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Issue: April 2009
Stone of my Heart - Empowering through Movement Medicine

by Maria Edit Antal
The year 2007 - 2008 I was participating in Ritual ongoing group with Ya'Acov Darling Kahn. After having finished an ongoing group with Alain Allard six months earlier in Iceland, I jumped on the Ritual journey just 2 months before it started. My body, heart and mind was hungry to travel deeper into the treasures of life.

We did our first two modules at the beautiful Rill Center. At Rill my heart fell deeply in love with the majestetic trees of Devon. Those trees on the hills helped me to fall in love with myself; mirroring the true nature of my heart. Back home I found a tree to hug more in "my age" kind of a friend. At turbulent times it feels good to hug my tree friend. He is reminding me of the firm stillness within me, and I suck his lessons into my bones. It is my medicine. I love it especially in my dark evening and morning walks.


The last two modules, Ritual moved to Bois Le Comte, Orval in Belgium. I was flying from Iceland to Copenhagen and then I took the night train down the continent. It felt good to travel on wheels while sleeping on the ground nearer to my native Transylvania. The earth in Orval feels soft, smooth and nourishing. I am happy that i have spent significant spiritually growing time there. That soil in Orval offered my heart to grow strong powerful roots; powerful as the crown of the trees in Devon. I gathered stones for the sweat lodge we did there. I found a stone near a water stream under a tree. If I was a stone, thatīs the place I would want to be. I asked if it wanted to come with me to the sweat lodge. It said yes I would love to if you bring me back afterwards. I took it up and I looked at it. It had holes with sharp crystals in them. I got a bit scared. It looked like a powerful monster. I was facinated with its dark secrets. The sweatlodge was very hot. I saw my ancestors in the hot red rocks and I felt so much love for them. I had a vision of growing thick black roots with theese hot rocks connected to them. At the same time white light was coming into my body from above. I realized how powerful I was. The day after I found the stone in the the sweatlodge. It shrank. It felt like three quaters of its original size and weight, and more fragile, a bit kind of squeezed. I walked with the stone in my arms and put it back into the hole i was digging it out of. I took a coupple of steps back and looked at it. It was peacefully smiling.


Almost one year later (March 2009) l went back to Bois Le Comte to participate in Phoenix Retreat. I took a walk to find the stone. It was still calm and happy where I left it. I expected the work to be very intense. It turned out to be gentle, soft and nourishing as the earth is in Orval. In the Phoenix Process we were invited to find a wise elder in the middle of our hearts. A wise elder that observed with no judgement, only with compassion. During the dance I realised that this stone in Orval is the wise elder in my heart, representing Great Grandmother Earth. Through the Phoenix Process I saw that my only true way of re gaining my power is through the humble heart of my wise elder. We did a sweat lodge one cold evening with a beautiful rising moon, stars in the sky and curious horses joining the fire. This sweat lodge ceremony touched my heart deep inside my dream of being spiritually hole on earth. I did not believe that this kind of dream could happen in my life because it is like an ancient memory and I believed that ancient memories does not happen today. I felt sadness afterwards for not yet being there in my dayly life and I feared that I will not be able to recreate this sense. I understand that I am courageus to dare to see. A coupple of hours before I left Orval I felt I needed to visit the stone. As soon as I saw it, tears came and I cried out all my sadness, I let go of my fears. The stone listened and smiled peacefully with the water stream running by, and I found peace. A wise voice tells me that Phoenix Retreat helped me to awaken what I already have and this awakening is a gift to enjoy. The chioce is mine to keep this dream alive by remembering its essence, when being with my children for example. They are in the middle of loosing their milk teeth for leaving place for new much bigger teeth to appear. Ritualizing the brushing of their beautiful teeth, every evening is one of the many opportunities. Back home I pick up a stone and I sense it with my heart.


I am a visual artist and I paint. Through the painings I am visualising and supporting the process of my spiritual development. I actively use the tools of my dancing practice in my painting. The paintings are organic with strong physicality and sculptural moving depth. Please feel free to visit my website: 

The paintings are for sale. 


Maria Edit Antal



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