my tired body down on a hillside facing back over the land I had been walking.  As I mentally traced my route over the view in front of me I felt a surge of energy filling my body from the earth below me and for a while I felt my body expanding outwards until I felt as if the landscape and myself were one.  Was this, I wondered, the way that those ancestors experienced their connection with the earth – that they were an integral part of it and the landscape an integral part of them?


It has been suggested that our modern day destructive habits as a species arise because our daily life experience removes us from a connection with the land and hence removes our connection with spirit and that it is only by rebuilding that connection that we will learn the means to survive.  Susannah and Ya’Acov have recently completed a facilitator training with Bernadette Ryder to lead the one day symposium created by the Pachamama Alliance called Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream.  Ya’Acov and Susannah have written  about this in their articles “The Greatest Challenge” and I am extremely pleased that this work is going to become a new offering that they will be making to the world.  Ya’Acov is planning to weave this work into the residential workshop For All Our Relations  which will take place in the Waldhaus in Switzerland 11th – 17th May.  We still have places available on this workshop and is strongly recommended to those of you who love the ceremonial side of this work.  Contact me on 01803 762255 or email for more details or to book.


I am also pleased to say that we are now becoming clearer about how we might be going to use some of the money that will be raised by the Movement Medicine Sponsorship Fund.  We have a hope that we might be able to send someone to Palestine to teach ecstatic movement work and other skills sometime within the next year.  Our planning is at an early stage and we will give you more details when we have them.


We have two workshops taking place over the Easter weekend.  Susannah will be teaching Return of the Light in London. This workshop takes the Easter themes of death and re-birth and turns them into an elemental dancing journey to let go of the old and dream in the new. Contact Alex on + 44 7868842219 for more information.


Ya’Acov will be teaching Source in Manchester 10 – 12th April.  For the Manchester workshop contact:  Elaine + 44 161 881 2644 for more details.


There are also places on Ya’Acov’s residential workshop for men “Wild at Heart  29th April to May 3rd which will take place at Orval in Belgium. Contact me on 01803 762255 or email for more details or to book.


Finally, Susannah will be offering her joyous movment and voice DanSing workshop in Cork on 2nd – 3rd May.  Contact Caroline on +353 86 053 1672 or for more details or to book.


Wishing you the wealth and joy of spring










The Greatest Challange

By Ya'Acov
Are you concerned by the challenges our world is facing? I certainly am. I feel an urgency to find creative responses to what some people are calling the Greatest Challenge in the History of Humanity? How about you? The workshop For All Our Relations in Switzerland in May could be your next step. Ya’Acov explains why.

It began as a dream on a cold and wet Sunday afternoon in 2006. It was one of those days for lighting the fire, curling up and dreaming deep dreams. I just couldn’t relax though. I felt disturbed and uncomfortable, a state I have recently heard poignantly described as ‘blessed unrest.’ It was as if something unseen and unheard was trying to get my attention. I took out my drum, called all the help I could and settled in to listen.

What was born out of that afternoon was a new workshop called For All Our Relations. The basic idea was that ecstatic dance and shamanic states are all very well, but if they don’t help us to wake up and change the dream we are living in, individually and collectively, then they are at best, good entertainment, and at worst, a waste of time. What I was told was needed was a way for us all to experience more directly the love we have for life here on earth. Why? Because what we love, we tend to look after.

And why is that particularly important now? Read this quote from the UK Be the Change website:

“According to a majority of the world's experts, there is now overwhelming evidence that our modern society is headed for a catastrophe. Leading scientists are telling us that the impact of our industrial system, and the sudden expansion of humanity's ability to harvest the common bounty of our planet for short-term gain, may actually be upsetting the balance of our highly complex and fragile web of life.

When I began to teach my ongoing Ritual group, I did so with some trepidation. Shamanism has always been a practical and empowering way for human beings to connect with the reality of this world and our place within it, as well as reaching beyond the seen into the spirit world behind physical existence. The thought that we may end up providing entertainment for shamanic space cadets to enter into a more unreal relationship with being here horrified me. Shamanism around the world has always, since the beginning of time, helped us to directly experience our connection to the natural world and to the deepest nature within us. In that place, we are embodied spirit and we are in touch with the embodied spirit in all life. I have been very happy with the response of the people who have taken the Ritual journey and that has given me the confidence to bring the Long Dance ceremony, which is at the heart of the For All Our Relations workshop, to a wider audience.

The Long Dance itself is such a potent ceremony and I feel that to have the time to prepare deeply in a held and beautiful environment such as Waldhaus, will serve to bring more potency and power to the ceremony itself. The intention of the dance is to dispel some of the fog of our daily affairs and step into the deeper trance of the dance where we can weave dreams worth dreaming for our selves, our loved ones, our ancestors, our community and our world. It’s amazing to dance through the night with such support and such purpose. In the times I have already done this ceremony, it has been a deeply moving, transformative, and empowering event.

Up to now, I have tried introducing into the workshop the idea that the ceremony should have a concrete effect way beyond the physical boundaries of the ceremony itself. Participants have been invited to raise sponsorship money for participating in the 8-hour ceremony from friends and family to support small projects on a local, national, and international scale. This has met with a mixed response and though we have raised about £25000 so far, some people have found it hard to understand the reason for this or to ask their friends for money. This idea came from the knowledge that it is a traditional part of ceremonies such as the Long Dance to include an element of give-away and I thought that this would be one way of introducing that concept into the work. After all, All Our Relations means what it says. If raising money doesn’t seem right to you, there are many other ways to make that connection concrete such as planting trees or other kinds of give-aways that feel more appropriate to you.

I have noticed over the years that workshops, just like every other dream, take time to come into form and to find their place. This one is no different. And now, the next piece of this work has landed in the form of an extraordinary community of people around the world who have taken on the challenge to literally Change the Dream of the North. We have just completed a facilitator training with Bernadette Ryder to lead the one day symposium created by the Pachamama Alliance called Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream. The intention of the symposium is to “Bring Forth An Environmentally Sustainable, Spiritually Fulfiling and Socially Just Human Presence on this Planet as the Guiding Principle of our Times.” Here is a quote about the origins of the work from the Pachamama website:

“The Pachamama Alliance…..was born out of a relationship developed between a group of people from the modern world and the leaders of remote indigenous groups in the Amazon region of Ecuador. This relationship was actually initiated by the indigenous elders and shamans themselves who, out of their deep concern for the growing threat to their ancient way of life, and their recognition that the roots of this threat lay far beyond their rainforest home, actively sought the partnership of committed individuals living in the modern world.”

I intend to integrate some of the work I have learnt from this training into For All Our Relations. It is the missing link that I have been looking for.

For All Our Relations will take place over 6 days May 11th – 17th, at the Waldhaus Centre in Switzerland. I truly hope to see you there. We still have work scholarship places available for this workshop so get in touch with Roland fast if you want one.

I know these are difficult and challenging times. They are also extraordinary times to live and love in. We have the opportunity to live the most meaningful lives and as Lynne Twist, one of the founders of the Pachamama Alliance says, we can… “be the generation that makes the future of life possible.”  If you’re feeling frozen by the fear engendered by the economic downturn across our world, check out this 3 minute video, also by Lynne Twist. See you in Switzerland.

Ya’Acov. March 2009of mass distraction.

Bursting the Comfy Bubble

by Susannah
Dear friends,

I’m sitting in the sun on this perfect Sunday morning. I’m grateful for the warmth on my face, the well being in my body, for life, the green of the garden, for my husband, our dog, our blossoming work, the book which we’ve written, the network of amazing people of which we are part. And at the same time I know that the world is in crisis; ecologically and economically. It’s so easy to sit in my comfy bubble and not REALLY get the urgency and yet I’ve known this was coming since I was a child.

We do all the things we know how to do: we catch the train, we buy green electricity, organic, fair trade, low food miles… But it’s not enough. For all the rhetoric, good intentions and actions; mine, yours, and the politicians, CO2 emissions are still increasing. We’re still accelerating, and knowingly, towards that brick wall. What do we do? What do I do? For some time now I’ve been restless, feeling like I’m not doing enough. Not using my big mouth strongly enough. I’ve even wondered about becoming a politician.

Last week we took part in the Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream symposium facilitators training led by 5 Rhythms teacher Bernadette Ryder. The Pachamama Alliance’s guiding intention is to bring forth a human presence on the earth which is environmentally sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling. Wow. What audacity! And RIGHT ON, those 3 strands stand together.

I did the symposium some time ago with Bernadette, but this time I got it on another level. The material that the Pachamama alliance has created is formidable. Its been created with great consciousness, love, skill and knowledge. I found it a powerful and inspirational wake up call to what is happening and to realise where it comes from, in history and in our collective “unexamined assumptions.” This is what is so radical about this material. It does not just hit you with the bad news in a potent and heartfully meaningful way. It helps you see where we have been operating from. As someone says in the sympoium presentation, “it’s not that we are inherently flawed, but that we have been mistaken.”  This speaks to a great pain in my heart. Because, since I was a child, I have looked at what we humans do to the earth and to each other, and, deep down, thought that maybe we humans were a mistake. The symposium goes onto give a deeply inspiring presentation of the “new paradigm” of systemic, interconnected thinking, feeling and action.

I feel that we have found a new set of partners, a new resource which goes hand in hand with the work of the School of Movement Medicine. Ages ago, when Ya’Acov and I were first together, and we were called Mikk and Opi, we started our work together as the MikkOpi project. Recently I found the MikkOpi project file. In it, I had written that our project was about healing: intra personal, interpersonal, intercultural and healing of the relationship between us humans and the earth. We’re clearly not completely fulfilling that intention yet, but we are moving in that direction.

When I met Ya’Acov I felt as if we were an eagle and a dolphin who had been travelling for a long time in the same direction, and then finally saw each other and met to share the journey. Meeting the Pachamama alliance feels similar, like a joining of two rivers. I feel immensely relieved and a lightness and joy about knowing what to do and at the same time a responsibility to use what we have just been given. See Ya’Acov’s article about his upcoming For All Our Relations workshop for the first chance to experience the coming together of these rivers. There will be more, much more, to come. Watch this space. We are looking for how to bring our work to the symposium and the symposium to our work. What is happening for me right now is a sense of joining, of reaching out hands, of a new sense of what collaboration and co-creation could mean.

In the meantime, if you haven’t yet, see the film Age Of Stupid and get yourself to a Pachamama symposium. In the UK the PachaMama network is being co-ordinated by Be the Change. See
I am reminded of the text from the “Letter from the Grandmother’s” which Hans contributed to the newsletter a while ago. This is my abbreviated version of my favourite bits:

“You won’t be swept away by the changes sweeping across the world, and neither will you lull yourself into false security by ignoring the obvious. You will be able to stay tuned to ‘reality,’ move and act in a real way, but you won’t be overburdened by seriousness. You will be able to enjoy your life, stay awake... and be of service to others ....... Do not try to save yourself... Thinking like that is utter foolishness. It is nonsense. How does a thread remove itself from the tapestry of which it is a part, in order to ‘save’ itself? Nonsense,” they said again. “Send love,” they said, nodding emphatically. “Give love. Dive into life and serve wherever you can,” they said.

To me right now the key to everything is the heart. And for the heart to be awake and available to life; to live, to love, to feel, to breath, to express, to communicate, to receive, to heal, to guide, to act, our bodies need to be open, to be free. And for our bodies to be open, or free, we need to become unafraid of our hearts, of our passion, of our vulnerability, of our tenderness, of our strength. And it’s all a process which takes time. Certainly for me! Step by step for each one of us and for us as team humanity.

Sometimes my cynic says, “well, we’ve blown it, we’re just not good (as a species) at dealing with long term problems.” At the same time I remember Ken Wilber talking about adaptive pressure and that radical evolutionary change only comes when it is really needed. And I remember many times in recent workshops when, after begiing to practice waking up emobided cosciousness of self, other and the space between us all, the group started to act with a spontaneous intelligence and kindness which was bigger than any of the individuals in it. As if the cells of the organism, waking up in themselves and to each other allow the organism itself new possibilities. So I wonder, with the Grandmothers, when they say:

“You will never be able to figure out what is happening on your planet now, no matter how long you live or how hard you try. What is transpiring is far beyond your comprehension. And…” they said, looking at me from under raised brows, “the pace of change is accelerating so quickly that your mind cannot follow it.” Shaking their heads, they said, “Keep it simple. Love and serve,” they said, “love and serve.”

I wish you a beautiful spring, receiving the blessings you have, and spreading the gold dust of your love, and enjoying the gift of being in a body, being a heart and a mind, and of dancing, singing, speaking, loving and acting from your heart,

See you on a dance floor, or on the forest floor, or in our dreams,


Susannah DK
Susannah Ongoing Group The Journey starts in July.  For more details go to


Source - a Pilgrim's Tale

by Athena
The only expectations I had about the weekend was movement. With curiosity, I just took the train and I "landed" in this nice big room.

It was an illuminating journey through and within the body. Ya'Acov's way of teaching was soft and structured in a simple and edifying pattern using a light, funny, lovely and playful energy that gave me the responsibility to be my own "reason" to be alive. I liked the way of letting go/putting out, communicating with words, what we had inside us, and then translating and continuing all that in movement, and most of all without thinking, just moving.

Finding my feminine energy was quite easy and natural. Actually, just looking and perceiving myself I could quite instantly recognize that force. It's funny for me to remember that a friend of mine often said that the only thing more fluid than me, is water… and suddenly a question came up in my mind: is it water feminine? I was smiling...

Feeling the masculine energy was a different process. I wasn't able to find it inside my body (even if in a way, feminine energy can be seen as "yang"); I mean, looking at the past, in that process of remembering, I saw pain and heavy stuff... so, looking at that and forgiving was still ok, but saying thanks was very difficult. Maybe I still cannot say thanks, but sure I can forgive.

That night between Saturday and Sunday my body-mind worked a lot, I had to stay alone (in the hotel Casa del Pellegrino - House of the Pilgrim) I just went in the city for a few minutes to buy fried potatoes that I enjoyed so much. I felt that so sensual.

And Sunday morning, wow, I experienced in an amazing and conscious way a kind of masculine energy that really surprised me and I enjoyed totally. The energy passed through my body like a rush and I just enjoyed it, without keepig it or blaming it,... better then an orange juice!

Past - present - future... since this experience I can catch clearer a lot
of my trajectory, but the future, I think, I'm not able to manage only by myself... I'm open to the love, to the sharing, I'm here to see what will happen, staying in movement, staying in this constant changing... and actually this experience will grow unceasingly. Thanks to the life that is giving me so much.
Ya'Acov will be teaching Souce in Manchester 10th - 12 April.  Please contact Elaine on 0161 881 2644
and in Luzern 22 -24th May.  Contact Katriona on +41 33 676 2708

Coming Home - Reclaiming the vulnerability of adolescence

By Caroline Carey
I attended the Phoenix Retreat last month. Moving on from the ‘seer’ process and the ‘recapitulation’ exercise that I spent a few years studying with Ya’Acov, in workshops and at home on my own. The Phoenix process added a few extra tools for me to become aware of. A different way of seeing and being seen. A stronger connection to the work of Soul retrieval.

So I knew my soul was being included, there were no doubts of that. I wanted to work with an issue that I was discovering as I began to pull things out from the void, and that were awakening from inside me. I always trust before I head into a workshop that what ever needs attention will present itself to me.

I had put together a collage of pictures before the event of one of the things I knew was on the cards as we had been asked to give focus to our intention for the workshop. So my artwork included myself, my partner and my son. It also included aspects of my work and nature. It included my partner and my son because they are two people that I work in some way with. My son a great dancer and lover of the work we do, has begun to play warm ups at my classes and involve himself a little more within the work. My partner, because we are creating workshops together and using both of our skills to combine some very inspiring work. If you know Ben Cole, you will know he is a brilliant cinematographer and film maker (of  One Giant Leap etc)
It has become my intention to let go of the ‘old pattern’ of constantly working alone. After over 10 years it has become something I want less and less to do. I live a very isolated life with my children and a long way from the work that I love. It takes me a lot of energy and a lot of time to continually drive back wards and forwards to teach for evenings, for workshops and to be closer to fellow dancers and movers. There is very little happening close to where I live unless it is with the use of alcohol. Where there is an excessive indulgence!
So within the phoenix retreat I decided to work on the issue of being alone and rather unsupported in some aspects of my life. I live in Ireland, not my native land. I have been here for 14 years. It is such a beautiful country. There is so much good here. But there is a part of me that now misses home. As I worked on and in my process I suddenly felt drawn back to my adolescence.
At 16 I was pregnant. From naivety and a lack of boundaries, with a deep need to be loved and connected to another. A boy who I thought loved me who on discovering my pregnancy, promptly dumped me. There are no regrets, I have a truly beautiful 31 year old son who is a great pleasure to have brought into the world.
But at the time there was confusion and fear of what on earth I was going to do. It was made very clear to me that I could not stay at home and I was asked to leave. It was the only thing my parents felt they could do, and I searched for a bed-sit a flat or just some where that would accommodate me . With spine straight and head in the air I knew I would ‘cope’ and was strong willed enough to step out into the world and make it by myself. I could do it! And so out into the world I went, into mother and baby homes, into a block of flats squalid and vandalized. Poverty loomed. Leaving behind a beautiful country home, where I had grown up with animals, nature and my ponies. My strength was a strong pattern that would brave me through many storms. A blind boyfriend, homelessness, abusive relationships. All through my life I would cope through many difficult situations, always with strong will and a decision to get through it no matter what. Six children later, I was as determined as ever and over the last few years I lost my parents, was ‘removed’ from my home, yet again, and ‘the rug was pulled from under my feet’. This was getting silly! I know the shamanic path is meant to be pretty tough but I did start to decide that I had had enough.
During the Phoenix Process I stepped back into my past in deep meditation. There was a pattern here that needed to be changed, no old story to indulge in, I knew I had to interrupt something very quickly and it needed to be within that very moment of stepping in.
I saw myself as that young girl, vulnerable and afraid, I felt myself soften and cy. I felt a huge weight drop from my shoulders. I became smaller and I felt scared for my condition. I felt my fear, the very fear I had refused to allow in and control me in anyway. I knew in myself I had to ask for help, that I was not actually able to do this by myself. I wanted support, I wanted to be held through this predicament. For myself and for my baby. I wanted to be at home, in my bedroom, with my familiar things, creating a nest for myself and my little one.

 I rememberd the phone calls, the longing for my parents to say “Come home now, all is forgiven!”

The words never came. But in that process on the phoenix retreat I felt them, and I asked myself to come home. I asked for support. I did not want to do this any more by myself. I realized how much I need community, people as passionate as myself about the dance and the work that we are doing. I realized how much I needed to work with others and no longer feel I had to do it all by myself.

And so my collage and my intention had helped me to awaken a desire, the process  showed me where the pattern had begun and the need for vulnerability and the ability to ask for help where I needed it.

Coming home is a big deal for me! I taught for the first time in England last year. It was a wonderful time for me. I am starting to hold some sessions in Brighton Uk, where my brother and sister live. It is also the home of my wonderful partner of six months, Ben. We are holding a workshop called In-Sight in July also in Brighton. And I shall be teaching ‘SHE’ a women’s workshop later in the year. This is a home-coming that is much desired. Whether I work it out and live there, or just find ways to be there more often and work and visit, I do not know how it can be. My children are here in Ireland. I have no idea really, but the option is there, and much as Ireland is also a home and the home of my ancestry, I know now what ever I decide I can ask for help and support. I hope to teach much more within my own culture and the people there as well as being amongst the trees and nature that I grew up with.

And maybe I can ask other dancers for support. I would love to share my work so much more fully with you. I’ve been away and I’m coming home because I invited myself to do so. I hope you will join me in some of what I have to share, I also hope you will just join me as a friend and companion on this dancing, joyous path of mystery and healing.
The Phoenix Retreat was an incredibly gentle and deeply nourishing experience. A detox for both body, heart, mind and spirit. It was so inclusive of everything. This is very clever and subtle soul retrieval. And the great thing is we are able to be totally responsible for healing and changing our own lives within it. We are our own shaman!

Please feel free to write to me,

Caroline Carey

Alchemy in Movement

For coaching sessions please email or call 00353 (0)86 053 1672

Dare to dance, dare to dream, dare to jump?

Guess what? I just took a great leap into a promising dream-adventure and I am Wondering if you will be part of my dreams Happy Ending.

From this thrilling place of free fall I am inviting you to see if you like to take part in this dream-adventure too. First let me tell you how I got to this point of freestyle jumping anyway.

I asked myself the question: What do you want to receive?
And the thought came to my mind: 8000 euros to be able to follow the Apprenticeship Programme. I asked myself the same question in other words: What do you long for at this moment? And what I saw, as tears started running down my cheeks, clearing the space of my heart, is an open plain and a horse coming towards me. A horse that is alive and vibrant, soft humid nose close to my face, being with me open and unconditionally. Sensing me soul to soul. I see myself climbing the back of this horse, having it carry me over the open plains. I see myself with my arms stretched out towards the heavens, taking in life gratefully while the horse is galloping underneath me. I see myself laying on the back of the horse embracing it around the neck, full of love and gratitude. I realize I feel this deep longing in my heart for life itself. Living it, lovingly, joyfully, splendidly in full participation.
And then the sense of compassion arises as my heartcenter reaches out to where my fysical heart is. As more tears run down my face I feel compassion towards this woman, this heart that has endured so much, that has kept her dreams alive, holding her hands around the tiny light that has been flickering in the wind, sometimes at the point of extinction. This compassion towards myself is a gift that came free during the Phoenix-Retreat. Its like a wider field of awareness embracing a smaller field of awareness.

I love this Movement Medicine work!


Why am I telling you this? Because this heart of mine holds a dream; it wants to take part in the experience of the Apprenticeship. And the compassionate heart holds a Yes. Several good friends have already brainstormed with me about how I can create a current of money for the financial support of the Programme. And guess what? I just received notice that I have been offered a place in the circle.


So yes, I am practicing freestyle jumping right now and from this thrilling place of free fall: Here is the first idea that is supported unconditinally by my loving partner and talented pianoman Stef.


Stef offers you his wonderful CD ‘Movements’.

By buying one or ‘as many as you like’ copies of this CD you will enrich your music collection, make your beloved ones happy and at the same time support me to fulfil this dream!


The CD consists of 11 original piano compositions with themes that will catch you: Wondering, Meeting, Weeping, Moving, Praying, Loving, Flowing, Asking, Playing, Growing and (last but not least!)

Happy Ending.

Below Stef will tell you all about it.


May we all be able to dance the dreams of our hearts into existence.


With love, gratitude and a song of joy in my heart,            Sari




I feel delighted that Sari is going to take part in the Apprenticeship Programme and I wish to support her in any way that I can. Selling my CD is one way to do this.


The first number of the CD that was conceived ( ‘Loving‘ ) was actually inspired by my love for her. During the process of composing, recording and performing the numbers she has been a great support, and she designed the sleeve as well.


It would be wonderful if you all would order a copy of the CD, even better more than one ( as a gift to your beloved ones ).

You can listen to 6 of the 11 tracks at

I found out that the people who already bought the CD simply love it. As for myself, I still love my musical children. In some cases the melodies just dropped from the sky, therefore I consider them as presents, a joy to play, to listen to and even to dance to.

The costs are €10,- + € 3,- shipping costs ( per CD ) or € 2,50 within The Netherlands.

If you take part in the Apprenticeship Programme yourself Sari will deliver the CD’s personally (you will be able to pay in £ if you like J).


If you want to order, please e-mail me:


Here are two of the reactions I got from listeners:

“ warm, peaceful and absolutely beautiful.....”

“ Sitting in my garden I’m enjoying your beautiful piano playing, sparkling out. Some numbers invite me to dance; all your numbers have a mixture of tenderness and strenght that touches me through all layers within “.


I wish you all lots of pleasure listening and good dancing times,



Stone of my Heart - Empowering through Movement Medicine

by Maria Edit Antal
The year 2007 - 2008 I was participating in Ritual ongoing group with Ya'Acov Darling Kahn. After having finished an ongoing group with Alain Allard six months earlier in Iceland, I jumped on the Ritual journey just 2 months before it started. My body, heart and mind was hungry to travel deeper into the treasures of life.

We did our first two modules at the beautiful Rill Center. At Rill my heart fell deeply in love with the majestetic trees of Devon. Those trees on the hills helped me to fall in love with myself; mirroring the true nature of my heart. Back home I found a tree to hug more in "my age" kind of a friend. At turbulent times it feels good to hug my tree friend. He is reminding me of the firm stillness within me, and I suck his lessons into my bones. It is my medicine. I love it especially in my dark evening and morning walks.


The last two modules, Ritual moved to Bois Le Comte, Orval in Belgium. I was flying from Iceland to Copenhagen and then I took the night train down the continent. It felt good to travel on wheels while sleeping on the ground nearer to my native Transylvania. The earth in Orval feels soft, smooth and nourishing. I am happy that i have spent significant spiritually growing time there. That soil in Orval offered my heart to grow strong powerful roots; powerful as the crown of the trees in Devon. I gathered stones for the sweat lodge we did there. I found a stone near a water stream under a tree. If I was a stone, that´s the place I would want to be. I asked if it wanted to come with me to the sweat lodge. It said yes I would love to if you bring me back afterwards. I took it up and I looked at it. It had holes with sharp crystals in them. I got a bit scared. It looked like a powerful monster. I was facinated with its dark secrets. The sweatlodge was very hot. I saw my ancestors in the hot red rocks and I felt so much love for them. I had a vision of growing thick black roots with theese hot rocks connected to them. At the same time white light was coming into my body from above. I realized how powerful I was. The day after I found the stone in the the sweatlodge. It shrank. It felt like three quaters of its original size and weight, and more fragile, a bit kind of squeezed. I walked with the stone in my arms and put it back into the hole i was digging it out of. I took a coupple of steps back and looked at it. It was peacefully smiling.


Almost one year later (March 2009) l went back to Bois Le Comte to participate in Phoenix Retreat. I took a walk to find the stone. It was still calm and happy where I left it. I expected the work to be very intense. It turned out to be gentle, soft and nourishing as the earth is in Orval. In the Phoenix Process we were invited to find a wise elder in the middle of our hearts. A wise elder that observed with no judgement, only with compassion. During the dance I realised that this stone in Orval is the wise elder in my heart, representing Great Grandmother Earth. Through the Phoenix Process I saw that my only true way of re gaining my power is through the humble heart of my wise elder. We did a sweat lodge one cold evening with a beautiful rising moon, stars in the sky and curious horses joining the fire. This sweat lodge ceremony touched my heart deep inside my dream of being spiritually hole on earth. I did not believe that this kind of dream could happen in my life because it is like an ancient memory and I believed that ancient memories does not happen today. I felt sadness afterwards for not yet being there in my dayly life and I feared that I will not be able to recreate this sense. I understand that I am courageus to dare to see. A coupple of hours before I left Orval I felt I needed to visit the stone. As soon as I saw it, tears came and I cried out all my sadness, I let go of my fears. The stone listened and smiled peacefully with the water stream running by, and I found peace. A wise voice tells me that Phoenix Retreat helped me to awaken what I already have and this awakening is a gift to enjoy. The chioce is mine to keep this dream alive by remembering its essence, when being with my children for example. They are in the middle of loosing their milk teeth for leaving place for new much bigger teeth to appear. Ritualizing the brushing of their beautiful teeth, every evening is one of the many opportunities. Back home I pick up a stone and I sense it with my heart.


I am a visual artist and I paint. Through the painings I am visualising and supporting the process of my spiritual development. I actively use the tools of my dancing practice in my painting. The paintings are organic with strong physicality and sculptural moving depth. Please feel free to visit my website: 

The paintings are for sale. 


Maria Edit Antal



The Art of Healing in a performance way.

By Jenny Franke
We did another performance this Sunday, 22nd of February, “a study in red”. It was magic. Some of us for the first time on stage, some more used to it by being on stage for decades or years.




The performance is our way to give voice to those who have nothing of what we take for granted, orphans that lives on the streets of Riga, Latvia. I see these children as the natives of their grounds they know all the tricks of how to survive in this environment. Our goal is to help them not only to survive, bur also to live. So we do that via the medium of the dance, and to do so from a stage, so that those that have not found the healing form of dancing can get a cultural experience and at the same time help by their presence as an audience.

The ticket income is going directly to the organization Letthjälpen,

that place the money in projects that already exists in Riga and on the countryside in Riga (from hand to hand and taking part so that the money is not lost in corruption, a fact not to neglect, and a culture in those countries), often run by persons with a warm heart that sees the needs of this children and o things with them that their parents can not do due to the fact that they are sociality incapable of it.


So what's in it for us? We dance, dance and dance, we are not professional dancers, we are Danceplayers, who play and creates in the studio to make a performance as enjoyable yet thoughtful and meaningful to our audience. It gives a lot to do something for ourselves that we love and live for the most, and know that we also are giving a helping hand tho those in need, not only focusing on our own process.


For this we need money, of course, even though our expenses are small and modest, there is always something that needs to be paid for to able to do this.

In the Long Dance Ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden, this fall, we got part of the income to various projects that was supported by the participants. We are deeply grateful for that. I also found one of the danceplayers in that ceremony that dedicated her body and heart into going on stage for the first time in her life. The Movement Medicine School – Long Dance put a lot of energy into this, for me/us to go on and not give up. And former Five Rhythms Schools as well. It all started in the ending of an ongoing group five-six years ago that I took part in, this is what I will do with the dance, I planted that seed, and its growing, slowly, I've really learned that a plant, if you want it to grow naturally without stress, has its pace: seed, flower, fruit, compost and then the seed starts to grow again in the cultivated earth.


In times of the economic crises that are shaking the rich part of the world, it felt even more important to do this, to show that we are still there for them and to upbring the energy to go on, even if its hard, and yes, we have qouated Obama: yes we can.

We can, even if we feeling tired that day of rehearsal and creation, if we have a cold, if the weather is bad, if the train was late, if the.... and so on. Force the resistance and do it, show up and be dedicated for somebody else than me, me, me... and still do what we most love, dance.


So thank you Movement Medicine School for the financial support. We could not have done it without a 'little help from our friends.'


Jenny Franke

Artistic Directior/ Choreographer

project 'Dansa din Gåva' / 'Dance your Gift'

Skapande Dansteatern/Creative Dance Theater


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