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Issue: April 2009
Source - a Pilgrim's Tale

by Athena
The only expectations I had about the weekend was movement. With curiosity, I just took the train and I "landed" in this nice big room.

It was an illuminating journey through and within the body. Ya'Acov's way of teaching was soft and structured in a simple and edifying pattern using a light, funny, lovely and playful energy that gave me the responsibility to be my own "reason" to be alive. I liked the way of letting go/putting out, communicating with words, what we had inside us, and then translating and continuing all that in movement, and most of all without thinking, just moving.

Finding my feminine energy was quite easy and natural. Actually, just looking and perceiving myself I could quite instantly recognize that force. It's funny for me to remember that a friend of mine often said that the only thing more fluid than me, is water… and suddenly a question came up in my mind: is it water feminine? I was smiling...

Feeling the masculine energy was a different process. I wasn't able to find it inside my body (even if in a way, feminine energy can be seen as "yang"); I mean, looking at the past, in that process of remembering, I saw pain and heavy stuff... so, looking at that and forgiving was still ok, but saying thanks was very difficult. Maybe I still cannot say thanks, but sure I can forgive.

That night between Saturday and Sunday my body-mind worked a lot, I had to stay alone (in the hotel Casa del Pellegrino - House of the Pilgrim) I just went in the city for a few minutes to buy fried potatoes that I enjoyed so much. I felt that so sensual.

And Sunday morning, wow, I experienced in an amazing and conscious way a kind of masculine energy that really surprised me and I enjoyed totally. The energy passed through my body like a rush and I just enjoyed it, without keepig it or blaming it,... better then an orange juice!

Past - present - future... since this experience I can catch clearer a lot
of my trajectory, but the future, I think, I'm not able to manage only by myself... I'm open to the love, to the sharing, I'm here to see what will happen, staying in movement, staying in this constant changing... and actually this experience will grow unceasingly. Thanks to the life that is giving me so much.
Ya'Acov will be teaching Souce in Manchester 10th - 12 April.  Please contact Elaine on 0161 881 2644
and in Luzern 22 -24th May.  Contact Katriona on +41 33 676 2708

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