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Issue: April 2009
The Art of Healing in a performance way.

By Jenny Franke
We did another performance this Sunday, 22nd of February, “a study in red”. It was magic. Some of us for the first time on stage, some more used to it by being on stage for decades or years.




The performance is our way to give voice to those who have nothing of what we take for granted, orphans that lives on the streets of Riga, Latvia. I see these children as the natives of their grounds they know all the tricks of how to survive in this environment. Our goal is to help them not only to survive, bur also to live. So we do that via the medium of the dance, and to do so from a stage, so that those that have not found the healing form of dancing can get a cultural experience and at the same time help by their presence as an audience.

The ticket income is going directly to the organization Letthjälpen,

that place the money in projects that already exists in Riga and on the countryside in Riga (from hand to hand and taking part so that the money is not lost in corruption, a fact not to neglect, and a culture in those countries), often run by persons with a warm heart that sees the needs of this children and o things with them that their parents can not do due to the fact that they are sociality incapable of it.


So what's in it for us? We dance, dance and dance, we are not professional dancers, we are Danceplayers, who play and creates in the studio to make a performance as enjoyable yet thoughtful and meaningful to our audience. It gives a lot to do something for ourselves that we love and live for the most, and know that we also are giving a helping hand tho those in need, not only focusing on our own process.


For this we need money, of course, even though our expenses are small and modest, there is always something that needs to be paid for to able to do this.

In the Long Dance Ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden, this fall, we got part of the income to various projects that was supported by the participants. We are deeply grateful for that. I also found one of the danceplayers in that ceremony that dedicated her body and heart into going on stage for the first time in her life. The Movement Medicine School – Long Dance put a lot of energy into this, for me/us to go on and not give up. And former Five Rhythms Schools as well. It all started in the ending of an ongoing group five-six years ago that I took part in, this is what I will do with the dance, I planted that seed, and its growing, slowly, I've really learned that a plant, if you want it to grow naturally without stress, has its pace: seed, flower, fruit, compost and then the seed starts to grow again in the cultivated earth.


In times of the economic crises that are shaking the rich part of the world, it felt even more important to do this, to show that we are still there for them and to upbring the energy to go on, even if its hard, and yes, we have qouated Obama: yes we can.

We can, even if we feeling tired that day of rehearsal and creation, if we have a cold, if the weather is bad, if the train was late, if the.... and so on. Force the resistance and do it, show up and be dedicated for somebody else than me, me, me... and still do what we most love, dance.


So thank you Movement Medicine School for the financial support. We could not have done it without a 'little help from our friends.'


Jenny Franke

Artistic Directior/ Choreographer

project 'Dansa din Gåva' / 'Dance your Gift'

Skapande Dansteatern/Creative Dance Theater


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