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Issue: April 2009
Dare to dance, dare to dream, dare to jump?

Guess what? I just took a great leap into a promising dream-adventure and I am Wondering if you will be part of my dreams Happy Ending.

From this thrilling place of free fall I am inviting you to see if you like to take part in this dream-adventure too. First let me tell you how I got to this point of freestyle jumping anyway.

I asked myself the question: What do you want to receive?
And the thought came to my mind: 8000 euros to be able to follow the Apprenticeship Programme. I asked myself the same question in other words: What do you long for at this moment? And what I saw, as tears started running down my cheeks, clearing the space of my heart, is an open plain and a horse coming towards me. A horse that is alive and vibrant, soft humid nose close to my face, being with me open and unconditionally. Sensing me soul to soul. I see myself climbing the back of this horse, having it carry me over the open plains. I see myself with my arms stretched out towards the heavens, taking in life gratefully while the horse is galloping underneath me. I see myself laying on the back of the horse embracing it around the neck, full of love and gratitude. I realize I feel this deep longing in my heart for life itself. Living it, lovingly, joyfully, splendidly in full participation.
And then the sense of compassion arises as my heartcenter reaches out to where my fysical heart is. As more tears run down my face I feel compassion towards this woman, this heart that has endured so much, that has kept her dreams alive, holding her hands around the tiny light that has been flickering in the wind, sometimes at the point of extinction. This compassion towards myself is a gift that came free during the Phoenix-Retreat. Its like a wider field of awareness embracing a smaller field of awareness.

I love this Movement Medicine work!


Why am I telling you this? Because this heart of mine holds a dream; it wants to take part in the experience of the Apprenticeship. And the compassionate heart holds a Yes. Several good friends have already brainstormed with me about how I can create a current of money for the financial support of the Programme. And guess what? I just received notice that I have been offered a place in the circle.


So yes, I am practicing freestyle jumping right now and from this thrilling place of free fall: Here is the first idea that is supported unconditinally by my loving partner and talented pianoman Stef.


Stef offers you his wonderful CD ‘Movements’.

By buying one or ‘as many as you like’ copies of this CD you will enrich your music collection, make your beloved ones happy and at the same time support me to fulfil this dream!


The CD consists of 11 original piano compositions with themes that will catch you: Wondering, Meeting, Weeping, Moving, Praying, Loving, Flowing, Asking, Playing, Growing and (last but not least!)

Happy Ending.

Below Stef will tell you all about it.


May we all be able to dance the dreams of our hearts into existence.


With love, gratitude and a song of joy in my heart,            Sari




I feel delighted that Sari is going to take part in the Apprenticeship Programme and I wish to support her in any way that I can. Selling my CD is one way to do this.


The first number of the CD that was conceived ( ‘Loving‘ ) was actually inspired by my love for her. During the process of composing, recording and performing the numbers she has been a great support, and she designed the sleeve as well.


It would be wonderful if you all would order a copy of the CD, even better more than one ( as a gift to your beloved ones ).

You can listen to 6 of the 11 tracks at

I found out that the people who already bought the CD simply love it. As for myself, I still love my musical children. In some cases the melodies just dropped from the sky, therefore I consider them as presents, a joy to play, to listen to and even to dance to.

The costs are €10,- + € 3,- shipping costs ( per CD ) or € 2,50 within The Netherlands.

If you take part in the Apprenticeship Programme yourself Sari will deliver the CD’s personally (you will be able to pay in £ if you like J).


If you want to order, please e-mail me:


Here are two of the reactions I got from listeners:

“ warm, peaceful and absolutely beautiful.....”

“ Sitting in my garden I’m enjoying your beautiful piano playing, sparkling out. Some numbers invite me to dance; all your numbers have a mixture of tenderness and strenght that touches me through all layers within “.


I wish you all lots of pleasure listening and good dancing times,



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